Top 70 Heartwarming Birthday Wishes for cousin

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Part 1. Birthday Wishes for Cousin Female

Wishing the birthday to a female cousin is a moment of great joy and happiness. Here's the list of gorgeous birthday wishes for female cousin.

  1. Happy birthday to one of my best and favorite cousins, and may this day become as unique and beautiful as yours.
  2. I am taking the time to wish you a birthday filled with laughter, love, and immense happiness; happy birthday, dear. Have a great year ahead.
  3. You are indeed one of the fantastic cousin sisters, and I have a lot of good wishes for you; happy birthday.
  4. Happy birthday, dear cousin; we are celebrating yet another year of your charm, kindness, and grace.
  5. Although we're cousins by blood, that doesn't stop us from being friends by choice. I wish you a fantastic and beautiful birthday and a lot of love.
  6. May this auspicious day bring you joy, happiness, and all the good doings. Happy birthday, dear.
  7. Today is the birthday of that personality who has lightened me up with immense love and pleasure; happy birthday, My incredible cousin!
  8. Happy returns of the day, dear cousin, and may this day become the best, bringing laughter, love, and end adventures.
  9. You inspired hundreds of people in the area and are also my inspiration. Happy. Birthday, dear.
  10. To my dear and wonderful cousin, may this day be the start of something new and unique for you. Happy birthday.
  11. May this day become as memorable and heartwarming as the memories we tend to share.
  12. 12 . I wish you a pretty warm birthday, and may this day be as unforgettable, fun, and fabulous as you, my cousin.
  13. Very few people have touched my heart with a tremendous, persistent personality, and you do fall into that category. Happy birthday dear.
  14. I wish you a birthday filled with cherished moments, love, and laughter.
  15. May the love of your family and friends always remain by your side; happy birthday, dear.
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Part 2. Cousin Birthday Wishes

Watch out for the ten other happy birthday wishes for cousin below.

  1. Happy birthday to my little cousin. May this day be filled with unforgettable memories, love, and laughter.
  2. Wishing you warm wishes, dead cousin. May this wonderful day turn out as unique as you are.
  3. Cheers to another brilliant year of shared moments and adventures with your favorite cousin. Have a wonderful day ahead.
  4. Your happiness is so unique that it makes everything look amazing. Happy birthday, my dear wife and cousin.
  5. To my dear and loving cousin, may this day eliminate all your life's hurdles and problems.
  6. I couldn't have anticipated a better and more loving cousin than you. Happy birthday, dear.
  7. May this be similar to the smile and brilliant nature you carry. Happy birthday, my dear cousin.
  8. Dear cousin, you inspire many, and I'm not over the moon having you as my cousin.
  9. You have done extraordinary things courtesy of your talent; happy birthday, dear cousin. Have a great day.
  10. I'm cheering for you optimistically, as I'm pumped to enthusiastically celebrate your data memorable day.
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Part 3. Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin

If you want to explore more birthday wishes for cousin, look at the 15 more cousin birthday wishes listed below.

  1. Happy birthday to this stunning day, and I'm praying that this day is the best for you.
  2. I wish you a memorable, happy birthday filled with much satisfaction and immense joy.
  3. To my cute little cousin, I'm anticipating that this day becomes as great as the bond we share.
  4. Here comes another chapter in your life, and I'm sure the first one wishing you this happy birthday is me, cheers.
  5. Sending you birthday wishes filled with many prayers and wishes.
  6. Dear cousin, I'm taking the time to wish you a fantastic birthday.
  7. May this special day bring good vibes, sunshine, and positivity.
  8. You are the person I always look up to when facing challenging situations. Happy birthday, dear.
  9. You have always stood by my side when the odds went against me; I'm thankful to you, dear cousin.
  10. You have made hundreds of people live better through your charity work; best wishes for this birthday.
  11. Here's another trip around the sun, wishing you a beginning of a new start in life. Happy birthday.
  12. You are indeed the reflection of good things you've done; happy birthday.
  13. I'm surrounded by some of the best people around me, and you're easily the best. Happy birthday, dear.
  14. May this day be as beautiful and cheerful as your stunning smile.
  15. Have a good day filled with good memories, dear cousin.
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Part 4. Birthday Wishes for Cousin Male

As the birthday is a moment of great pleasure for everyone, wishing a person a happy birthday is common. You can make the scenes more wonderful by exploring ten fantastic birthday wishes for cousin.

  1. Happy birthday. May the stars meet to give you an immense blessing and your path become smoother.
  2. Happy belated birthday, dear cousin; I might have forgotten your birthday in the first place, but I won't shy away from wishing you best wishes.
  3. As the clock ticks midnight, it will indicate the birthday of a person I admire the most: Happy birthday, dear.
  4. With each passing day, you're becoming much more successful than ever, and the winds of this day take you towards the beautiful horizons going forward.
  5. You are such a inspiration that whenever I struggle with something I remember your patience and how you always stood firm that helps me to overcome challenges, happy birthday dear.
  6. May the moment when the candle flickers on the birthday cake be the beginning of something special and long-lasting in your life.
  7. On this beautiful day, let the world know how majestic your existence has been for humanity. Happy birthday, cousin.
  8. All the words of inspiration are melodious and breathtaking for me. I wish you a happy birthday.
  9. May God fulfill all your desires as you embark on another beautiful journey.
  10. May you be able to accomplish all the aspirations you're starving for; happy birthday.
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Part 5. Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

Here's the list of the 10 more birthday wishes for cousin sister.

  1. Although you're my cousin, I consider you my sister.
  2. You're my best sister from another mother. Happy birthday.
  3. You've guided me through thick and thin. Have a great day ahead, and happy birthday.
  4. Wishing you the best birthday to my favorite cousin, sister, who will remain close to me.
  5. We are cousins officially, but my heart says you're my real sister. Happy birthday.
  6. May the cake for this birthday be as sweet as you.
  7. You're one of the most extraordinary personalities I've ever met; happy birthday, dear.
  8. May this day empower you to grow faster in your life than ever. Happy birthday, my dear cousin.
  9. Your presence is like the world to me; happy birthday, dear cousin.
  10. I'm lucky to have a cousin sister like you. Happy birthday.
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Part 6. Funny Birthday Wishes for Cousin Female

If you're aiming for the funny birthday wishes for female cousin, you can dive into this part to explore the 10.

  1. Dear cousin sister, we have so many funny moments together that picking one option isn't simple; cheers, happy birthday.
  2. You're surely my best partner in crime. Happy birthday, cousin sister.
  3. You are one of the funniest people I've ever met, and now reverse that and have a good day, laughs.
  4. You're my cousin, friend, and sister, so buy one and get three for free. I'm laughing.
  5. I have made a lot of mistakes, but only you know about all my secrets.
  6. Wishing you a happy birthday is different, as you're the only piece in the world. Happy birthday.
  7. I'm convinced you're my blood sister, and our parents are hiding it from us cheers.
  8. Thanks for all the laughter you've spread throughout your life; happy returns of the day.
  9. Sometimes I wish that had you been my sister, life would have been a lot easier managing the household tasks and laughs.
  10. You've got one year older, but it didn't make you wiser, laughs. Happy birthday, dear cousin sister.

Part 7. Summary

Celebrating your cousin's birthday isn't a moment of passing a day without any joy and happiness. This day could bring many people closer to having the best day of life. We have listed the 70 top-notch birthday wishes for cousin; all the birthday wishes are breathtaking, and you'll love using them while celebrating and wishing your cousins' a happy birthday.

Whether you're anticipating expressing heartfelt sentiment or adding mesmerizing honor to the occasion, wonderful birthday wishes for cousin females will enlighten the scenes dramatically.

From the warmth and enthusiasm of the cousin-sister relationships to coming up with the cousin brotherhood, the birthday wishes given in the post will serve as appreciation, admiration, and love for the unique individuals.

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