How to Use ChatGPT Hacks and Its Alternatives to Generate Content

Nowadays, AI has found its footing in every field of work, from basic to advanced. AI chatbots are one example of the extensive functionalities of AI that boost productivity. ChatGPT is among the most widely utilized AI assistants due to its AI content creation utilities and ease of use. However, this tool presents limitations, such as limited file upload options and GPT-4o queries, while working on the free version.

Nevertheless, you don't have to worry because many ChatGPT alternatives are available to help you overcome these limitations. To help you find the perfect platform, this article will discuss the top ChatGPT alternatives and the art of AI prompt engineering.


Part 1. Essential ChatGPT Tips and Tricks

Learning the right way to use AI assistants to generate the desired results is crucial. Irrespective of the AI chatbot you are utilizing, you should know the art of prompting to get the output you are looking for. The top ChatGPT hacks and tricks a user should know before using this AI-powered chatbot are given below.

1. Prompt Engineering

This term refers to the act of crafting a precise and well-structured text prompt to obtain the desired response. The key to getting the expected results is entering a clear, specific, and ambiguity-free prompt. By providing the necessary context in the prompt, you can get the ChatGPT model to respond according to the instructions you have given.

If you want intricate details on any location or monument, try typing a prompt, such as "Provide details on Taj Mahal, including its history and reason of construction," instead of a simple prompt. With this AI prompt engineering trick, you will be able to get valuable information.


impressive prompt engineering in chatgpt

2. Context Resetting

Context Resetting involves changing the topic while having a conversation with ChatGPT to obtain results according to the user's new specifications. You can either move the conversation to another dimension or start a new conversation from scratch to avoid confusion.

To maintain continuity, you can add a summary or recap of the important points discussed previously. For instance, you can write, "Earlier, we discussed the history of Taj Mahal, now let's switch our discussion to the details of its architecture".

3. Role-playing

Using role-playing prompts to obtain results from a specific perspective or persona is an excellent way to generate creative AI content creation. For this purpose, specify the character expected to be played by ChatGPT by clearly assigning roles to the model. To make these responses more immersive, you should provide a detailed scenario for role-playing.

The pro tip is to maintain consistency to develop a sense of coherence in the prompts. You can command ChatGPT, “Imagine you are a tour guide at Taj Mahal, now tell me about the experience visitors can enjoy at this place.”


understanding role play in chatgpt

4. Temperature Setting

While adjusting the randomness of responses, you can set different temperature values, where the lowest is basic and the highest is creative style of writing. Temperatures as low as 0.2 generate responses that are more focused, making them useful for extracting factual information. On the other hand, medium temperatures allow a response that balances between creativity and coherence, being applicable in most general writing purposes.

Moreover, high-temperature settings generate a creative, random response with imaginative outputs. For example, instead of "What happened in World War 2," type "Imagine a version of World War 2 where technology was powered by magic" to generate creative responses.

5. Token Limit Management

As ChatGPT has a maximum token limit per interaction, it is essential to manage the token limits to maintain comprehensive and coherent results. Using this ChatGPT hack, you can write concise prompts to save your token for the response or break large tasks to avoid exceeding the token limit. Your prompt should focus on the key points in your request to ensure they fit within your token restriction.

Users can enter smaller prompts and compile the responses into a single, comprehensive response. Instead of asking, "Give a detailed history of the Taj Mahal and its impact on Indian culture," you can break it down into two different prompts, catering to the construction process and cultural impacts in separate prompts.

Part 2. Advanced Techniques for Consuming ChatGPT

As handy as ChatGPT is, it can be a daunting task to obtain the desired results from this AI research assistant. Users must understand the techniques that can help ease the process of research on this platform. Read the text below to learn the advanced techniques that can be used to generate the optimum responses from this AI chatbot:

  1. Chain of Thought Prompts:While entering a text prompt in this chatbot, you should enter sequential prompting and break down large inputs into small, concise ones. Not only will this help you narrate your story, but it will also build a comprehensive response. Do not miss any detail while entering your input to ensure that each part of your prompt is discussed accurately.
  2. Feedback Looping: Using this ChatGPT hack, you can help the chatbot improve its responses to your prompts. It helps provide interactive feedback on the generated responses to refine the answers. To do this, you will have to review the model's response, give specific feedback, and ask for more information.
  3. Conditional Prompts: This technique can be used to generate hypothetical scenarios using the if-then combination. This provides AI tools with the freedom to generate creative and imaginative responses for different scenarios. You can utilize this technique while writing a story or any other form of creative content with indefinite possibilities.
  4. Leveraging Precedents: By stating examples of your desired nature of the content, you can help this tool understand your requirements in a better way. To achieve better results, the ideal way is to enter a previous response or sample outputs to narrow down your requirements. Applying this AI prompt engineering technique, you can obtain the results exactly as desired.
  5. Creative Writing Assistance: Ask the AI assistant to help you with any form of creative writing, ranging from prose to poems. This platform will help you get more creative ideas related to your niche or simply refine a prewritten creative writing piece. In addition to this, you can also utilize ChatGPT to brainstorm before you start writing.

Part 3. Free GPT Alternatives To Try in 2024

Now that you have learned about the best ChatGPT hacks, it is time to explore some of its free alternatives. As we know, the GPT-3.5 version of this platform is free of cost but has limitations to its utilization. Meanwhile, the GPT-4 version of ChatGPT requires a paid subscription to utilize diverse functionalities. To help you make the most of AI assistants without investing any money, we have listed the top free AI tools that you should try.

1. Afirstsoft PDF

Afirstsoft PDF is a platform that smartly uses AI to perform multiple advanced functionalities for free. Breaking the language barriers, it conveniently translates your PDF into multiple languages that benefits a global audience. Apart from this, you can have a better understanding of the complex parts within your PDF file by letting the AI assistant explain them to you.

After understanding the complex terminologies within your text, you can also chat and ask relevant questions about your PDF. Whether proofreading a PDF file or rewriting the incorrect parts, Afirstsoft AI has you all covered. You can have your extensive PDF content summarized by drawing the crux of the entire text. As for proofreading, you can check spelling, punctuation, grammar, and other aspects of your content to ensure accuracy.

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afirstsoft gpt alternative

Comparison Between ChatGPT and Afirstsoft PDF

You must be wondering where this free AI tool stands compared to the highly efficient ChatGPT AI chatbot. To further understand the comparison between Afirstsoft AI and ChatGPT, go through the discussion below.


Afirstsoft AI




Plus: $20/month

AI PDF Summarization

Only available for GPT-4 and 4o users

Chat with PDF

Not available in GPT-3.5


AI Content Generation

AI PDF Editing


PDF Management


AI-powered OCR

Safe to Use



Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

Windows, macOS (only for Apple silicon), Android, iOS, Online

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2. Gemini

If your mind has reached a creativity block, consult Gemini for fresh ideas and recharge. It provides a double-check response feature to carry out research-aided AI content creation by obtaining the reference links to the responses.

Moreover, you get to proofread content and even generate new content with the help of this AI chatbot. After your text has been generated, users will be able to modify it by changing its length and simplifying it according to your needs.


gemini gpt alternative

Key Features

  1. On Gemini, you can upload Google Docs or PDF files to get them analyzed.
  2. Apart from entering text prompts, you can also use the microphone to enter an audio prompt.
  3. This AI assistant can be integrated with all Google applications for better workflow.
  • Using Gemini Advanced, you can directly edit and run Python code for assistance while coding.
  • Users will get 2TB of storage from Google One, allowing them to store AI chats for future reference.
  • After two months of free trial, you need a paid subscription to access Gemini Advanced.

3. Meta AI

For students who have to write lots of academic papers, Meta AI is the best for AI research assistance. Other than research-based writing, this AI chatbot also assists its users write assignments by inquiring some key information about the nature of assignment.

In addition to text responses, image responses can also be generated from this AI Assistant. Afterward, these AI-generated images can be further edited by simply entering a text prompt.


meta ai gpt alternative

Key Features

  1. By entering a text prompt, you can get ideas and tips on how to carry out your day-to-day tasks.
  2. After your image has been generated, you can apply an animation effect using this free AI tool.
  3. With the help of this AI Chatbot, users can get their text analyzed and summarized.
  • With the help of this platform, you can kill your boredom by playing fun trivia games.
  • Users can prepare for their job interviews by seeking help from the text responses of this AI assistant.
  • Meta AI does not allow you to interact with PDFs, as it does not support file upload.

4. Copilot

Ranging from getting ideas on daily house chores to writing complex essays, Copilot is your all-in-one assistant. This platform ensures efficient AI use by suggesting home interior design options, travel guides, time management tips, and more.

In addition to your day-to-day guide, you can also utilize this chatbot to kick-start your creative assignment writing. To top it all off, users can utilize this platform to aid their research with the Bing capabilities.


copilot gpt alternative

Key Features

  1. Other than entering text prompts, this tool allows its users to enter an image, capture an instant photo, or paste an external link.
  2. With the help of this AI chatbot, you can get insights into the workout routine that best suits your body.
  3. After uploading a picture, this tool will instantly extract the text written within the image.
  • Users can upload images and get them edited by this AI assistant just by entering a text prompt.
  • Utilizing this tool, you can compose songs of different genres and entertain yourself.
  • The free version of this chatbot only allows limited access to the GPT-4 Turbo.

Part 4. Practical Applications of AI Tools

As we know, AI assistants are widely used to seek help for writing complex documents. These platforms have eased the process of research-based AI content creation by saving time and human effort. To make the most of these tools, it is crucial to know their practical applications. Go through the discussion below to understand all the applications of an AI chatbot.

1. Content Creation

From brainstorming to writing, AI tools assist their users in every way of the content creation process. If you want to generate a complete article or essay, AI-powered tools are available. Apart from that, you can also depend on AI tools to get your text proofread by checking its grammar. AI tools can also suggest ideas and outlines for your writing by providing topics to diversify your content.

2. Research Assistance

You can automatically extract relevant information from large documents or online sources with the help of AI-integrated tools. To polish the content further, you can generate a summary of the extracted passage to create a better understanding among your users. Using the free AI tools, users can perform complex data analysis and identify patterns, correlations, and other trends that might not be visible.

3. Customer Support

AI chatbots can handle a large number of user inquiries at a time, providing instant responses to the questions. To ensure personalized interactions, these platforms can utilize user data to tailor the responses accordingly. By handling routine tasks and queries, AI customer support tools spare human agents to invest their time in more complex issues.

4. Personalized Learning

AI is transforming education by providing personalized learning experiences to the students. These AI-powered tools can adjust the difficulty and style of learning materials depending on the performance of the student. Besides that, AI tutors offer extra support to students by providing explanations and answering their questions. Additionally, it analyzes student's progress by identifying their strengths and weaknesses to improve their learning capabilities.

Part 5. Tips for Efficient Use of AI Tools

After understanding the practicalities of AI tools, it is essential to get insights into how you can generate efficient results using them. So, this section explores the top ChatGPT hacks and tips to follow for efficient use of AI-powered tools for content creation.

  1. Best Practices for Prompting: To get the most out of a free AI tool, it is essential to craft precise text prompts. This includes using clear language and adding relevant content to guide the tool in achieving your desired outcome. For example, instead of an unclear prompt like "write about AI," you should write a more effective prompt, such as "write an article on the impact of AI in healthcare."
  2. Managing Expectations: As powerful as AI assistants are, they do have their limitations and might not deliver accurate results. Therefore, it is crucial for a user to understand that AI-generated content may require some human touch-ups in the end.
  3. Continuous Learning: With new features and updates being released, the field of AI is rapidly evolving. Staying updated on these releases can help users leverage the latest advancements to enhance content quality. Users can do so by following AI research publications, participating in forums, and attending relevant workshops.
  4. Ethical Use: When using AI responsibly, users must take into account the ethical considerations of its applications, such as concerns about privacy. While benefiting from AI, businesses have to establish ethical guidelines and regularly review AI practices to help build trust with users.
  5. Integration with Human Effort: AI research assistanceworks best when human expertise and intuition are involved. Judging the right balance between AI and human input is the key to creating the best content, as this combination can enhance creativity and improve decision-making processes.

FAQs of Best ChatGPT Hacks

  1. What is the best alternative to ChatGPT?

Although there are lots of alternatives to ChatGPT, the best one is Afirstsoft, as it has more diverse functionalities. Using this free-of-cost AI tool, you can get AI-generated summaries and translations for better content understanding.

  1. Can you upload and interact with PDF using ChatGPT?

Users do not get the chance to chat with PDF in the free GPT-3.5 version of this AI research assistant. However, it can be done in this tool's paid GPT-4 version. Nevertheless, free users can get limited access to this feature in the newly released GPT-4o version.

  1. Can you edit a PDF using ChatGPT?

No, editing a PDF using the ChatGPT chatbot is impossible, as it can only help in content comprehension. For this purpose, you can get help from third-party tools, such as Afirstsoft AI. Such AI PDF editors offer their users high-end editing and organization features.


To conclude the discussion, ChatGPT has a lot of features that help ease AI content creation. You have also understood the top tips and techniques for crafting a text prompt to obtain relevant results using this AI tool. However, with its excellent utilities come some limitations and downsides that reduce its practicalities. To overcome these limitations, you can utilize the top AI assistant alternatives, such as Afirstsoft PDF AI.

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