Discover the Best 7 AI Tools to Learn How to Summarize a PDF

Professionals and students who regularly deal with a pile of documents may need an AI tool that can help them extract important information within a few seconds. Nowadays, no one has the time to go through hundreds of pages just to extract a few lines of relevant information. So, you need to learn how to summarize a PDF to be able to extract data from lengthy files,

Many online and offline tools are available in the market that ease the process of information extraction. Therefore, this article aims to help you choose the best AI PDF summarizer for a perfect content consumption experience.

Part 1. Can I Ask ChatGPT to Summarize a PDF?

Yes, users get the chance to upload their documents to this AI-powered tool to summarize PDFs or ask any relevant questions. Before the introduction of GPT-4o, only the premium users were able to import their documents to ChatGPT for data extraction. However, the latest model of this AI-powered chat assistant allows anyone to upload documents for easy information retrieval.

After importing the PDF file, you can simply prompt AI to summarize the documents to extract the key points. You can write a command, such as “Summarize this PDF in 100 Words,” to get a concise summary of the lengthy PDF document.


chatgpt pdf summarizer feature

Part 2. Simplified Guide to Summarize a PDF Using Afirstsoft PDF

Users who want to learn how to summarize a PDF in the easiest manner can get help from Afirstsoft to get the job done. Using this free-to-use AI PDF summarizer, anyone can extract valuable information from the document text with just a few clicks.

Users had the opportunity to quickly dig out key points within lengthy PDF articles with the help of this tool. Moreover, students can utilize this AI-powered PDF toolbox to extract information from academic articles and research papers. Other than that, they can use this multi-purpose tool to create PDFs from web articles for a more straightforward summarization process.

You also have the opportunity to take out relevant data from lengthy tables and charts to improve your statistical prowess. Go through the steps given below if you also want to learn how to summarize a PDF using Afirstsoft:

Step 1. Open Your Document to Content Summarization

Start the process by downloading and installing this AI PDF summarization tool on your Windows PC or MacBook. Afterward, launch it and click the “Open” button from its main interface to import the file you want to summarize with this tool.

Step 2. Access the Editor AI Feature to Summarize PDF

Once you are done importing your PDF file, hit the “Editor AI” button on the top-right of your screen to access a new side window. From here, press the “Log In or Sign Up” button to enter your account details before starting the AI PDF summarization process.  

Step 3. Generate and Refine PDF Summaries Using Afirstsoft

After accessing the PDF AI editor feature, simply prompt the tool to extract key points from the document. For this purpose, you can write a command, such as "Summarize PDF in English Under 100 Words." Now, this AI PDF tool will generate a concise summary for you, which you can refine using further prompts or a summary regeneration feature.  

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Afirstsoft PDF Overview

After learning how to summarize a PDF, let’s get a complete understanding of this all-in-one PDF editing tool. Here, we will go through other features of this multi-dimensional AI tool to help you comprehend the functionality of this PDF summarizer.

AI Features of Afirstsoft

  • Translate PDF Content: With the help of this AI tool, you get the ability to translate PDF documents into your native language for better content comprehension. Moreover, you can translate or generate document summaries in any of your desired languages using this tool.
  • Proofread Content: Afirstsoft also has the ability to analyze and proofread documents to make sure they are grammatically correct. Other than that, this tool is able to check the PDF file for spelling, punctuation, and other such errors.   
  • AI Assistant: Using its intelligent assistant, users can analyze PDF documents for better content understanding. Moreover, you can ask an AI assistant to explain specific terminologies so that you can consume content better.
  • Question and Answers with PDF:You also get the opportunity to chat with a single or multiple PDF documents for improved comprehension.

Integration of Afirstsoft with Other PDF Functionalities

  • Edit PDF Documents:Upon exploring how to summarize a PDF using this tool, let's talk about its ability to edit existing PDF content. With this tool, you can make changes to the font style, size, and color of the text present in the document. Other than that, you change the size and orientation of images to fit them better in a file.
  • Convert PDFs: Users can also convert their PDFs into various files formats, including Word, Excel, and images, with this multi-functional tool. While converting the documents, this tool also retains their formatting and layout for a perfect conversion.
  • Organize Pages:Using this tool, you can even extract pages from the PDF documents for better page organization. In addition, users also get the ability to reorder, delete, or remove pages within a file to align the PDF content.
  • AI OCR Conversion: With the help of its AI OCR functionality, users get the ability to summarize the content of scanned PDFs and images. Doing so will help the researchers to extract data from charts and diagrams present in the image format.
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Part 3. Top 6 AI Tools for Summarizing PDFs

As discussed, many online and offline tools are available to help you optimize the PDF summarization process. We have already learned how to summarize a PDF using the best document information extractor in the market. Let's analyze some other alternatives to enjoy restriction-free PDF summarization.

1. Scholarcy

Researchers and students can benefit from this advanced PDF article summarizer, which allows them to go through a pile of information within a few minutes. Using this article summarization tool, you can adjust the summary word count to meet specific criteria. In addition, you get the option to summarize PDF content by section for an organized output. While creating a summary with this AI tool, you can enable the 3rd person rewriting option.


scholarcy ai pdf summarizer

Key Features

  1. With this AI tool, you get the option to extract figures and tables while creating a PDF summary.
  2. Scholarcy also gives you a list of key concepts discussed throughout the PDF.
  3. You even get the abstract and synopsis of the uploaded PDF article with the help of this tool.
  • Users can create detailed flashcards from the PDF content using Scholarcy.
  • Students can utilize the Scholarcy browser extraction to summarize web articles directly.
  • The free version of this AI tool has a limitation of 3 summaries per day.


  • Scholarcy Plus:$4.99 per month


  • Online, Browser Extension


Using this interactive AI PDF summarizer, you can learn how to summarize a PDF with a single click. You get the ability to generate PDF summaries by page for a targeted approach. Moreover, users are allowed to choose the summary language to extract information from the documents in their native language. Other than that, UPDF allows you to dig out essential points from the charts and tables presented in the table.


updf ai pdf summarizer

Key Features

  1. Users can apply OCR on scanned documents to extract data using the summarization capabilities of this tool.
  2. While reading a file on this AI tool, you can select any paragraph to get a summary in one click.
  3. You can even add the generated summary as a sticky note with the help of this tool.
  • After generating summaries, you can export them in text or markdown formats.
  • Other than generating summaries, this tool lets you interact with PDF documents.
  • You have to buy AI credits to summarize PDFs using this tool.

Pricing Plans

  • UPDF AI Standard:$69 per year
  • UPDF AI Unlimited:$89 per year


  • Android, Online, Windows, iOS, Mac

3. LightPDF

With the help of this online AI PDF summarizer, you can get automatic summaries of your PDF content after uploading the files. In addition, you get access to a number of recommended questions that can help you boost your understanding of your PDF file. Using its one-click bot builder, you can assign this AI tool a specific role, such as data analyst, by inputting requirements and goals.


lightpdf ai pdf summarizer

Key Features

  1. Upon learning how to summarize a PDF, you can utilize it to analyze the chats you have with the AI assistant.
  2. This tool allows you to generate chat summaries to dig out important points from conversations.
  3. This AI PDF tool has diverse answer modes to optimize the quality of the summary.  
  • Other than the basic 3.5 version, this tool also has an advanced 4.0 model.
  • You can set the word count limit for the generated summary for precise output.
  • Users need to buy the premium plan to utilize an advanced AI model within this tool.

Pricing Plans

  • Premium:$19.99 per month


  • Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

4. Foxit

Foxit is a ChatGPT-integrated PDF editor that allows you to summarize PDF documents in a concise manner. Using this tool, you can prompt AI to generate PDF summaries in your desired language for better content comprehension. Other than that, you can also input the desired text in its chatbot to get a summary of the content within seconds. In addition to learning how to summarize a PDF, you can command this AI assistant to summarize relevant pages from lengthy PDFs.


foxit ai pdf summarizer

Key Features

  1. Users are even allowed to have conversations with the PDF file using this AI tool.
  2. If you fail to understand any particular terminology, this PDF summarizer also has the ability to explain content.
  3. You can also translate your PDF summaries or any text in your native language.
  • With the help of this AI summarizer, you can even rewrite the PDF content.
  • Users can add generated summaries within the PDF file as a comment or sticky note.
  • Compared to other alternatives, the AI Assistant of this PDF editor lacks functionality.


  • PDF Editor Suite Pro:$13.99 per month
  • PDF Editor Suite:$10.99 per month


  • Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Online

5. NoteGPT

NoteGPT allows users to upload PDF documents or paste their URL to summarize text for a quick content consumption process. Upon uploading a document to this tool, you will get instant summaries, which you can edit further. If you don’t like the output summary, this AI PDF summarizer lets you regenerate the content. In addition to summaries, users get major highlights from the content discussed within the PDF file.


notegpt ai pdf summarizer

Key Features

  1. Upon learning how to summarize a PDF, you can also add your own notes with the help of this tool.
  2. Users can download the output file in a PDF format, which contains all the added notes, summaries, and key insights.
  3. Using this AI tool, users can also generate a mind map to present PDF information in a flowchart.
  • This tool allows you to copy the generated summary as a Markdown file.
  • In addition to summarizing PDFs, this tool can also extract information from YouTube videos.
  • The output generated by this AI summarizer is sometimes too concise and lacks valuable insights.

Pricing Plans

  • Basic:$2.99 per month
  • Unlimited: $29 per month
  • Pro:$9.99 per month


  • Online, Web Extension

6. WPS AI 

Users can use this AI assistant integrated with the existing WPS Office suite to get the best out of their document content. Using this PDF summarizer, you can learn how to summarize a PDF document to extract valuable information. Furthermore, this tool is capable of digging out relevant points from research papers and technical documents due to its advanced AI model. With this AI tool, you can even extract information from complex charts and tables.


wps ai pdf summarizer

Key Features

  1. The OCR feature of this tool lets you scan physical documents and summarize them without hassle.
  2. WPS AI allows users to chat with multiple documents to understand their content better.
  3. Using this tool, you can even create summaries of meeting notes and financial reports.
  • This AI assistant is available on almost every platform, including Windows and Mac.
  • Upon buying one license, you can utilize the account on up to 9 devices.
  • You may face difficulty while using the AI capabilities of this tool for the first time.

Pricing Plans

  • Premium:$29.99 per year
  • Professional:$80 per year


  • Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Summarize a PDF

Q1. Can PDF summarizers extract key points in multiple languages?

Advanced summarizers can handle multiple languages, providing concise summaries in your native language. However, their accuracy may vary based on the complexity of the language and the capabilities of the PDF AI summarizer. Afirstsoft is one such tool that can translate PDF summaries into other languages with utmost precision.

Q2. Which is the best AI summarization tool available in the market?

When talking about the best summarizers, Afirstsoft is the first name that comes to our mind. With its advanced AI model, this tool is able to generate concise and well-written summaries within a few seconds. Users can make use of this efficient PDF summarizer to analyze lengthy documents, charts, and tables for better content understanding.

 Q3. How does an AI PDF summarization tool work?

After uploading a document, the summarizer analyzes text from the PDF before generating a summary. Moving forward, the top PDF summarizer AI then analyzes the content to pinpoint critical points and significant sentences. Ultimately, it produces a summary by condensing the information while preserving the core message.


Throughout this article, we have helped you get familiar with different tools that can summarize PDF files. After going through the functionality of each of these tools, you will be able to learn how to summarize a PDF without any hassle.

Among all these tools, Afirstsoft stands out as the best because of its advanced capabilities and simple interface. So, get your hands on this tool if you regularly deal with lengthy PDF documents on a daily basis.

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