Top 8 AI Text Summarizers to Boost Content Understanding

Manually analyzing and extracting key information from extensive documents or reports is not only a challenging task but also raises accuracy concerns. To solve this issue, AI text summarization has become indispensable in condensing complex information into easy-to-read formats. From academic research to business settings, these best AI summarization tools have become necessary in every field to extract crucial information.

Some advanced tools come with multilingual summarization capabilities or customizable summary options, allowing users to tailor the summary according to their requirements. In the comprehensive guide below, we will discuss the top AI text summarizers to get the best understanding of your text.

Part 1. Key Features of AI Text Summarization Tools

After going through the importance of AI in text summarization, you must be looking for an efficient tool for text summarization. However, with multiple options available in the market, it can be challenging. Below is the breakdown of some important key features you must look for in AI summarization software:

  1. Accuracy and Coherence: Users must look for tools with advanced natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to ensure that the generated summaries are not only accurate but also readable. By doing so, these tools maintain the intended meaning and logical flow.
  2. Speed and Efficiency: AI text summarization tools can analyze and summarize extensive text within seconds, significantly reducing the time and effort required as compared to manual summarization. This speed and efficiency make them an optimal choice for handling extensive datasets and documents.
  3. Customizability and Flexibility:Some versatile tools offer summary customization options, allowing users to adjust the summary's length or format according to their requirements. Therefore, you can generate short or lengthy summaries according to your needs using these capabilities.
  4. Integration With Other Tools and Platforms: There are a variety of AI summarization software that can be effortlessly integrated with other platforms, such as content management systems or data analytics tools. This integration enables users to incorporate summarization capabilities into their existing workflow.

Part 2. How to Use Afirstsoft PDF to Summarize Text

With the help of the Afirstsoft PDF AI summarizer, users can simply prompt the text to the AI assistant to generate high-quality summaries. Using this best AI summarization tool, users also get the option to convert their plain text files into PDF formats and summarize them. Other than that, this versatile tool provides the utility of summarizing text into multiple languages for global accessibility.

Surprisingly, the AI-powered OCR functionality can even extract and summarize text within scanned documents or images. After generating a summary, users can even interact with the AI assistant to ask text-related questions and receive relevant answers for better content understanding. Follow the stepwise guide in the next section to efficiently extract information from text using the Afirstsoft PDF text summarizer:

Step 1. Launch Afirstsoft PDF Text Summarizer on Your Device

First, download the latest version of this AI text summarizer tool and launch it on your system. Upon accessing the main interface, navigate to the "Tools" tab from the left side panel. Afterward, hit the "Create PDF" button from this window and select the text file from your device to convert it into PDF.


access create pdf feature afirstsoft

Step 2. Generate Automatic PDF Summary Using Afirstsoft AI

After that, the PDF will be displayed in Afirstsoft PDF’s editing interface. Moving forward, press the “Afirstsoft AI” button from the top right of this window to access the AI Assistant. After that, log in to your account, and after successful login, click on the "Start" button to generate an automatic summary.


start using afirstsoft ai feature

Step 3. Summarize Specific Text From PDF With AI Assistant

In the next step, copy the desired section from the content and paste it into the AI Assistant’s text box to prompt it to generate the summary. After that, AI will instantly extract the information within the pasted text for better content consumption.


summarize pdf with afirstsoft

Part 3. Other Top 7 AI Text Summarization Tools

As discussed earlier, AI text summarization is constantly revolutionizing the way users cope with the information reload. To help you pick the best tool, we've pinpointed the top-notch AI summarization tools in the following discussion:

1. WPS

With the help of this software, users can simplify the document-handling process by summarizing content in a concise format. Using this AI summarizer, you just need to prompt the text to the AI chatbot to automatically generate a summary. Moreover, the multilingual summarization capability allows users to extract information from extensive texts in multiple languages. Other than pasting text, you can even upload documents to create summaries.


wps ai text summarizer

Key Features

  1. You get the option to extract and summarize text from scanned documents with its AI-driven OCR feature.
  2. Users can even summarize the text contained within complex data analytics charts.
  3. This tool allows you to generate summaries in bullet or paragraph formats.
  • WPS AI summarization software can be integrated into the existing WPS Office Suite.
  • Using this tool, you can ask AI any text-related question to improve content understanding.
  • To access the AI summarization feature, users need to upgrade to the WPS AI premium plan.

Pricing Plans

  • Premium: $29.99 per year
  • Professional: $80 per year

Supported Platforms

  • Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

2. Semrush

Semrush is an advanced AI-based summary generator that lets you generate quick and concise summaries of your text inputs in a few seconds. From academic articles to essays, you can summarize any form of lengthy text using this tool. Apart from that, you get the option to extract the information in bullet points for a concise output summary. After creating a summary, users can also copy and paste it into other documents.


semrush ai text summarizer

Key Features

  1. With the help of this AI text summarization tool, adjust the summary length to short, medium, or lengthy using sliders.
  2. You get the opportunity to quickly summarize emails, reports, or even news articles.
  3. Apart from bullet format, you can generate summaries in paragraph format for detailed explanations.
  • Semrush tool allows users to generate summaries of text without any word count limit.
  • Other than extracting key highlights from the text, you can even use the AI rewriter to paraphrase any text to avoid plagiarism.
  • This tool does not provide a multi-language summarization feature.

Pricing Plans


Supported Platforms

  • Online

3. PDFgear

PDFgear is an AI-powered summarizer tool that offers a user-friendly way to streamline the understanding and analysis of complex texts. Users can extract information from the text in their desired formats by instructing the copilot. Moreover, it allows users to generate summaries in different languages to break the language barrier. Other than text summarization, users get the option to convert multiple file formats into PDFs and summarize them using PDFgear copilot.


pdfgear ai text summarizer

Key Features

  1. After generation, you can download the summary in text format.
  2. Thisefficient text summarization tool allows you to get explanations of specific terminologies or concepts within the text.
  3. By utilizing the OCR feature, users can even extract text from scanned receipts or images.
  • You even get the opportunity to automate the conversion of PDFs to other formats with the PDFgear copilot.
  • The AI proofreading assistant can even detect phrasing, grammatical, and spelling errors in the text.
  • Users don't get the option to regenerate the summary using PDFgear.

Pricing Plans


Supported Platforms

  • Windows, Mac, iOS

4. Meta AI

If you’re looking for an innovative online platform for summarizing the text, consider using this tool. Users working with texts in diverse languages can utilize this AI summarizer tool to generate summaries in their native languages. This text summarizer also offers flexibility in the format of a summary, including bullet points or paragraphs. In addition to summarizing text, its text-to-image generation feature can generate images based on the input text.


meta ai text summarizer

Key Features

  1. This tool allows you to tailor the length of the summaries by setting the word limit.
  2. Users can interact with this AI assistant to ask anything related to the text.
  3. AI models provided by this AI summarization tool can even generate text about any topic.
  • Meta AI integrates with other software and platforms, such as Facebook and WhatsApp.
  • You can even use this tool to generate professional emails or generate content ideas.
  • This online platform does not give the option to upload documents for summarization.

Pricing Plans


Supported Platforms

  • Online, Social Media platforms


UPDF is an intelligent PDF chatbot capable of providing easy-to-read and concise summaries of the input text. Moreover, it can convert your documents into multiple formats, including DOCX, PPT, and more. Apart from that, you even get the opportunity to create summaries of the text within scanned documents using its OCR feature. Plus, users can utilize its multi-language support capability to translate the summaries into other languages.


updf ai text summarizer

Key Features

  1. This AI text summarization tool lets you export the summary in text or markdown formats.
  2. Other than extracting information from text, you can summarize the text within statistical charts as well.
  3. You can even select any section of the text within an uploaded document to get a summary.
  • UPDF AI provides detailed explanations about any concept within the text.
  • Upon generating summaries, you can add them as a sticky note for future revision sessions.
  • To activate all the AI features, users have to subscribe to the UPDF AI plan.

Pricing Plans

  • UPDF PRO:$39.99 per year
  • UPDF PRO Perpetual:$69.99 per year
  • AI Assistant: $79.00 per year

Supported Platforms

  • Android, Online, Windows, iOS, Mac

6. Writesonic

Writersonic is a powerful text summarization tool powered by advanced AI techniques that provides accurate text summaries. Using this summarizer, users can even create summaries of web page text by directly uploading the web’s URL. Apart from summarizing text, you even get the chance to summarize the content within YouTube videos. Moreover, readers have the opportunity to extract and analyze the text within the images too.


writesonic ai text summarizer

Key Features

  1. Alongside summaries, it also provides text-related questions for improved understanding.
  2. Users have the option to adjust the length of the summary by prompting the word count to the AI chatbot.
  3. This tool also supports summarization in multiple languages, catering to a diverse audience.
  • You can also integrate Writesonic with messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Slack, and more.
  • Using the AI answer generator, you get the utility to ask any text-related question related to AI.
  • In the free plan, users can only generate 25 summaries in a month.

Pricing Plans

  • Chatsonic Pro: $12 per month
  • Individual:$16 per month
  • Standard: $79 per month

Supported Platforms

  • Online

7. Rephraser

Users can utilize this online AI text summarization tool to generate high-quality summaries by simply pasting the text into this tool. Additionally, this tool allows you to upload files in text or DOCX format to extract critical information from the text. Moreover, you can specify the summary length by setting your desired length. You even get the utility to generate a summary in bullet points to quickly grasp the key insights.


rephraser ai text summarizer

Key Features

  1. To read the generated summary offline, you can download it in Word format.
  2. Besides English, this summary generator can create summaries in 8 diverse languages.
  3. Even researchers can summarize the technical information within research articles using this tool.
  • Using this platform, you can perform a quality check on your written text to avoid grammar errors.
  • After generating a summary, you get the option to paraphrase the text to remove plagiarism.
  • Users face disturbances as the Rephraser interface includes intrusive ads.

Pricing Plans

  • Weekly:$7 per week.
  • Monthly:$20 per month.
  • Annual:$10 per year

Supported Platforms

  • Online

Part 4. Comparison of Top AI Text Summarization Tools

In the previous section, we discussed the top-notch AI tools that provide efficient text summarization capabilities. With multiple options available in the digital market, users find it an overwhelming task to select the best tool. Let’s conduct an in-depth comparison of all the tools along with their key features, performance, and accuracy:


Afirstsoft PDF




Meta AI


AI Text Summarization

AI Document Summarization



AI-Powered OCR



Other AI Features

Proofreader, AI Assistant, Rewriter, Translator

AI Spell Check, Explain, Translate

Title generator, Paraphraser, Proofreader

AI Copilot, Chat PDF, AI PDF editor

AI Chat, Image Generator

AI Chat, translator

Safe to Use




Easy to Use




Performance Rating








From the above comparison, it is clear that the Afirstsoft PDF text summarizer must be your preferred choice among all the alternatives. The advanced AI capabilities, accuracy and user-friendly interface of this tool makes it a suitable option for your text summarization tasks.

Part 5. Tips for Efficient Text Summarization With AI

When using AI tools for text summarization, it may seem straightforward, but there are vital tips to consider. These strategies provide fresh perspectives and help users achieve their desired output. Here are some tips you should familiarize yourself with before summarizing a text:

  1. Choose the Right Text Summarizer: Start by selecting the appropriate text summarization tool that fits your needs and content requirements. Users should opt for an AI summarizer that offers post-summarization features like rephrasing and optimization.
  2. Utilize Advanced Features: Many online and offline text summarization software have premium advanced features that can be utilized to improve the output quality. So, you should choose an option that provides you with the features of document upload and OCR functionality.
  3. Make Sure Input Text is Clean and Well-Formatted: As we know, the quality of the summary is influenced by the quality of the input. To achieve a comprehensive overview, ensure your original text is well-organized and contains all the necessary information. You should also look to identify and remove any factual and grammatical errors so that the output is also mistake-free.
  4. Specify the Summary Length: Setting the desired length is essential to get the accurate text summary you want. Many tools allow you to define the length in percentage or other units. If you prefer not to set a specific length, you can manually edit the summary to remove unnecessary information.

Part 6. Frequently Asked Questions on AI Text Summarization

  1. What are the common mistakes to avoid while summarizing text?

Excessive dependence on AI for text summarization might lead to content that feels robotic and easily disengages the audience. Moreover, users frequently overlook the importance of verifying facts after obtaining AI-generated summaries. Therefore, it is always wise to cross-check the details in your summary with the original document.

  1. How does Afirstsoft PDF compare to other AI text summarization tools?

As we know, various online and offline resources offer features for text summarization. However, Afirstsoft PDF text summarizer stands out as a reliable tool that leverages AI to create efficient summaries for provided text. Besides generating summaries, you can also use its AI chatbot to ask any questions about the content of the PDF text.

  1. How can you compare AI text precis with manual ones?

Creating a summary manually can provide more details and insight, but AI-generated summaries offer significant time and effort savings. Utilizing AI tools enables the production of summaries in various languages, a task beyond the capability of most humans. Moreover, AI tools often include post-summarization grammar checks to ensure flawless grammar.


In conclusion, the evolution of AI text summarizers has dramatically enhanced the way users manage information overload. Throughout the discussion, we analyzed and compared the top AI tools for summarizing text in detail to help you pick the best tool.

Now, with all the necessary information in your mind, you are aware of which metrics you must consider before choosing a tool. Among all the options available, Afirstsoft PDF summarizer software must be your most preferred choice due to its exceptional AI-driven summarization capabilities and accuracy.

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