Top 13 AI-Powered PDF Readers to Optimize Workflow

In education, business, and government domains, PDF sharing, storing, and reading have been integral parts of digital life as they maintain documents' original formatting. However, traditional PDF readers are being replaced with advanced AI PDF reading tools to revolutionize the interaction with PDF documents.

They come equipped with natural language processing to interpret the meaning of the text beyond just reading it and generate concise summaries of lengthy documents. To keep yourself updated with the current AI developments in the PDF reading realm, read this guide and learn about the best AI PDF readers in the market.


Part 1. Integral Features AI PDF Readers Must Contain 

AI-powered PDF readers include machine learning, OCR, and automated data extraction technologies to elevate user experiences. These AI capabilities are cutting-edge, and not everyone knows the functions a PDF reader can perform with AI support. Thus, before delving into some real-time software, learn AI-powered PDF reader features to learn how they can optimize PDF reading.

  • Smart Summarization: AI in PDF readers can automatically generate summaries of lengthy documents without disrupting the original meaning of texts. Besides, some tools can turn PDF text into audio for visually impaired individuals or those who prefer listening over reading.  
  • Advanced Text Recognition: New PDF reading tools with AI facilitate scanned PDF reading and recognition of text in images through OCR technology. They can convert non-digital documents into editable and searchable PDFs, vital for transforming physical-form books into eBooks.
  • Content Translation: A few AI-powered readers can translate PDF content into different languages, breaking the language barrier and making information accessible to everyone. Again, OCR technology is used in this regard, which can even recognize difficult symbols or scripts.   
  • Intelligent Searching: When you have countless PDF documents in your system, it gets challenging to manually search for the desired one. Thus, AI PDF readers come with a contextual search that scans the meaning behind search queries and provides exact results.

Part 2. A Comprehensive Review: Top 10 AI PDF Readers

Upon learning about the potential features the best AI PDF reader can have, let's uncover some indispensable software in the modern digital landscape. Below, we have enlisted the ten top-notch AI PDF readers with their advantages, disadvantages, pricing, and supported platforms so you can carefully decide on one.  

1. Afirstsoft PDF Reader 

To improve efficiency in PDF reading and handling, the Afirstsoft PDF Reader is an incredible software. With its intuitive PDF environment and cutting-edge AI features, anyone can boost productivity and automate various procedures. It’s an all-in-one PDF reader that offers an array of basic and advanced features to enhance your PDF documents.

In terms of advanced features, it is equipped with AI and offers countless AI-powered abilities, such as AI content rewriting and proofreading. Users can benefit from its AI proofreading to eliminate the need to pay for grammar-correcting software. Besides, its AI-supported content rewriting ability can help you access different versions of the files you provide.    

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* Moblie version is coming soon

Key Features

  1. Optimized Reading: Afirstsoft PDF reader AI empowers your reading experiences and improves navigation throughout the document upon letting you switch reading modes. You can fine-tune the PDF display with display options, reading modes, and page navigation for maximum navigational efficiency.    
  2. AI Chat: To revolutionize workflows, this software has an AI chat feature that answers your queries about the uploaded PDF. If you have difficulty understanding a complex concept in PDF, you can ask AI in this tool and obtain quick responses on single or multiple documents.  
  3. AI Summarization: Do you struggle to read a lengthy and complex document that is due in a shorter time? If so, you should try the Afirstsoft PDF summarization feature, which uses AI to write a precise summary of files. It saves you valuable time to focus on other important tasks, such as PDF organization.
  4. AI Translation: Suppose you have accessed an article in a language other than your native one, but you have to extract important data from it. In that case, using the AI translation feature of Afirstsoft would be lifesaving as it can translate the entire document or the selected one.  


  • This software has advanced OCR technology equipped with AI that converts scanned documents into searchable and editable PDFs.
  • Apart from AI capabilities, the Afirstsoft PDF reader has various collaboration features to let users synchronize their PDFs from one device to another for teamwork.
  • Its AI proofreading ability will help you ensure the correctness, punctuation, grammar, and standardization of documents with one tap.

Supported Platforms: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS

Pricing Plans: Free

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* Moblie version is coming soon

2. Adobe Acrobat 

If you are a bibliophile, you must be aware of Adobe Acrobat software's ability to read and handle PDFs. However, you might be unaware that it has introduced an AI assistant, which can level up your productivity. Through that, you can engage with your documents, create impactful content, and get help from AI in PDF reading.


adobe acrobat ai pdf reader

Key Features

  1. Adobe Acrobat AI PDF reader has an AI summary feature that can summarize your documents with one click.
  2. Its AI assistant lets users ask questions from the document and get quick answers based on the sources.
  3. Mobile app users of this AI PDF reader can ask questions through voice prompts to craft their emails, presentations, or other documents.
  • Instead of using separate chatbots, readers can use this software's AI assistant.
  • Despite AI features, it facilitates comprehensive PDF creation, organization, and protection features.
  • For individual users, the operations of this software prove tricky when editing PDF content.

Supported Platforms: Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, Online

Pricing Plans

  • Standard:$22.99/month
  • Pro:$29.99/month
  • AI Assistant Add-on:$6.99/month

3. Foxit PDF Editor

Another big name in AI PDF reading and editing is the Foxit AI PDF tool, which has a fully functional PDF reader. This software streamlines reading anywhere you go because it is available on almost all devices. In terms of AI capabilities, Foxit is integrated with ChatGPT, which means your productivity will be enhanced and document processing will be streamlined.      


foxit ai pdf reader

Key Features

  1. It offers an innovative AI redact feature that automatically identifies and eliminates sensitive data from a document.
  2. With ChatGPT integration, there is an AI assistant that suggests changes in documents to clarify their content.
  3. You can also rewrite the content present in your document to make it more optimized and easy to understand.  
  • The AI capabilities of Foxit protect your document integrity and comply with privacy regulations.
  • Users can extend their collaboration abilities and get document summarization with AI assistance.
  • The free trial of this AI PDF Reader is only available for 14 days.

Supported Platforms: macOS, Windows, iOS, Android

Pricing Plans

  • PDF Editor Suite Pro: $13.99/month
  • PDF Editor Suite:$10.99/month

4. UPDF 

In search of reliable AI PDF solutions, readers often choose UPDF, which simplifies PDF editing, annotating, converting, and viewing. Instead of buying a physical-form book, if you are reading a PDF eBook, UPDF AI can provide you with the same reading experience. It will allow you to take visual notes through annotating tools and add bookmarks to navigate swiftly where you left reading.   


updf ai pdf reader

Key Features

  1. This AI-powered PDF reader features a summarization ability that helps you read the document's main message without thoroughly reading the text.
  2. It has an intelligent search feature that will allow you to enter specific words and phrases in the search bar to skim and scan documents.  
  3. If you find concepts ambiguous while reading, you can ask AI in UPDF to explain exclusive terms from the PDF book.
  • When reading foreign books, it lets you translate PDF books into your native language with AI.
  • To provide personalized reading experiences, UPDF offers multiple display modes.
  • After editing a PDF, if you try to export the PDF, it will impose watermarks that ruin quality.

Supported Platforms: macOS, Android, iOS, Windows, Online

Pricing Plans

  • UPDF AI Standard: $69/year
  • UPDF AI Unlimited: $89/year

5. PDFgear 

It’s another comprehensive PDF solution powered by AI that lets you experience convenient PDF reading and handling right in the browser. For smooth reading and easy navigation, it provides you with thumbnail, pan mode, and zoom-in-out features. This best AI PDF reader lets you add comments and annotate PDFs if you have to share files with your groupmates after reading them.   


pdfgear ai pdf reader

Key Features

  1. PDFgear is empowered with AI ChatGPT to explain concepts in PDF, analyze complex data in the document, and summarize them.  
  2. This software can automatically generate 3 suggested questions for your PDF, and you will get precise answers.
  3. If you believe in working smarter, not harder, here is an AI copilot that lets you streamline your productivity and chat with you with PDFs.
  • From an entire PDF document, it lets you split and extract a PDF page to share with other readers.
  • Its AI assistant can rewrite the provided PDF document as you desire.   
  • It takes a long time to load and process the PDF, which annoys users.  

Supported Platforms: iOS, Mac, Windows

Pricing Plans: Free

6. PDFelement 

To level up your PDF reading workflow, using the PDFelement AI PDF reading tool would be a great deal. When you receive a PDF for proofreading or checking for errors, this tool can automate the process with its AI proofread feature. Besides, it offers an AI content detector that helps you determine whether that document is human-written or you have received an AI-written version.   


pdfelement ai pdf reader

Key Features

  1. To expand your knowledge, if you have chosen a document in a foreign language, you can try the AI translation feature of PDFelement.
  2. While reading a PDF, if you don’t like its tone or find many errors, you can ask AI to rewrite the documents with your instructions.
  3. This software provides an AI assistant to help users read, where they can ask questions and get instant responses.
  • PDFelement has an industry-specific chatbot to generate accurate and relevant information.
  • Users can customize their AI preference settings by adding an output language and tone.
  • Several users report that their customer support service is unresponsive.

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android

Pricing Plans

  • Yearly: $79.99
  • Quarterly: $29.99
  • Perpetual: $129.99

7. Kami 

While searching for a PDF reader designed to meet your educational goals, you can stop at Kami AI collaboration and PDF reading solution. It is specifically designed for teachers, students, and technology leaders so they can read documents with ease. To provide you with comfortable reading or presentation, it provides single-view, double-page view, and presentation view modes.    


kami ai pdf reader

Key Features

  1. Beyond reading, it offers an AI read-aloud feature for those who are bored with reading or have visual impairments.
  2. During the reading, if you find a word difficult to understand, you can enable its dictionary feature and learn the meaning of complex terms.
  3. With its text recognition feature, text in scanned or photocopied documents gets detected to help you interact with the data.
  • Users can use its split and merge abilities to create new learning resources.
  • It is integrated with various forums, such as LMS and Google Classroom, for immersive learning.
  • Teachers claim that they find difficulty in adjusting text box size when adding on-page notes.

Supported Platforms: Online   

Pricing Plans

  • Teacher Plan:$99/year

8. Unriddle 

AI has even revolutionized the way researchers interact with publications and read them thoroughly to get one line. In this context, Unriddle is no exception, as it quickly finds information from documents and simplifies topics. Through this, you can save one hour on reading research papers as it can skim and summarize documents with a generative AI assistant.  


unriddle ai pdf reader

Key Features

  1. Instead of surfing the internet, you can highlight some sentences and let AI show relevant sources.
  2. Through this tool, you can ask questions from AI and chat through some suggested questions.
  3. This AI research assistant provides a thumbnail or section to easily navigate a specific page.
  • Unriddle lets you interact with AI in your native language, as it supports more than 90 languages.
  • From settings, you can even choose an AI model to obtain responses such as GPT-4 and GPT-3.5.
  • It doesn’t offer annotating tools that irritate users with text highlighting habits while reading.

Supported Platforms: Online, Browser Extension   

Pricing Plans

  • Pro:$20/month
  • Premium: $30/month  
  • Team:$150/month

9. PDF Expert 

Exclusively designed for the Apple ecosystem, this software competes with the Foxit AI PDF tool. It lets you enjoy the magazine in the two-page view and compare files with a split view to cater to your diverse needs. Furthermore, it allows you to switch between night, day, and sepia themes to read in your comfort zone, either at your office table during the day or on your couch at night.    


pdf expert ai pdf reader

Key Features

  1. In terms of AI features, it provides an AI enhancer that can eliminate distortions and remove shadows from your scanned document to improve your reading view.
  2. Users can add bookmarks in their PDF books to quickly find out where they left reading instead of scrolling pages and wasting time.
  3. PDF Expert has various annotating tools to make your PDFs stunning and allow you to make digital notes to remember key points.
  • It offers a lightning-fast search bar that can find your typed words quickly from a 2000-page report.
  • Instead of cluttering your storage with PDF files to read, you can merge them through this tool.
  • This PDF reader has limited AI features when compared with other innovative tools.

Supported Platforms: iOS, iPadOS, Mac

Pricing Plans

  • Yearly:$79.99
  • Lifetime:$139.99

10. HiPDF

This online PDF toolbox has a dedicated AI reader, which means you can experience tailored reading experiences through this free AI PDF reader. Apart from just reading, this tool lets you generate a summary of the PDF so you can quickly grasp the main idea. Moreover, there is an AI explain feature that can help you when you face difficulty in understanding the written content.  


hipdf ai pdf reader

Key Features

  1. For easy navigation, it provides a thumbnail, which you can even extend based on your reading habits or needs.
  2. HiPDF also has a rewrite PDF feature, which allows you to create your own version of PDF if you don't like a paragraph in a document.
  3. Instead of shifting to a separate chatbot, you can stay on this tool and ask questions related to your document.
  • It lets you upload your PDFs from a URL link, OneDrive, and Box aside from the system.
  • Before reading, you can check the AI of documents to ensure you read human-generated content.
  • Unlike other tools, it lacks PDF reading features such as read mode.

Supported Platforms: Online

Pricing Plans

  • Monthly Plan:$4.99  
  • Yearly Plan:$31.99

Part 3. Introducing Free AI PDF Readers for Occasional PDF Readers  

Book lovers or hobbyist readers just want to utilize some basic functionalities of PDF reading software, so it doesn’t make sense to pay hefty amounts for paid readers. Considering such issues, we have introduced free AI PDF reading tools that you can review to streamline uninterrupted reading.


Like other PDF readers, this free tool also aims to bring life to your financial reports, fiction novels, or legal agreements. To do so, it provides instant answers to your questions, summarizes documents, and extracts information from a PDF document. However, this doesn’t let you perform AI features while using its free version and has limited reading flexibility. ai pdf reader

2. ChatPDF

For students, professionals, and researchers, this software serves as an AI assistant or a chatbot. Through this free AI PDF reader, you can drag your cursor over a mathematical equation or a graph to get their explanation from AI. Apart from that, users can ask for PDF summaries or any other questions because AI will respond to you as an expert in that subject matter.    


chatpdf ai pdf reader

3. Natural Reader 

Primarily, it's a text-to-speech converter that transforms your eBooks into their audio versions so you can listen to them while cooking, traveling, or exercising. Using this AI reader, you can enter dark mode to save your eye strain and change the font size for better viewing. Additionally, readers can highlight their selected texts and enable auto-scroll to eliminate the need for manual control.


natural reader ai pdf reader

Now, you must be planning to use any of the above free AI PDF readers based on your reading needs. However, let us inform you that they are just offering a reading interface, but they are not entirely free and charge for utilizing their AI features. Therefore, using Afirstsoft is preferred as it’s completely free including its AI features which facilitate PDF summarization and chatting.    

Simplified Steps to Get Immersive Reading Experience with the Afirstsoft PDF Editor  

As the Afirstsoft PDF editor is free to use, let’s explore how this software works to let you read documents with an immersive experience and utilize AI functionalities. So, without further delay, look into the following guide demonstrating the simple workings of this best AI PDF reader.  

Step 1: Launch Afirstsoft and Import the PDF for Reading 

Go to the official site of the Afirstsoft PDF editor and press the “Free Download” button to install it without paying a penny. After successfully launching it to your system, access its user-friendly interface and locate the “Open” button at the top-left side. Tap the “Open” button, browse the file you wish to read, and hit the “Open” button to import it into the system.


access your pdf document

Step 2: Enter the View Section to Use Various Reading Modes

After importing the PDF file, you will get a display of the PDF document to read. To get an immersive experience, click the “View” option from the top bar and use the “Full Screen” icon for a bigger display. Also, you can select the “Fit Window” icon to decide which type of reading mode you want. One can even hit the “Single Page” icon to skim-read or review images in PDFs.


adjust the view settings

Step 3: Use the AI Summary Feature to Summarize Lengthy PDF

To obtain a summary of the uploaded document, navigate to the top-right side and click the “Afirstsoft AI” option. Now, press the “Start” button and confirm the process with the “Agree” button in the next pop-up menu. Upon that, AI will show the summary of that document within seconds.  


press the start button

Frequently Asked Questions about AI-Powered PDF Readers

  1. Which is the best AI PDF reader for regular readings?

Among all the software discussed above, the Afirstsoft PDF Reader seems to be the most efficient and reliable, with an intuitive interface. Apart from several reading modes, it provides an array of AI features to elevate your reading experiences.

  1. What benefits can you obtain from an AI PDF reader?

Businesses can benefit from AI PDF readers for quick data extraction, better compliance tracking, and improved data processing accuracy. Individuals can read multiple books daily and expand their knowledge with AI PDF summary features.

  1. Are online PDF readers secure, or should I prefer offline ones?  

Online PDF readers rely on third-party servers, so many people consider them unsecured for uploading sensitive data. On the contrary, desktop versions of AI PDF readers like Afirstsoft and Adobe Acrobat are designed to ensure security and are considered end-to-end encrypted.


In short, this article discussed the best AI PDF readers available in the market to enhance your reading experiences. You should explore their various aspects, such as pricing, advantages, supported forums, and negative pointers, to better understand them. In the end, it is suggested that you go for a free PDF reader like the Afirstsoft PDF Readers, which goes beyond just AI reading abilities.

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