iOS 18 and its Groundbreaking AI Features

The highly anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference of 2024 is approaching faster, and iOS 18 seems to be presenting its first debut at the event. You have heard right: Apple is working on a major overhaul to iOS and will launch iOS 18 soon with an array of AI features across the operating system. Integrating AI may improve your privacy and elevate the device’s response time.

Moreover, Siri's functionality is expected to improve due to AI, and it will respond to your complex requests. Apple will unveil the software update during the WWDC keynote on June 10, but a public beta will likely be released in July. If you can't wait for the official statements, read this guide and learn everything rumors suggest about iOS 18 AI features.


Part 1. Core AI Enhancements in iOS 18: What’s New?

Apple is expected to introduce significant AI enhancements in iOS 18 to elevate user experience and privacy. According to reports, it will upgrade Siri’s response, iMessage, Notes app, Calculator app, and Photos with generative AI. Besides, the iOS home screen will undergo a major revamp, and accessibility features will be enhanced with a fruitful update in CarPlay.

Tabular Comparison of iOS 18 with Previous Versions

Users become more concerned about the iPhone's annual software updates and have started wondering, "What's new now?" Ahead is a tabular comparison that provides a sneak peek of what's new in iOS 18 when it is compared with previous versions such as iOS 16 and iOS 17.  


iOS 16

iOS 17

iOS 18

AI Features



Siri, Photos, Calculator, Notes, and Music Apps

Release Date




Battery Life


Battery Drained Issues

Based on usage Patterns


Support iPhone 8 and later

Support iPhone XR and later

Support iPhone XR and later

Downgrade Options



Downgrade to iOS 17


Users report negative effects on performance

Animations may slower

Overall smooth experience


Part 2. Siri’s Transformation with AI in iOS 18 Upgrade  

The launch of iOS 18 is assumed to enhance Siri AI and make it more capable and intelligent. The new Siri improvements of AI will precisely understand your complex prompts and responses by performing complicated tasks, offering customized suggestions, and interacting more naturally. Currently, Siri is programmed to provide limited functionalities, but this new Siri will be able to control an app's inner workings due to extensive knowledge.


ios 18 siri upgrades

How Siri’s Interactions Will Improve in the Near Future: A Few Examples to Show

According to rumors, Apple has planned for Siri to handle multiple commands simultaneously. For instance, users could ask Siri to text a colleague and summarize a recorded meeting on one request. They can also request Siri to edit a picture in a particular way and then email it to a friend, all prompts simultaneously. In this regard, Siri will likely include natural language processing for more fluid and accurate conversations/responses.

The information states that Siri might be able to take a series of photos, convert them into GIFs, and send the results to social media with one action. Converting photos into a GIF is currently possible in iOS, but you have to set it up manually.    

Impact of Siri’s AI Empowerment on User Experience and Daily Tasks

In Siri’s functionality, adding Vocal Shortcuts will let users assign custom utterances for completing tasks. Consequently, it will benefit atypical users with speech-language difficulties because it will use on-device machine learning to improve speech recognition. Apart from that, Siri will get smarter at summarizing your articles and voice memos, which will save valuable time for professionals when making brief notes.

Part 3. What to Expect in iOS 18: Spotlight Search Enhancement

According to some reports, Apple’s system features, such as Spotlight Search, Safari, and Siri, will receive AI features that will work across apps like Mail and iMessage. Particularly reflecting on the Spotlight search enhancement, it will get enhanced with intelligent results and improved sorting. Furthermore, it would work across other apps like Calendar and Contacts to generate more innovative responses.


spotlight enhancements in ios 18

How AI Improves Search Relevance

Rumors suggest that iOS 18 will let users generate “sentence-long sentences” without cloud-based processing, which will be spit out in milliseconds. This will benefit Spotlight search, which will become more intelligent with AI enhancements.

For example, when users type a saved contact’s name, AI in Spotlight search will display their complete data. In this context, the Spotlight search may use assistance from the Calander app and bring scheduled events with it in the response.

Potential User Benefit of Spotlight Search Improvements

The upcoming ability of Spotlight search will provide comprehensive information without switching to apps for gathering data. Additionally, you are expected to get a rich preview of the search results, which will improve your visual search capabilities and save time. Despite that, a faster speed of search results is assumed to maintain your workflow while getting contextually aware results through AI.  

Part 4. AI in Built-in Apps of iOS 18

The next major iteration of the iPhone operating system is reportedly launching a new suite of AI features to keep up the race with other tech giants. Along with the rumors of bringing ChatGPT or Gemini to Apple devices, the officials are also focusing on enhancing the utilities of the Apple ecosystem with AI. Let’s unveil iOS 18 AI features to quench the thirst of iPhone users awaiting the upcoming update.


ai upgrades in ios 18 apps

1. Photos App

Another hope is that the Photos app in iOS 18 will have a redesigned look and an improved interface. More importantly, there will be a "Photo Retouch" and "AI Object Eraser" in the powerful AI editing tools of iPhone. For this purpose, generative AI will enhance the appearance of your captured images without downloading a third-party application.  

2. Apple Music

Beyond the Photos app AI, Apple aims to bring the AI Playlist Generator to the Apple Music app, which will create customized playlists. To do so, it will analyze your previous song choices and comprehend your preferences due to the integration of AI. Moreover, a Smart Song Transition is supposed to be introduced to facilitate a smooth transition between music tracks.

3. Messages

Users should know that Apple is working on Rich Communication Services (RCS) to make it available in iOS 18. The integration of AI will provide AI-generated responses as suggestions, which you can tap and proceed to save time when typing. Besides, the app will let you share custom emojis and new tap-back icons or generate a summary of all missed messages instead of reading previous conversations thoroughly again.

Even iOS 18 will offer an auto-generate emoji feature, creating a new emoji based on your text conversations and ongoing discussion topics. Moreover, it will add new effect features to the Message app, such as Bubbles and Confetti, which we have so far.

4. Mail

As Apple promised to add AI features to its native apps, the Mail app is no exception, and you will also find it empowered with AI. Notably, it will suggest an AI-generated response to the received emails, called the Smart Replies feature. Apart from the features of Mail smart suggestions, speculations are that mail categorization will also be improved and classified more with machine learning analysis.

5. Safari

Another theory around the internet is that the iOS 18 update will add a browsing assistant to Safari, which will summarize web pages effectively. This intelligent search and text summarization feature of Apple could be a response to generative AI tools like Gemini and ChatGPT. Furthermore, there will be a "Web Eraser" feature to remove unwanted content from a webpage, such as banner ads, text, or images.    

6. Notes 

With the launch of iOS 18, users are likely to get mathematical notations to add more algebraic equations and formulas using the Notes app. There are also rumors that it will get a built-in voice-recording tool to eliminate the need to switch to voice memos for notetaking. What's more, users could get an audio transcription of voice memos captured in meetings and then a summary of the transcribed notes.

7. Calendar

The improved version of the Calendar app in iOS 18 is expected to be integrated with the Reminders app. It will let users schedule and organize reminders directly in the Calendar app without rushing over the Reminders app separately. Apart from that, the Reminders app is likely to show reminders with days, months, and weeks in calendar views.

8. Settings

Most of the rumors assume that the UI of the Settings app will be changed and become more organized, simple, and cleaner. It is hoped to come with an improved search option, which is not good already. Following that, there will be significant enhancements in the Accessibility features like Eye Tracking, Vocal Shortcuts, Music Haptics, Vehicle Motion Cues, etc.

Part 5. Home Screen and Other Customization Features in iOS 18

Apple hasn’t brought weighty changes to its Home Screen since its launch, leading users to hope for the launch of new wallpapers, folders, and widgets. Reportedly, iOS 18 users will be able to customize the app icons on the home screen by changing their colors to the required ones.

What's stunning is that you can finally position your apps wherever you want on the Home Screen customization because there will be no rigid grid. In addition, you will get invisible widgets and icons to add to the Home Screen and get the exact layout as desired without using any third-party apps.


home screen customization in ios 18

Integration of AI for Personalized User Interfaces

Reports by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggest that iOS 18 would be more customizable with the integration of AI. The update will introduce new wallpapers, which could be perfectly alienable with the Home Screen app colors and designs. Moreover, the dynamic UI of iOS 18 will let you change the appearance based on the time of the day and user activity to get an immersive experience.

Revamping of New Control Center 

There are also some changes coming to the Control Center, especially in the music widget and controls for smart home appliances. A report for this claims that the Control Center will be revamped in terms of appearance and design. It is expected to appear cleaner and more organized to provide easy navigation to the apps and features of iOS 18.

Part 6. Apple’s AI Strategy and Partnerships for iOS 18

Apple’s strategy for integrating AI hints that tech giants recognize AI's power and potential influence on their products. Right now, everyone is concerned about the upcoming iOS 18 AI features, but a few are also exploring the budget and partnership aspects of Apple's innovation. To discover such points, you can look at the information gathered from authentic sources.


apple ai strategy

AI Research Investments by Apple

Apple is ramping up its investment in AI to shift toward technical innovation in devices. Financially, it is committed to designating approximately $1 billion for AI development each year. Notably, these funds are being channeled into several projects, such as creating AI frameworks like "Ajax" and "Apple GPT," Apple's own chatbot.  

Another report related to Apple’s partnership with Google for search claims it is worth $18 billion. Apple's chief executive states that the company is making significant investments in generative AI. In an interview, he revealed that the company has invested over $100 billion over the past 5 years in AI-related research and investment.  

Expected Partnership with OpenAI and Google

Apple is reportedly locked in a deal with OpenAI to embed ChatGPT into iOS 18 while considering a partnership with Google to offer Gemini as an alternative. This is because the CEO of OpenAI was fired a while ago, which appears to be a drama lately, but Apple has begun to look for alternatives.

Some internal reports also suggest that Apple is developing its own chatbot powered by LLM, but it’s not competitive enough against Google and Microsoft so far.

Future AI Development and Expectations

While partnering with external AI providers, Apple aims to develop its own AI capabilities, such as the “Ajax” model. Beyond that, Apple users can expect emotional intelligence through voice, text, and even facial expressions for adapted responses based on moods.

Moreover, one can hope for multi-model interactions with the iPhone’s interface, as Apple may combine voice, text, and gestures. In addition, users can expect more personalization options and advanced sensors in health tracking with AI.  

Part 7. AI in PDF Management: A Bridge to Afirstsoft PDF

Artificial intelligence has also brought innovation in PDF handling and management, which was challenging due to the complexities of tasks. Like the iOS 18 upgrade in the Settings app, AI revamps the file categorization and classification of large volumes of PDF with machine learning algorithms. Besides, AI makes PDF summarization and data extraction easier from lengthy PDFs, which Safari will offer in the iOS 18 update.

In the education, health, and finance sectors, such AI abilities will be equally crucial to streamlining administrative tasks and managing tasks better. Beyond PDF summarization, AI can translate the PDF content while ensuring the documents sound contextually appropriate after translation. Moreover, AI can enhance search, extract data, perform auto-tagging, and protect documents effectively.  

The above-mentioned AI capabilities are not yet under-process like iOS 18 features, they are already available in very few software. Among such software is Afirstsoft PDF which has an array of AI features to elevate your PDF management tasks. It is an all-in-all PDF editor that can edit, split, delete, and extract PDF pages, which provides a ground to use AI features as the basic document will be polished.

AI-Driven Features of Afirstsoft PDF

Afirstsoft PDF can provide basic functions to elevate your reading experience with certain reading modes. Significantly, it is known for its core AI features, which are explained below, along with their potential benefits.

  1. AI OCR: As you know, OCR technology is designed to convert your written documents into searchable and editable PDFs, but Afirstsoft integrates AI in OCR. This means your handwriting will be accurately detected by AI and quickly transformed into editable and searchable documents.
  2. AI Translate: One of the most anticipated features of AI PDF editors is AI translation, which connects users from different regions with different languages. Afirstsoft lets you easily translate documents of any length into any language while retaining their original meaning.
  3. AI Proofread Manuscript: This software uses AI abilities to check and proofread the manuscripts you provide to ensure their correctness, standardization, and punctuation. Through this ability, you can eliminate the need for grammar-checking software online or pay other professionals.  
  4. AI Content Rewriting: Suppose you wish to create multiple versions of your assignment or any other PDF document but are running short of time. If this is the case, Afirstsoft has a feature that will rewrite content with AI, creating the exact content you wish in seconds.
  5. AI Summarize: For legal, academic, and business needs, the AI content summarization feature of Afirstsoft is highly appreciated as it saves valuable time. Instead of reading documents thoroughly, it summarizes lengthy documents while covering all its main points.
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In summary, this article revolves around the speculation surrounding the iOS 18 update, which is around the corner. Here, we have explained the expected AI features to be added to iOS 18 and Apple's strategy for upcoming revolutions.

After knowing everything related to iOS 18 and AI, you must understand that AI also changes our daily lives through effective PDF handling. In this regard, you must try the Afirstsoft PDF editor, which has remarkable AI features to replace manual and time-consuming tasks with automation.  

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