Comprehensive Guide on How to Summarize a Report Using AI

Whether you are in a professional or academic setting, having strong skills and an understanding of how to summarize a report is a must. Summarizing lengthy project reports gives researchers the ability to extract the key elements from a report, which saves time. Report summaries provide a snapshot of the main points of the entire study to give the readers a quick grasp of the concept of the report.

AI-powered tools and algorithms can analyze vast data and generate summaries with impressive accuracy and speed. Moreover, as AI report summarizer tools continue to evolve, they offer sophisticated methods to extract elements, making the process accessible. In this guide, we will discuss the steps to summarize a report manually, the best AI tools users could use, and tips for summarization.

Part 1. Essential Elements to Add in a Report Summary

In addition to understanding the importance of AI implementation for summarizing reports, you should know about the key elements to include in a report summary. If you are using an AI report summarizer, you must ensure that the following components are included for a professional summary:

  1. Main Objectives of the Report: When writing a report summary, individuals must make sure to include a clear and concise explanation of the purpose behind the report. Writers can define the specific goals and aims of the report while outlining the primary problem of the discussion. As a result, discussing these aspects will allow the readers to grasp a firm understanding of the report's insights.
  2. Key Findings and Results: Summarizing the essential findings and results is apractical report summarization tip as it helps highlight the most critical aspect of the report. This section should focus on delivering the major findings and critical data points that were discovered during the research. Mainly, this is done to emphasize any results that were particularly significant or surprising.
  3. Conclusions and Recommendations: Adding the conclusions and recommendations section to your summary will clearly interpret how the findings relate to the report’s goals. It should also offer actionable recommendations based on these conclusions, suggesting practical steps or changes that should be considered. Additionally, you can utilize an AI report summarizerto extract areas that warrant further investigations for future research or statistics.
  4. Any Significant Data Points or Statistics: By including any significant data points or statistics in the summary, you can back up the key findings. Researchers can utilize visual aids to enhance the data, making it easier to understand. Moreover, adding this section will guide the readers in grasping the implications of the reported information.

Part 2. Step-by-Step Guide to Manually Summarize a Report

Upon discussing the key elements, the researchers should include in their summaries, let's talk about how to summarize a report manually through these steps. These points will help you carry out the manual summarization process with ease:

Step 1. Read the Report Thoroughly

You should begin by reading the report thoroughly to understand its main points and overall structure. It is highly important to pay attention to the flow of information and the key messages. As a result, you will get a comprehensive overview of the essential elements to include in the summary.

Step 2. Identify Key Sections

The most effective report summarization tips include identifying the key sections by highlighting them while reading the entire report. Focusing on the introduction, conclusion, and key findings can extract the most relevant and impactful information. This is because these sections usually contain the most essential information in the report.

Step 3. Extract Main Points

Writers can note the main points and significant data from each critical section. This involves identifying the core messages, essential statistics, and any crucial results or recommendations in the report. So, ensure that you capture the essence of each section without getting bogged down by unnecessary details.

Step 4. Condense Information

Once you have the main points, rewrite them concisely. You can then reduce the information to its most essential elements by eliminating redundant content. Similarly, it will help you create a clear version of the report that captures all the vital information in a much shorter format.

Step 5. Review and Edit

While learning how to summarize a report, the last step is to review and edit the summary, ensuring it accurately reflects the content of the original report. Writers should make sure that the summary is well-organized and conveys the main points effectively. However, this step might include rephrasing sentences and adjusting the order to enhance readability.

Part 3. Using Afirstsoft PDF to Summarize Reports

As discussed, the steps for summarizing a report manually are evidently time and effort-consuming. Therefore, it is convenient for researchers to adapt to top AI tools for summarizing reports to speed up the process. One such tool is Afirstsoft PDF, an all-in-one PDF summarizer that provides a clear report summary. Furthermore, you can also ask questions regarding the PDF report using the AI feature to have a better understanding.  

The top benefit of using this AI tool is that the system automatically proofreads reports to ensure their correctness, accuracy, and standardization. Users can also utilize the AI feature to translate the entire report or selected content, as it supports multiple languages. Moving on, let's look into the steps of how students or professionals can use the Afirstsoft PDF report analysis tool to summarize their reports:

Step 1. Launch the Afirstsoft PDF Tool and Open the Report

Begin by downloading the latest version of Afirstsoft PDF through their official website to start the summarizing process using AI. Upon launching the software, select the “Open” button in the left-hand corner and import the report document that you want to work on.


add pdf to afirstsoft for editing

Step 2. Discover the Afirstsoft AI Feature and Summarize the Report

After importing your report document, navigate to the "Afirstsoft AI" option on the right side of the top menu bar. A panel opens up on the right side, where you can select the “Start” button to begin the summarizing process.


access afirstsoft ai for summarization

Step 3. Interact and Further Enhance the PDF Report Summary

At this stage, you will have a concise text of your report document that will help you understand the study. By using the text box at the bottom right of the panel, users can use prompts and further understand the report from a different outlook. They can also alter the summary mode they want Afirstsoft PDF to generate, whether in bullet points or paragraph format.


provide queries and summarize report

Part 4. Top 9 AI Tools Used For Summarizing Reports

Afirstsoft PDF AI tool is one of the top AI tools for summarizing reports with its advanced features. However, it is better to discuss the other tools used for summarizing reports to have more summarizers in your arsenal:


UPDF AI uses its cutting-edge AI technology to efficiently read long reports and summarize them within a few seconds. As it is integrated with the GPT-4 version, it boosts up the summarization process for the writers, making it an efficient and reliable tool. Users can utilize their OCR feature to get an analysis on the visual elements on reports such as graphs, images, and much more.


updf ai summarization pdf


  1. Users can regenerate summaries to get refined output through its AI features.
  2. With the help of UPDF AI, proofread the original PDF document, as it highlights the errors.
  3. You can also extract critical information by simplifying the complex data present in charts and tables.


  • Moreover, this AI report summarizerlets its users understand the content in the report on a better level by allowing them to ask questions.
  • It translates the PDF reports into any of the 27 languages according to the user's requirements.


  • Users who are using the accessible version of this tool are limited to 3 PDF uploads.

Pricing Plans

  • UPDF Pro: $39.99 per year
  • UPDF Pro: $69.99 per perpetual
  • AI Assistant: $79.00 per year

Supported Platforms

  • Online, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

2. PDF Summarizer

This AI report summarizer allows users to summarize large PDF reports in under a few seconds, allowing them to understand the document's key points. AI PDF Summarizer uses advanced algorithms like GPT-4 to analyze the contents and extract important features. Moreover, its user-friendly interface enables users to immediately import documents and select language and size percentages to generate summaries.


pdf summarization ai summarization pdf


  1. Using this tool, users can either upload PDF, DOCX, or PPTX files to generate summaries.
  2. PDF Summarizer supports scanned OCR PDFs, enabling writers to get summaries on visual presentations.
  3. This tool supports more than 10 languages users can use to summarize their PDF reports.


  • Users can either opt for bullet points or paragraph format while selecting their summarization style.
  • PDF Summarizer protects the privacy of users' files through advanced security features.


  • Only the full summary of the first PDF report is free for the unpaid users of this tool.

Pricing Plans

  • Annual Plan:$19 per month
  • Monthly Plan:$49 per month

Supported Platforms

  • Online

3. Foxit AI Assistant

As an advanced AI-integrated PDF summarization tool, it is designed to generate concise and to-the-point summaries of lengthy reports. Foxit AI Assistant acts as your personal productivity partner that helps you and your team members achieve more. You can either summarize the entire document or highlight a specific section of text. In addition, users of this tool have the benefit of using different languages to generate summaries for global usage.


foxit ai summarization pdf


  1. Users can regenerate the answers they get while conversing with AI chatbots by using further prompts.
  2. This AI report summarizer tool enables users to extract, insert, or rotate pages within the PDF report, giving them overall control of the report.
  3. Utilizing this tool will enable users to search for any crucial information regarding the report in the AI chatbot.


  • Allows users to add the AI-generated summary to the comments of the original PDF document.
  • Provides the users an explanation of specific terminologies or concepts of the selected text on the document.


  • Foxit does not have a friendly user interface, which is why new users spend time familiarizing themselves with it.

Pricing Plans

  • PDF Editor Pro:$13.99 per month
  • PDF Editor Suite:$10.99 per month

Supported Platforms

  • Windows, Mac, iOS, Android


PDF.AI can handle different reports, from legal agreements to financial documents, enabling professionals to interact with their files. You can utilize this AI tool to import documents through URLs of Dropbox or Google Drive links while learning how to summarize a report.

There are auto-generated prompts on the left side of the chat box that allow users to speed up their understanding. Additionally, when highlighting text from the original PDF report, a pop-up menu gives users the option to summarize text.


pdf ai summarization pdf


  1. Users can chat with their documents with ease using its cutting-edge AI algorithms that retrieve data linked to the reports.
  2. AI ensures that every uploaded document has its confidentiality ensured, as data privacy is a priority for many users.
  3. The OCR feature enables writers to get a better understanding of the report's visual content.


  • Users get access to OpenAI’s new model, GPT-4o, using this advanced tool.
  • You can interact with their business reports in different languages.


  • Users are allowed only to upload PDF files, as it does not support other documents.

Pricing Plans

  • Pro:$17 per month
  • Ultimate:$27 per month
  • Enterprise:$37 per month

Supported Platforms

  • Online

5. IntelliPPT

Leveraging an advanced AI algorithm, IntelliPPT focuses on shortening lengthy texts or documents into smaller summary reports instantly. This AI report summarizer tool evaluates the emotional tone of the text to identify whether it follows a positive or negative tone in the report. In return, it offers insights into the writer's sentiment in grasping reactions and opinions from the readers of the summary.


intellippt ai summarization pdf


  1. It provides users with a highlighted PDF document that helps them understand what section of their report is crucial.
  2. By chatting with its AI chatbot, users can interact with various documents such as text, webpages, PDF, or DOCX.
  3. While creating slides, users can either upload files or give the tool a prompt to generate slides on a specific topic.


  • IntelliPPT enables presenters to convert PDFs to PPTs in just a few steps, making their jobs easier.
  • The tool empowers users to swiftly locate specific terms and phrases in large text volumes using AI.


  • Users cannot utilize the AI Summarizer feature while using the free version.

Pricing Plans

  • Premium: $5 per month

Supported Platforms

  • Online

6. PDF Expert

PDF Expert is an AI tool designed to enhance efficiency when dealing with PDF documents. One of the standout features is its AI report summarizer, which uses advanced algorithms to automatically extract and concise the most important information from lengthy reports. Additionally, it understands the context and structure of a report, producing summaries that accurately reflect the original document’s intent.


pdf expert ai summarization pdf


  1. This tool enables users to share the AI chatbot chats online through a generated link.
  2. Users get the benefit of generating relevant keywords for their study from the existing PDF content.
  3. By labeling hashtags in their PDF reports, users can make it easier to categorize and retrieve their content.


  • Users can further enhance their summaries by sending new prompts to the chatbot.
  • AI Chat can also aid educators when preparing class materials and searching for specific information.


  • Users can only use the Beta AI Chat feature if they have paid for the premium version.

Pricing Plans

  • Yearly:$6.67 per month
  • Lifetime: $139.99

Supported Platforms

  • Mac, iOS


It is an innovative tool that significantly enhances productivity and efficiency in report management. Among its standout features is its advanced AI report summarizer, designed to streamline the process of summarizing reports. WPS intelligently highlights key sections such as main findings, conclusions, and vital data points, allowing users to focus on the most critical parts of the document.


wps ai summarization pdf


  1. Its OCR feature lets the users convert scanned PDFs to searchable and editable PDF formats, enabling them to extract information from such documents.
  2. Readers have the opportunity to customize the summary length and language to get the desired output.
  3. This AI tool allows the researchers to chat with various PDFs to have a crystal-clear understanding of the report.


  • Their free version supports 13 languages on PC and 46 languages on mobile.
  • It is compatible with 47 standard document formats, giving users an option to upload the report in any available format.


  • WPS AI provides its advanced AI features only to its paid users.

Pricing Plans

  • Premium: $29.99 per year
  • Professional:$80 per year

Supported Platforms

  • Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

8. NoteGPT

As one of the top AI tools for summarizing reports, NoteGPT enables its users to upload PDF documents from their devices or add URL links to create summaries. Furthermore, it generates instant summaries along with an AI chatbot where users can request APA citations for the report. With the help of this PDF summarization tool, users can add notes to their PDF report documents to highlight the key points.


notegpt ai summarization pdf


  1. This AI tool allows users to share links to their summaries on different social media accounts.
  2. NoteGPT enables users to extract the key insights of the content to help them grasp the main concept.
  3. With just one click, users can optimize the PDF report summary so that they have an organized summary to grasp information.


  • Displays a flowchart format to allow users to get a visual presentation of the summary.
  • Users can translate their reports into various languages with this AI tool.


  • It is reported that the summaries generated usually lack key points since they are too short.

Pricing Plans

  • Basic: $2.99 per month
  • Pro: $9.99 per month
  • Unlimited: $29 per month

Supported Platforms

  • Online, Browser Extension

9. LightPDF

One of the standout features of LightPDF is the AI report summarizer, which allows users to generate a concise synopsis of the content available in the PDF. Users can upload their documents in multiple formats, including PDF, to generate a summary of the document. For optimized summaries, this online tool provides the utility of creating your chatbot by specifying the goals and an industry-related introduction.


lightpdf ai summarization pdf


  1. This intuitive online platform allows users to get a chat analysis to summarize multiple chats initiated within the tool.
  2. Users can also create multiple-choice questions with the AI summaries generated for their PDF document.
  3. With its AI assistant, you can chat in multiple languages, including English, French, and more.
  • To share your content with others, copy the summary-generated link by LightPDF and paste it anywhere.
  • Users can customize the answer modes from balanced, more precise, and more creative options.
  • You need to upgrade to the Premium version to access the Advanced-4 AI summarizer chatbot.

Pricing Plans

  • Billed Annually: $59.99
  • Billed Monthly:$19.99
  • 3 Years:$99.99

Supported Platforms

  • Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Part 5. Tips for Effective Report Summarization

Now that we have a clear understanding of both manual and AI techniques used for report summarization, let's discuss effective report summarization tips. By implementing these tips, students and professionals can convey the essential information of reports in a short yet organized manner. Therefore, making it easier for readers to grasp the goals of the report:

  1. Focus on the Report’s Core Objectives:When summarizing a report, the writers must concentrate on its main objectives and ensure that their summary reflects these objectives. By keeping the core objectives at the forefront, they can provide a clear and targeted summary that highlights the report's purpose and relevance.
  2. Keep the Summary Concise:A good summary should be brief yet comprehensive, capturing the key elements of the report without unnecessary details. Users should clarify the information into its most essential elements. By using an AI report summarizer tool, users can ensure conciseness to maintain the reader’s attention and make the summary more impactful.
  3. Use Bullet Points For Clarity:Utilizing bullet points can enhance the readability and clarity of a researcher's summary. They also help organize the information logically, allowing readers to quickly scan the summary and pick out the most important details. Therefore, this format is particularly useful for highlighting key findings, data points, and recommendations.
  4. Review and Edit to Ensure Accuracy and Completeness:After drafting the summary, take the time to review and edit it to ensure that it accurately reflects the report. Following effective report summarization tips, users should ensure that there are no misinterpretations. Likewise, a thorough review process helps to produce a polished and reliable summary.

Part 6. Frequently Asked Questions on How to Summarize a Report

  1. How can AI improve report summarization?

By utilizing the power of AI for summarization, users can save time and effort, as the AI summarizer quickly processes large amounts of text. Moreover, automated report summarization is more accurate and efficient, as it eradicates the chances of manual errors. This leads to PDF summaries that are more comprehensive and informative.

  1. What are the best practices for summarizing lengthy reports?

To generate effective summaries for lengthy reports, first read and analyze the document, paying attention to specific details and key points. Afterward, if the document is a scanned PDF, run the OCR to make it editable. Once the summary is generated, proofread and revise for any grammatical or other mistakes.

  1. How does Afirstsoft PDF compare to other AI tools for summarizing reports?

As mentioned, many online and offline resources generate summaries for PDF reports. However, Afirstsoft PDF is one reliable tool that utilizes the power of AI to generate efficient summaries for the PDF document provided. Other than generating a summary, you can use its AI assistant to ask any relevant question related to the PDF report content.

  1. Can AI summarizers handle technical reports effectively?

AI summarizers, such as Afirstsoft PDF, can be valuable for extracting information and generating summaries for lengthy PDF reports. The tools quickly summarize massive amounts of technical content and numerical facts rapidly without any issues. Apart from that, the algorithm used in these tools analyzes the technical terms and key points to deal with the PDF efficiently.


While learning how to summarize a report, the individual must be aware of the techniques and practices they should opt for. In this article, we have discussed steps researchers can use to summarize their reports manually.

Also, the comprehensive details on the top 9 AI tools to summarize reports can help users identify which suits them best. As a student or professional, the best-fit tool for you would be the all-in-one Afirstsoft PDF tool for summarization.

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