Discovering the Future: What's in Store at WWDC 2024


As technology advances, there's a pressing need to stay in touch with it to create better apps and devices that meet modern demands. In this regard, Apple has announced a conference for developers and anyone interested in Apple features and technology. It gives them an opportunity to see Apple’s latest software updates and plans to generate new creative ideas.

This guide will provide you with all the essential information regarding Apple WWDC and the latest updates to iOS 18 AI features. We will also share insights about how to utilize AI technology in the PDF domain.


Part 1. Introduction to WWDC 2024

The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is Apple's annual event, where developers from around the globe gather to learn about its latest advancements. The first event was held in 1983, leading to the product introduction conference in 1987. It serves as a platform for Apple to manifest upcoming software updates for its various operating systems.

Through this event, developers can gain valuable insights into the latest tools and technologies while users get a glimpse into the exciting features, shaping their future experiences. This year's WWDC will be a primarily online event, accessible to all developers free of charge, and is expected to take place from June 10th to 14th, 2024.


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Apple will reveal significant software updates for its different devices here, giving us a taste of the thrilling new features and functionalities. This smartphone company could also discuss M3 Ultra and the future updates of Mac Studio and Pro.

Part 2. iOS 18 AI Features

We all know that Apple is releasing its new iOS 18 update, which has made many of us curious about its advancements. Moreover, Apple has claimed to integrate some AI features in the upcoming update that the regular users were impatiently waiting for.


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They have instilled an AI touch in almost every prominent feature of their devices, giving users an innovative experience. Take a look below at some of those expected iOS 18 AI-driven features:

  • Enhanced Photo Editing with AI:Apple is bringing a similar feature to Galaxy S24 Ultra, where users will be able to remove unwanted objects and persons from their photos effortlessly. Besides, the generative AI will also help fill the gaps and make this feature more realistic.
  • Voice Memo Transcriptions:The upcoming iOS update is expected to include a new AI-powered feature that allows users to convert spoken words to text. This feature could facilitate distinguishing the voices of multiple speakers in voice memos.
  • Suggested Replies and Custom Emojis:You will now be able to streamline your communication with AI-powered suggestions for quick replies in the Messages app. iOS 18 will also introduce the ability to create personalized emoji avatars, adding a fun and expressive touch.
  • AI-Powered User Experience Improvements:Users can expect a more intuitive and personalized experience with the AI abilities of this software update. Particularly, features like intelligent app suggestions and proactive reminders could make their routine work even more streamlined.
  • Smart Notifications and Message Recaps:Previously, users were continuously overwhelmed by multiple notifications occupying the Notification Center. However, this new update's AI-powered notification filtering could prioritize urgent messages while summarizing less critical ones.
  • AI-Enhanced Web Search and Spotlight:iOS 18 AI features might introduce a more intelligent Spotlight search that understands your intent and context, delivering more relevant results. Besides, web searches can also benefit from this advancement, giving you a more personalized search experience by anticipating your needs.
  • Personalized Music Playlists and Creative Tools:AI-powered music advancement in the upcoming OS update could create playlists that adapt to your mood and listening habits. Additionally, creative tools powered by AI technology might assist with video creation and even writing content, unleashing your artistic potential.

Part 3. iPadOS 18 Enhancements

Just like its iOS 18 updates, several advancements and upgrades are expected for iPad users. In this regard, this guide will cover almost all aspects of enhancements, including AI features, cross-platform AI capabilities, and new productivity features.


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AI Features in iPadOS 18

Apple also focuses on iPadOS 18 advancements, embracing a wave of AI-powered features designed to enhance productivity. Here’s a peak at what we might see in the upcoming iPad update utilizing the power of AI technology:

  • Enhanced Apple Pencil Features:Utilizing the potential of AI, you will now be able to perform smart selection with an Apple Pencil, extract objects, and remove backgrounds with greater precision. You can also expect smoother handwriting recognition with AI that anticipates your strokes and corrects them in real-time.
  • Generative AI with Siri and Spotlight:Notably, Siri will now be able to understand the context of your requests and the surrounding environment even better. Moreover, AI-powered Spotlight will suggest relevant searches and resources based on your understanding of your intent.
  • Photos Clean Up:You will be able now to effortlessly remove any object from your pictures with realistic background details. Besides, the "Clean Up" feature will intelligently identify cluttered backgrounds, suggesting edits and making photo management a breeze.
  • AI-Powered Accessibility:iPadOS 18 is expected to utilize AI for improved voice recognition accuracy and context awareness, dictating text with greater confidence. Amazingly, Apple is now going to integrate a new eye-tracking feature, where users will be able to navigate using their eye movements.

Cross-Platform AI Capabilities with iPadOS 18

Imagine using AI-powered voice memo transcription on your iPad and effortlessly transferring the text to your iPhone for editing on the go. This might be possible in the upcoming iPadOS 18 update with its cross-platform AI capabilities. Similarly, AI-generated music playlists created on your iPhone could seamlessly adapt and update on your iPad.

Hence, this cross-device functionality will allow users to utilize exciting features across both devices. Furthermore, it extends to features like Siri suggestions, with AI ensuring an intelligent experience regardless of whatever iDevice you're using.

New Tools and Productivity Features for iPad Users

Other than AI-related features, Apple also seems to release some new and innovative tools that trigger a variety of productivity features. We will list some of those tools and their features that you can expect in the upcoming iPad update:

  • Calculator App:This app is finally rumored to appear on iPads for the first time in history, with many more improvements. It's expected to have a sidebar for recent calculations and an improved unit conversion interface.
  • Freeform:Another exciting update is related to the Freeform app in iPadOS 18, featuring a new “Scenes” option to help users navigate specific sections of the canvas.
  • Messages:There’s an expected addition of RCS support in the Messages app that allows high-resolution multimedia sharing, improving the messaging experience between users. Also, it might use generative AI to auto-complete sentences while typing.
  • Notes and Voice Memos:The Notes app may soon support mathematical notation, allowing the proper display of algebraic equations and formulas. Besides, it's expected to feature a built-in audio recording tool, making the Voice Memos app more redundant.
  • Safari:iPadOS 18 is likely to add a new browsing assistant to Safari browser, assisting users in summarizing the web pages and more. In addition, you might get a new “Web Eraser” feature in iPad’s Safari browser which allows you to remove specific elements from the web pages.

Part 4. macOS 15 Updates

Fortunately, there’s also good news for Mac users as the Apple company has decided to release the macOS 15 update. Although you will get to know everything about it in the upcoming WWDC event, this article will share with you some rumored content. We will try to cover all the expected AI features and the new features in built-in macOS apps.


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AI Features in macOS 15

As we enlisted the AI-driven features for iOS and iPad, macOS is likely to have similar perks in the upcoming update. Let’s find out about them in detail by going through this section:

  • AI-Powered Photo Editing:The Photos app on macOS 15 could get AI features similar to those expected on iPadOS 18. For instance, you can expect AI-assisted photo retouching and object removal functionality.
  • Notes with AI:Interestingly, the Notes app could benefit from various AI features, including the transcription of audio recordings within Notes. Moreover, it could offer advanced functionality to summarize text within the app.
  • Generative AI:Apple's iWork suite might gain generative AI features to assist with tasks like auto-generating slides or writing content. With this approach, you can expect enhanced productivity in your professional activities.
  • Safari with AI:Safari could get an AI-powered browsing assistant that summarizes web pages within seconds. It may also allow the removal of specific content with a "Web Eraser" tool, similar to the rumored iOS 18 AI feature.

New Features in Built-in macOS Apps

After learning about its upcoming AI-driven features, let's discuss what new features you might get in the built-in macOS apps. Here's a list showing some of the expected innovative features for Mac users:

  • Calculator:Users are likely to have the enhanced Calculator app on their Mac with a new design having a sidebar for recent calculations. Plus, it’s expected to integrate with the Notes app, further enhancing its capabilities.
  • Shortcuts and Accessibility:This app is expected to receive a significant upgrade, making it even easier to automate complex workflows and repetitive tasks on your Mac. Besides, the new accessibility option, like Eye Tracking, could be integrated into the Settings app for easy navigation.
  • Apple Music:macOS 15 is likely to include a Smart Song Transition feature with an improved crossfade option. In this way, users might adjust the duration of crossfade for a more satisfying experience.
  • Calendar and Reminders:It is rumored that Apple will integrate the Calendar application with Reminder in the upcoming macOS. This feature can allow reminders to be viewed and accessed right within the Calendar app.

Part 5. Updates to Other Apple Operating Systems

In the previous sections, we shared with you details about the upcoming updates in the most popular devices of the Apple company. However, those are not the only devices this company makes, as there are other Apple products too. This part will shed light on the remaining operating systems that need our attention, and what new upgrades you might get there.


other apple device os upgrades

1. watchOS 11

Most of the focus of watchOS 11 might be on improved performance and health features like sleep apnea and hypertension detection. However, there’s still some room for AI-powered enhancements which we are going to take a glimpse into.

  • Smarter Workouts:Imagine receiving mid-run motivation to push a little harder or adjust your pace for a more efficient calorie burn during a workout. This could be possible in the coming update, where AI could analyze your workout data and suggest personalized coaching tips in real time.
  • Sleep Monitoring:Building on existing sleep tracking, the Apple Watch with watchOS 11 could utilize AI to provide deeper insights into your sleep quality. It’s expected to serve you with the breakdown of sleep stages with optimized recommendations for better sleep hygiene.
  • Proactive Health Insights:The AI technology of watchOS 11 might analyze your health data to identify potential risks and proactively suggest preventive measures. In case of detecting any critical irregularity, it will prompt you to reach out to a healthcare professional.
  • Custom Watch Faces with AI:It's rumored to display information based on your schedule and activity levels. So, you might get unique watch faces in the latest update that adapts to your needs throughout the day.

2. tvOS 18

Evidently, there haven't been many leaks specifically about tvOS 18, so we can't say anything for sure about it. Nonetheless, here's what we can expect to see in it based on the general trend of Apple integrating AI across other operating systems:

  • AI-Powered Content Curation:Using AI, this OS could analyze your viewing habits and even time of day to suggest shows and movies you'd genuinely enjoy. Moreover, it might even learn from your ratings and reviews to further personalize recommendations.
  • Enhanced Search with AI:As Apple is bringing AI voice support to other operating systems, you can expect to use your voice commands to view your desired show. This could be a huge leap from keyword-based searches, understanding your intent, and delivering perfect results.
  • Better HomeKit Integration:Apple may bring deeper HomeKit integration in tvOS 18, allowing you to control various home devices directly from the couch. For instance, you could use simple voice commands through Siri Remote, all while enjoying content on your Apple TV.
  • Improved FaceTime Experience:In the coming update, the Center Stage could be improved with a wider field of view, which keeps the participants in focus during video calls on Apple TV. Besides, by utilizing the spatial audio capabilities of Apple TV, FaceTime calls could feel more immersive, placing participants virtually in the room with you.

3. visionOS 2

Unfortunately, there isn't currently any public information or rumors about visionOS 2, as it’s expected to release in Fall 2024. So, it’s difficult to speculate on its features without official leaks and announcements. However, we can expect a few advancements and improvements in it, considering upgrades in other Apple OS.

  • Advanced Health Monitoring:It could bring a feature that monitors heart rate variability or other physiological markers to provide insights into stress levels and offer relaxation techniques. Also, building on existing fall detection features, visionOS 2 could automatically connect to emergency services and provide real-time location data for faster response times.
  • Battery Life Improvements:Users can expect a more enhanced low-power mode in the coming update, allowing them to prioritize specific features and extend battery life when needed. Besides, the system might automatically analyze usage patterns and optimize battery consumption based on individual user behavior.
  • Better Gesture Tracking:Some of the Apple users have reported problems with the hand and eye tracking in the current OS. In this regard, there might be some improvements in it, giving users a more reliable experience.
  • Bluetooth Mouse Facility:Currently, Apple Vision supports connection with Bluetooth keyboards but not with mice. So, it’s possible that we may have this facility in visionOS 2, assisting us in browsing through the headset without requiring a desk workspace.

4. HomePod Software 18

As Apple is making progress in upgrading and updating its other operating systems, it’s very likely that we will get HomePod Software 18 soon. In its previous update, which was 17.5, the company made some stability improvements and music preferences for HomePod and HomePod Mini. However, we can expect more exciting features in the upcoming update, as Apple claims to bring massive revolutions in its tech products.

Part 6. AI in the PDF Domain

Throughout the article, we have discussed what we might expect to see in the upcoming WWDC 2024 event regarding different OS updates. Now, let’s talk about how AI has hit us in the PDF domain, making our document handling and management seamless.

In this regard, Apple hasn't yet revealed specifics about AI-driven PDF advancements in iOS 18 AI features. Nonetheless, their existing AI frameworks, like Core ML, hint at exciting possibilities in this field. Particularly, it empowers the apps to intelligently process information on the device itself paving the way for significant improvements in PDF handling.

Furthermore, AI-powered translation features could translate entire PDFs in real-time, dissolving language barriers. Besides, Apple's focus on user-friendliness suggests that AI integration would prioritize intuitive interaction, making working with PDFs on Apple devices an efficient experience.

Beyond the specific anticipation for iOS 18, AI is already making waves in revolutionizing PDF editing and management across various platforms. For instance, AI can intelligently scan PDFs and pull-out relevant information, saving users hours of manual work. It can also understand the context within a PDF, allowing you to ask natural language questions and receive pinpoint-accurate results.

Current Trends in AI for PDF Solutions

AI is significantly transforming the way we interact with PDFs, enhancing their usability and functionality. Now that you are somewhat aware of it let's take a look at the current trends in artificial intelligence regarding PDF solutions.

  • Optical Character Recognition:Evidently, AI-driven OCR technology is becoming more accurate in recognizing text in various fonts and even handwritten content. Modern OCR solutions now support numerous languages, making it easier to digitize and work with global documents.
  • Natural Language Processing:AI can extract essential information from PDFs and provide concise summaries, saving time for users who need to sift through large documents. Besides, it's now working on analyzing the sentiment of the text within PDFs, which is particularly useful for legal documents and feedback forms.
  • PDF Annotation and Collaboration:Users can add relevant annotations and comments on the content through AI, improving collaboration on shared documents. Moreover, it features identifying and redacting sensitive information to ensure compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Accessibility Enhancements:AI-driven TTS solutions can convert PDF text to speech, making documents accessible to visually impaired individuals. In addition, you can utilize this technology to translate the text within PDFs into different languages, broadening the accessibility of documents.

Overall, AI applications in PDF tools are making significant advancements in various aspects of document management and processing. Some of the examples of powerful AI PDF software are Afirstsoft PDF Editor, Adobe Acrobat, Foxit PDF Editor, and more.

Part 7. Introducing Afirstsoft AI PDF Editor

Although several tools are available, offering a versatile solution for PDF handling and management, it's always wise to look for the best one. In this regard, you can confidently rely on Afirstsoft PDF, fulfilling all the standard and advanced-level PDF requirements in the most efficient manner. Not only can you use this tool for a highly optimized reading experience, but you can also have maximum PDF editing capabilities.

In addition, Afirstsoft assists you in converting your PDF documents to almost any Office format or even images. Besides, users can create a PDF from other formats, making it a reliable PDF converter and creator for Apple devices.

Key Features

  • Annotation:Using this AI tool, you can highlight important text in your documents and even use strikethrough or underline features for an interactive experience.
  • Engaging Stickers:It also allows you to add stickers in your PDFs wherever you want with over 10 different categories.
  • PDF/A Support:Afirstsoft offers you the ability to convert your documents in PDF/A format for long-term archiving.
  • Batch Conversion:The batch converting capability of this PDF editor makes your PDF handling much faster and more efficient.

AI-Powered Features in Afirstsoft PDF

  • AI-Powered OCR:This tool's highly optimized OCR technology can accurately convert scanned documents and images into editable and searchable text.
  • Automated Data Extraction:Afirstsoft can automatically identify and extract data from forms, reducing manual data entry.
  • Content Analysis and Summarization:AI technology of this PDF editor can analyze lengthy documents and generates concise summaries, helping users quickly grasp the main points.
  • Language Translation:It features a powerful Natural Language Processing model to translate the text within PDFs into different languages, enhancing accessibility.

Real-World Applications and User Scenarios

Afirstsoft PDF's AI-powered features can be applied in various real-world scenarios to improve efficiency and productivity. Here are some examples of how different industries and users can benefit from its capabilities:

  • Legal Industry:A law firm needs to review and redact sensitive information from thousands of pages of legal documents. In this case, you can use this tool for free to ensure privacy and compliance with legal standards.
  • Finance and Accounting:The accounting department receives hundreds of invoices from various vendors monthly. Here, the AI-based data extraction of Afirstsoft automatically processes invoices, extracts critical data, and inputs it into the accounting system.
  • Healthcare:Healthcare providers are constantly bombarded with a large number of patient forms and insurance documents in their daily routine. In this regard, this tool can extract data from patient forms and populate electronic health records, reducing manual data entry.
  • Education: As a researcher, one needs to review and summarize vast amounts of academic papers. By utilizing the power of AI text summarization of Afirstsoft, you can get concise summaries of academic papers, helping in quickly identifying relevant studies.


In conclusion, all of us are excited to see what Apple reveals on the upcoming WWDC 2024 event. Considering the hype of it, we have tried to mention every essential piece of information in this guide to get you informed. Particularly, we have highlighted almost all the rumored features you might get in the upcoming software updates for various Apple products.

Moreover, we have even shed light on how you can utilize this AI advancement in the field of PDF handling and management. For this purpose, you can get assistance from the all-in-one Afirstsoft PDF supporting multiple platforms, including iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15.


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