Detailed Review on PDFCOFFEE: Alternatives, Feedback & Tutorials

Today, information is available at the fingertips, but navigating the vast sea proves overwhelming for students and researchers with a curious mind. This is where digital libraries like PDFCOFFEE come in and offer a treasure of resources that revolutionize learning experiences. Whether commuting on a bus, waiting for an appointment, or preferring the comfort of the couch, you can access a wealth of information with just a few clicks.

If you are interested in delving deeper into exploring this digital library, you must read this article to the end. Here, you will find a complete analysis of, including how it works, whether it is safe and legit, and its alternatives.

Part 1. What Do You Know About PDFCOFFE?  

PDFCOFFEE is a digital library site that allows users to access and download PDF documents for exam preparation, completing research or report papers, and self-study. It’s an educational library of web resources that contains thousands of articles, books, training manuals, and scientific research.

In addition to accessing and downloading reading materials, you can upload your authentic work and publish several documents in PDF, Word, and PowerPoint format. To browse a document, users can navigate through top categories and search for lifestyle, health, fiction, and biographies-related topics.


  • This platform not only caters to eBooks and learning material in English, but it also offers content in Dutch, French, Portuguese, and various other languages.
  • Apart from browsing through categories, users can access the top and best stories section to read trending materials in their community.  
  • Beyond searching for reading material on com novel, one can subscribe to their weekly newsletter.
  • PDFCOFFEE claims that the content uploaded on the website is optimized enough to provide an adapted display on Android, iPad, and iPhone.


  • This platform is highly restricted in terms of features and doesn’t even provide a search engine to browse the required eBook.
  • The content on PDFCOFFEE cannot be considered reliable and is accused of containing incorrect factual information because anyone can post the book.  

User Reviews

Instead of solely relying on the advantages and disadvantages of PDFCOFFEE, you are suggested to look into users' reviews and learn what they say about this website. Therefore, read the given positive and negative verbatims of users before using this website in real-time.

Positive Experience

"Downloaded two books so far(40 MB and 118 MB), and both times everything was lightning fast and with no problems." - Botezat Alexandru.

“Everyone complaining about piracy like they didn't just go to a website to get free resources? You expose yourselves. What are you guys so upset about, access to books to further your education for free? Get real.” - Baron Ellis

Negative Feedback  

“This is a scam site that collects user data. They pretend to allow login via Google/Facebook, but it doesn't work. So, you try to register using your email address (and foolishly give it to them) but the activation email never arrives." - Nikolaos Prassas.

"PDFCOFFEE is a piracy site providing stolen versions of authors' works. Some other give-aways about its non-legitimacy are the fake address, fake DCMA/Copyright link, fake operator name, and the set of all-too-similar sites also providing stolen documents (I have identified at least three but don't want to give them airtime here)."- Dave Nimbin.  

Part 2. How to Use to Download an eBook?

Now that you know what the potential favorable and unfavorable factors of using PDFCOFFEE could be. If you have decided to give this platform a try, you must go through the steps mentioned below. They will guide you on downloading and accessing PDF documents from top stories and featured categories.  

Step 1: Visit the official website of PDFCOFFEE and navigate to its “Top Categories” option at the top bar. You can also pick the “Top Stories” option and choose the book you wish to download on your device.  

choose top categories or stories option

Step 2: Once you select the book, tap on it to enter another page with complete details about it. There, hit the “Download File” button at the top of the book and again be directed to another page.

click the download file button

Step 3: Wait for 30 seconds until your file at PDFCOFFEE is prepared for download. Then, use one download option, like we chose "Download File," to initiate the real downloading process.  

press the download file button

Part 3. How PDFCOFFEE is Safe? Should I Consider It or Not?

After learning how PDFCOFFEE works and facilitates the eBook downloading process, several professionals raised concerns about “Is PDFCOFFEE Safe?" To tackle this problem, let us inform you that it has numerous features that make it a slightly protected website. For instance, the PDFCOFFEE domain starts with HTTPS, revealing that it is a secure and safe domain.

Besides, it is at least 5 years old and asks you to register, which makes it a relatively stable domain. However, to keep yourself safe, you must install antivirus software on your device. Additionally, you should use a malware checker before practically downloading anything because it will tell you whether this site is safe or not.  

Part 4. Is PDFCOFFEE Legit or Have Some Copyright Issues?  

Due to strict digital piracy laws and serious considerations regarding copyrights of the content, it becomes crucial to verify “Is PDFCOFFEE legit?” As it allows users to upload or share any PDF they want, it is impossible to confirm whether they share PDFs with permission. Copyright issues arise because such PDFs are freely available and may be pirated or stolen versions.

Compared with other sites, it respects the privacy and security of users’ personal information. However, according to Alexa rankings, this site has low traffic, which is a clear indicator of its unpopularity and legitimacy because legit ones have higher traffic. If you still wish to download content from this site, it becomes your responsibility to use the content carefully and legally.

Part 5. How to Fix PDFCOFFEE Not Working Issue? 

Imagine you have found your desired PDF document after searching for hours in PDFCOFFEE, and suddenly, the site begins showing errors. It must be a frustrating situation, but you can resolve it by switching to a faster internet connection.

Besides, you can clear cache and unnecessary browsing files from your internet browser, which you use for PDFCOFFEE. Plus, you should head to and check your site's server condition by adding its URL link.

Technical Support

After checking the server maintenance downtime, if your site still doesn't work, then you can contact the technical support provided by PDFCOFFEE. For this purpose, you need to tap the Contact Us option on the website and enter your message with an email to send to the support team. You can also contact the PDFCOFFEE’s technical team through the email address mentioned on the website.  

Try Alternatives

Even after complaining to the technical support team, if your problem isn't resolved, the only option left is to switch over to another digital library site. As PDFCOFFEE is not the only digital learning resource provider, you will find a suitable alternative that caters to your needs. Instead of internet surfing and wasting time wandering over digital libraries, you can consider some top picks in the next section.  

Part 6. Discover Some PDFCOFFEE Alternatives to Streamline Workflow

As briefly mentioned earlier, several alternatives to PDFCOFFEE exist on the internet. However, so many choices may overwhelm you, and checking every site will be time-consuming while interrupting the workflow. Therefore, consult this section and find an in-depth analysis of PDFCOFFEE alternatives so you can make a reliable choice.

1. Scribd

It’s a digital library with over 170 million documents of every topic and niche, which lets you explore the global community and find inspiration. This alternative to PDFCOFFEE is also available as an Android and iOS app that will help you read the documents offline directly on your smartphone. Additionally, it provides academic, professional, cultural, and personal growth categories to explore learning resources.

scribd pdfcoffee alternative


  • Alongside searching the document through categories, one can use the search bar to obtain precisely the desired document.  
  • It lets users upload their presentations, research papers, and legal documents to reach over 90 million readers.


  • According to some users, this site rotates its catalog to add new titles but removes certain valuable titles just because they get old.  


Instead of novels, magazines, and newspapers, if your interest is more in research articles and eBooks, would prove a perfect choice. It has over 55 million PDFs in History, engineering, psychology, economics, and other topics. Through this PDFCOFFEE alternative, you can upload your work and track its impact on others with a robust analysis.

academia pdfcoffee alternative


  • This digital library is known for its publishing tools, which even notify you when other academics mention you in their research or cite you in papers.
  • Through this site, you can join 263 million academics and researchers and stay updated on important topics around the world.


  • Some users find it difficult to consume the information from this site, while others report a lack of control over their page.

3. Sci-Hub

Since 2011, this website has proven to be a modern Robyn Hood for academic society, providing scholarly research articles for free. Sci-Hub has scientific works with copyrights to give researchers access to articles regardless of their financial status. This alternative to PDFCOFFEE works on the donations of website users and other supporters who appreciate the idea.

sci-hub pdfcoffee alternative


  • According to unofficial statistics, this website has a record of over one billion downloads to date, with an average of 300-600 thousand per day.
  • It's an extremely popular site among scientists and researchers who can precisely get their required documents by adding the URL of the scholarly article.


  • Sci-Hub primarily focuses on scholarly research articles, which means it will not facilitate other individuals' searches for eBooks and textbooks.

How to Choose the Alternative: Helping You in Decision Making  

Considering an alternative to may seem more challenging now because all the websites mentioned above are popular and enriched with reading materials. To ease your mind, we have researched and enlisted some factors that you can consider before picking an alternative.

  1. User Interface and Accessibility: If you are going to use a digital library for the first time, you must consider its interface, which must be user-friendly. You should also check its accessibility on Android, iPhone, iPad, and Mac platforms to begin reading anywhere.
  2. Reputation and Reviews: Before choosing a digital library, search for and confirm its popularity, stability, and legality. For this purpose, you must read user negative and positive feedback to verify whether this site is worth using or should be skipped.
  3. Customer support: It is common to face technical issues while using a digital library, significantly affecting workflows. However, every problem has a solution, so select a site that has active and smart customer support to resolve your queries on time.
  4. Search Functionality:Some websites do not offer a search engine, and users must browse documents through categories, which takes a lot of time. Therefore, you must take into account the availability of smart search engines to quickly access the desired records.

Part 7. How to View and Edit the Downloaded PDF Books from PDFCOFFEE and Alternatives?

Upon downloading a book from PDFCOFFEE or its alternatives, the headache doesn't end; instead, the search for a PDF editor begins to open the downloaded PDF. In this regard, you are advised to go for Afirstsoft PDF editor, an exclusive software that allows you to open, edit, and view PDFs. This PDF handler can edit the text in PDF, extract PDF pages, delete ones, and add them for an immersive PDF editing experience.

Apart from editing functions, this AI-powered software can annotate your books, add textboxes and stickers so you won't get bored while reading, and make digital notes. To save you from eye strain, it allows you to zoom through the pages, change the page display mode, and enter reading mode using its reading functions.

A Quick Tutorial on How to Edit and View PDF on Afirstsoft

Imagine you have downloaded a book in PDF format but later realize that you need another format to upload the learning material on the LMS. In that case, Afirstsoft lets you convert your documents into other formats, such as HTML, RTF, PPT, Word, and even JPEG files. Anyhow, let's switch to the main topic of discussion and learn how Afirstsoft allows you to view and edit the downloaded PDFs.

Step 1: Launch the Afirstsoft PDF and Open a PDF

Download the Afirstsoft PDF on your device upon visiting its official site. As you finish downloading the latest version, access its main interface and navigate to the left side panel. There, locate the “Open” icon and click on it to import the downloaded PDF file or eBook.

Try It Free

* Moblie version is coming soon

open your pdf document

Step 2: Customize PDF Viewing Experience via the View Tab

As you have imported the PDF file, go to the “View” tab at the top bar and click on it to get multiple viewing options. Hit the “Single Page” icon to extend the list and pick your preferred option to change the page viewing layout. You can also use the “Fit Height” option and choose “Actual Size” or Fit Windows” option for immersive viewing.

modify pdf view settings

Step 3: Edit the PDF File and Personalize the Added Text

Head to the “Edit” tab at the top bar and choose the “Add Text” icon after selecting it. Now, click anywhere on the PDF to add the text box and start typing your desired text. Moreover, you can change the “Font” properties from the options on the right-side panel. Using it, you can alter font size, style, and alignment to match the existing branding of the PDF.

adjust the font properties


In essence, is a great source for accessing and downloading reading materials, but this digital library has unaddressed legal issues. Besides, it doesn't offer a search engine to free users, which leads them to manually browse the desired document. Hence, this article presented some alternatives to this digital library. Still, you are advised to use these sites with careful attention to safety and legality.

Afterward, if you require a PDF editor to easily extract data from PDF, you can look into the Afirstsoft PDF editor, which has an array of PDF handling features. Without further delay, explore this software and summarize your lengthy PDFs with its AI summarization feature.

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