The Upcoming macOS 15 Updates, Features, and Speculations


The upcoming macOS 15, expected to be released at the Apple WWDC 2024 event on June 10th, is rumored to be a big update in the history of Apple technology. Over the last two decades, Apple has introduced up to 14 macOS versions, each much better than the previous one.

Now, Mac users are eagerly waiting for Apple's next iteration of Mac's operating system, as there are many intriguing speculations about the release of advanced macOS 15 features. Rumors suggest the new version will include significant AI enhancements that could increase the multitasking capabilities and overall productivity. Throughout this article, we will discuss all the major features set to be introduced and their major impact on user experience.


Part 1. Some Integral Features of macOS 15: Groundbreaking Innovations

With the announcement of the upcoming macOS 15, many exciting rumors have also begun to arise, hinting at what's coming in the new system. While Apple has yet to officially update us about the latest features, tech experts and early leaks give us an idea of the forthcoming features. Let's explore some major features you'd love to see in the new macOS version.


macos 15 improvements

1. Enhanced User Interface

Users expect a major macOS 15 user interface revamp by bringing significant design changes to deliver an enhanced user experience. The expected refinement in animations and redesigned UI elements could make navigation more intuitive and responsive. A significant change is expected in the design of the Settings app to make it more accessible for macOS users.

According to AppleInsider reports, the "General" settings will be placed under the network settings, whereas “Notifications and Sound” settings will be shifted lower in the "System" settings list. Other than that, unlike old versions, the "Display" menu will be available under multiple settings like "General" or "Accessibility" settings.

Moreover, a Live Speech enhancement might be integrated into macOS 15, allowing users to create app categories with voice commands. There might also be expanded app support that offers precise control over font size adjustments for individual apps.

2. Improved Multitasking

In the previous macOS versions, users could not utilize the “Widget Stack” feature to place widgets anywhere on the home screen. Hopefully, Apple will expand the Widget options in the new macOS 15, allowing users to adjust the Home Screen App grid for better accessibility. Apart from that, there is speculation that Apple may pair the Shortcuts app with Siri voice assistant.

Imagine running complex tasks, like adding a dentist appointment, on your Mac by simply asking Siri to do the work. This feature would add a whole new dimension to macOS 15's multitasking capabilities. A report by MacRumors suggests that multiple new Accessibility features might be introduced in macOS 15. Adaptive Voice Shortcuts is one such rumored accessibility feature for the future macOS version.

It would allow users to create custom spoken phrases to activate existing accessibility features. A famous tech reporter, Bloomberg Gurman, has claimed that Apple is working on a new version of Spotlight to improve search functionality. The Spotlight will get an improved AI-integrated interface to enable more comprehensive search capabilities.

Part 2. AI and Machine Learning Integration Expected in macOS 15

The next version of the Mac operating system is still a mystery, but early leaks hint at the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms into its features. This would significantly revise Mac users' interactions with their devices. Here are the AI and ML integrated features for the upcoming macOS 15:


artificial intelligence in macos 15

1. Smart Siri Enhancements

Mac users hope to see a complete transformation in Siri capabilities with a massive AI boost. You can expect an enhanced Siri integrated with complex machine learning algorithms that understand natural language and efficiently carry out complex tasks. With this macOS AI integration, you can also expect to control the individual app features to expand the range of functions the personal assistant can perform.  

Siri might act as an AI assistant, opening specific documents, moving a file between folders, or even drafting emails. In addition, Siri is expected to be integrated with the Shortcuts App to improve search capability. As a result, Siri's smarter AI-powered ability could significantly enhance usability and overall productivity. Reportedly, Siri might also have a more natural-sounding voice and improved text-to-speech functionality.

2. AI in Applications

We’ve already told you about the major AI overhaul in macOS 15, so let’s take a peek into what applications will get enhanced with AI integration. Here are some applications rumored to benefit from macO5 AI integration, along with potential features:

  • Photos: Apple might also leverage AI capability to make photo editing a breeze for Mac users. AppleInsider reports suggest that Apple will use generative AI to enhance photo editing capabilities with a Clean Up function. This would allow you to select an area of an image you want to remove, and the app would automatically remove the object. In addition, you will be able to apply AI retouches to enhance the outlook of your photos.
  • Notes: The Notes app is also expected to get a major revamp, as the new macOS 15 will integrate the voice memos feature directly within the app. The rumors also suggest the possibility of AI summarizing the existing audio recordings within the app. Apple may also integrate the Notes app with the Calculator app to display mathematical notations.
  • Mail: As we know,Apple will bring major AI enhancements to various applications, and Mail is no exception. Users would love Siri's integration with Mail to suggest relevant phrases or greetings based on the context of the email to save time. Apple could also use AI to quickly summarize long emails, separate business emails from others, and automate inbox filtering.

Part 3. Revamping of Productivity Tools in macOS 15

By this stage, we've seen significant upgrades in AI features in the upcoming operating system. This AI integration can potentially revolutionize how users interact with their Mac for everyday use. Let's look into some anticipated upgrades in macOS 15 productivity tools that could make this version a game changer.

1. Refined Native Apps

Apple's exciting revamp has also been reported to bring AI refinements to the apps you use every day. Expect AI-powered enhancements in Notes, allowing you to record voiceovers and Mail with smarter spam filters in macOS 15. In addition to these apps, several other native apps might get an AI uplift.

  • Safari: AppleInsider reports that the new macOS 15 will introduce Safari 18 with several exciting features, like AI-powered "Intelligent Search." Using this feature, users can extract key points from any web page. It may also include a "Web Eraser" feature that allows you to remove unwanted elements from web pages.
  • Calendar and Reminders:The potential integration of Calendar and Reminders in macOS would be a welcome change for users. With this feature, you can set and view reminders within the Calendar app, which could significantly improve how you manage your schedule and tasks.

2. Collaboration Features

While macOS has traditionally focused on individual productivity, the buzz surrounding macOS 15 suggests a strengthening emphasis on collaboration. This is eyebrow-raising news for anyone who works with teams or shares documents frequently. With AI integration and improved video quality, FaceTime can be transformed into a more compelling video communication platform.

Apple is also planning to add an auto-generated emoji feature in the new macOS that could generate AI emojis based on the content of the user's messages. In addition, the latest macOS might adopt Rich Communication Services (RCS) technology as an alternative to the traditional SMS/MMS. RCS will provide support for higher-resolution multimedia, large file sizes, and audio messages in the Messages application.

There's a possibility that Apple's next version of the macOS may introduce several AI enhancements to the iWork applications to improve real-time collaboration. Keynotes might have an option for automatically creating slides, while the Pages app gets a feature to generate AI text.

Part 4. Elevated User Interface and Experience: Expectations for macOS 15

Providing an easy-to-navigate interface has always been a priority for all operating systems, and Apple has always been at the top of the game. Let's see what the macOS 15 user interface has got in context to improvements in user interface and user experience.


macos 15 ui improvements

1. UI Design Upgrades

One of the most needed upgrades by Mac users is the improvement of Dark Mode to provide a gleaming interface that is comforting for the eyes. In the soon-to-be-released macOS, Apple is elevating Dark Mode to another level by introducing dynamic wallpapers that change over the course of the day, depending on the time. On top of that, Apple is also going to replace Siri's earlier monochromatic-themed icon with a flat black-and-white version.

2. Improved Control Center and Notification Center

Apple is also planning to modernize the Control Center and Notification center aiming to improve user experience and streamline access to essential settings and notifications. According to the Mark Gurman report, it is expected that the Control Center will include an upgraded music widget and improved controls to operate smart home appliances.

iOS notification mirroring is also a feature that we can expect in the coming macOS version. With this feature, we can view the iOS notifications right on our Mac devices. Other than that, you can manage all your notifications from a single device, reducing the need to switch back and forth between your Mac and iOS devices.

3. Privacy Enhancements

In macOS 15, Apple will continue its commitment to providing user privacy with several critical enhancements aimed at protecting user data and providing greater control over personal information. AI privacy enhancements may include improved encryption algorithms for improved user control over data-sharing permissions. Moreover, there might be an App Privacy Report section to let you see exactly how often a third-party app accesses your personal information, like location, photos, or contacts.

Part 5. How Will Media and Entertainment be Enhanced in macOS 15?

As macOS continues to push the boundaries of user experience, it brings a suite of media and entertainment features designed to deliver seamless enjoyment across various forms of content. From music to gaming, macOS 15 might offer tools that cater to every aspect of your entertainment needs.

1. Apple Music and Podcasts

macOS 15 is also expected to include Smart Song Transitions to enhance the listening experience by seamlessly transitioning between songs, possibly with crossfades. This could make for smoother transitions and a more cohesive listening experience. Apple Music might also introduce a feature to auto-generate playlists by adding a mood or time of day for music suggestions, enhancing macOS 15 customization.

2. Gaming Enhancements

Apple has already introduced a game porting tool kit and game mode in macOS Sonoma, but with macOS 15, we expect many more gaming enhancements. Advanced gaming features are expected in the new version, offering better performance and compatibility improvements for a wider range of games. Moreover, it may also provide the development of GPTK 2.0, making it easier for game developers to make Mac versions of their games.

Part 6. Assumed Compatibility and Performance in macOS 15

As you know, the groundbreaking launch of macOS 15 with several AI enhancements is right around the corner. But would you be able to run it on your Mac device? To clear up this query, let's move on to discussing the Mac devices that will support the latest operating system.


macos 15 compatibility

Supported MacBook Devices

As Apple continues to bring innovations with the introduction of the new Mac operating system, the hardware requirements for optimal performance also evolve. Generally, newer Mac models are supported, and older ones might not, depending on the hardware capabilities and compatibility.

Older devices, such as the Mac series 2016 and earlier, will most likely lose support for the latest macOS 15 update. Here's a look at macOS 15-supported devices that will certainly get the latest macOS update:

  • 2022 Mac Studio and later
  • 2018 Mac Mini and later
  • 2019 Mac Pro and later
  • 2018 MacBook Pro and later
  • 2018 MacBook Air and later
  • 2017 iMac Pro and later
  • 2019 iMac and later

Performance Optimizations

Optimizations in macOS 15 could focus on improving the overall system performance and potentially leveraging AI or ML algorithms to handle complex tasks. There is an expected improvement in the app launching speed, reducing the time it takes for apps to become usable after they are opened. Moreover, the improved control center could include options for optimizing power settings or enabling power saving mode to conserve battery life on MacBooks.

Part 7. Improvement of AI by Apple in PDF Solutions

Similar to the AI integration in multiple features in forthcoming macOS 15, artificial intelligence is significantly bringing an impact on the PDF industry. AI incorporation with PDF editors opens up new avenues for improvement in handling electronic documents. PDF editors powered by AI not only streamlines the PDF creation process but also enables the automation of certain tasks, such as content generation, page organization or layout designs.

There are numerous AI-driven PDF editors available in the current market to interpret the text in your PDF and generate summaries. Moreover, they can categorize text based on topics or keywords to save valuable time as compared to the traditional methods of categorization. In addition, OCR is a remarkable feature in many tools that convert scanned documents into text format, enabling users to retrieve important information.

However, these tools might lack in providing accuracy in this process. In this regard, Afirstsoft is an exceptional PDF editor with an AI-powered OCR feature, which analyzes documents based on advanced machine algorithms and converts them into text without any error. Moreover, this tool provides the utility to convert PDF formats to diverse file formats like Text, Word, Excel, JPG, or vice versa for enhanced compatibility across different devices.

AI Features in Afirstsoft PDF

Corresponding to the macOS AI integration, the Afirstsoft PDF has integrated a full suite of AI features to transform the document handling process. Let's look into its progressive AI functionality to understand how it can streamline your PDF management tasks:

  1. AI Translator: One of the most intriguing features of this software is the AI translation feature. Using this feature, users can request document summaries in different languages. Afirstsoft accurately translates text of any length by leveraging advanced Natural Language Processing algorithms.
  2. Content Rewriter: Imagine a situation where you want to create multiple versions of your document but don't have enough time. In this case, Afirstsoft is the best option for rewriting the content using AI by rephrasing and restructuring the existing data.
  3. Summarize PDF: This feature works best for academic and business purposes to generate summaries of the documents for easy understanding. Instead of reading lengthy documents thoroughly, users can simply summarize their documents with this AI feature.
  4. AI Proofreading: The AI proofreading feature also uses AI abilities to check and proofread your content to detect errors in your manuscripts. Moreover, AI smartly interprets the data and applies suitable corrections in the grammar, sentence structure, and spelling.
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In conclusion, macOS 15 features are expected to get AI-driven enhancements that optimize system performance and user experience. Similarly, AI-powered PDF editors like Afirstsoft enhance document management by automating tasks such as text recognition and formatting. Both leverage AI to streamline workflows, boost efficiency, and provide a more seamless, productive user experience.

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