50 Happy Christmas Birthday Wishes to Make a Day Special

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Part 1: Christmas Birthday Wishes for Friends

  1. The best birthday and Christmas wishes from me, you’ve always been the best to me, and I hope you’ll have an exceptional holiday season with you and your loved ones.
  2. Christmas time is always better with you, so happy birthday, my friend, you deserve it!
  3. For years, you’ve been a beacon of light and a wonderful soul; thank you for being who you are, and I’ll always be there for you. Happy birthday!
  4. It’s great to be there for you during this amazing time of the year and in your life as well. Enjoy your birthday, and rest assured I will be there.
  5. I have the best Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas messages for you; remember, I am always here for you, and I appreciate all the love and support you’ve given me over the years. You’re the best; never change!
  6. You’re an amazing gift for everyone’s lives, so it’s great for us to give you a gift for a change. Enjoy your gifts and time with your family, and rest assured we’ll party together soon!
  7. Christmas time is special, just like you are to me and our group of friends. Happy Christmas birthday and rest assured that we will always be there with you every step of the way.
  8. Christmas is merrier when you are with us, so enjoy your birthday, friend!
  9. Great vibes, cool times, happy birthday and a stunning Christmas for you and your family friend!
  10. It’s always nice to spend December with your loved ones, and it’s even better to cherish your birthday during this time. Wishing you all the best this season!
  11. It’s a magical time because you have the sacred combo, Christmas, and your birthday in one swoop. Enjoy it, friend, and have an amazing time with it.
  12. Birthday bells are here; I wish you to have an exceptional Christmas, and a fun time with everyone, and remember we’re always here for you.
  13. You’re one of the best gifts I ever got, so I am returning the favor! Enjoy your gift and a great holiday season with your loved ones.
  14. I’ve always valued our friendship, and I am excited to meet you this holiday season as we do every year. Plus, it’s your birthday and a perfect time to rejoice in our time together.
  15. I have frankincense and gold. Bring your laughs and jokes, and we’ll have the ultimate birthday party for you!
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Part 2: Happy Christmas Birthday Wishes for Son

  1. I am very happy to call you my son, so I bring you the best birthday and Christmas wishes. You’re the best, and I am happy to have you by my side.
  2. Nothing is better in life than having your true reflection grow and be so perfect. Enjoy your birthday, and have fun!
  3. Enjoy your Christmas, my son. We’re always here for you, and we’ll value every moment with you by our side.
  4. Happy birthday, son! I am excited to have you back with us this holiday season!
  5. I hope you’ll always remain the kind, innocent, and great child I’ve always known! Happy birthday, son!
  6. Our entire family wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy birthday. You’re a great part of our lives and we always want you to be there with us.
  7. Life is always tough, but it’s great to have someone that makes you laugh and get past anything. Enjoy your Christmas and birthday, my son!
  8. May this birthday and Christmas bring you happiness and joy. You’re the best and always will be, son!
  9. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown and how wise you’re becoming every year. Thank you for everything, my son!
  10. Happy birthday, sweetheart, it’s going to be an amazing Christmas time with you by our side as you always are.
  11. You’re always very deserving of all the gifts you’re receiving, and we really hope you will have an excellent Christmas and birthday alongside us!
  12. Sweetheart, take great care of yourself and enjoy everything you’re getting for your birthday because you deserve it!

Part 3: Birthday and Christmas Wishes for Sister

  1. You are the best and the ultimate present, so we wish you an amazing, merry Christmas birthday. We’ll always love you!
  2. Sister, you know all my secrets, but I’ll always love you. Your birthday will be the best, just like you are with all of us.
  3. Santa is here to bring you all kinds of fun, amazing gifts to enjoy. Life is always great, and it always gets better when you are with us!
  4. Dear sister, I won’t tell Santa anything bad, only if you promise you’re always going to be amazing like you are right now!
  5. May your birthday and Christmas be as sweet as the cookies we used to steal from our mother’s kitchen.
  6. Life is always better when you are around. Merry Christmas and never change, my sister!
  7. Happy birthday and Merry Christmas, sister; let’s catch up and reminisce about the good old times because we need a laugh.
  8. I hope Santa will fill your stockings, just like you fill our lives with happiness. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, sis!
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Part 4: Funny Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Messages

  1. It’s always fun to know that you and Todd, the reindeer, share the same birthday. Enjoy your Christmas, friend!
  2. You know, I’ve always wondered how you can support having so many gifts every holiday. Now I know you’re the birthday boy!
  3. Christmas is always fun if you are around because I know at least one person will crack up at my jokes.
  4. Celebrate your birthday with fun, glamor and these few tiny dinosaurs with hats. They are our loyal friends!
  5. It’s that time of the year; you now have to smile awkwardly and enjoy life; make the most out of this, my friend!
  6. A great Christmas birthday is 90% mental, and the rest is alcohol. Combine those, and you’ll have a merry good time!
  7. Your big day is here, and it’s a fire hazard because you bring in the hotness, and we bring in the booze and gifts.
  8. Happy birthday and good times; you deserve them, and you’ll have them.

Part 5: Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Messages

  1. I wish you a great Merry Christmas birthday and a wonderful time along with your family. May God bestow upon you happiness and a great time for everyone!
  2. Santa is here, and he’s ready to give you the warmest hug and the biggest birthday wishes. Enjoy life; you’re the best!
  3. May you be blessed and happy; this Christmas season is here, and it’s finally the best time when we can get together and enjoy the good old times.
  4. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you an incredible Christmas full of happiness and joy!
  5. You are one of the best people I’ve ever encountered, so I hope you will have an amazing Birthday and a really good time with those people that you love and appreciate.
  6. May the Christmas vibes bring you excitement, happiness, and love. You deserve an amazing birthday and every bit of happiness you always wanted.
  7. Enjoy this great time of the year, and be very happy that you are alongside people who care about you and love you for who you are!
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Part 6: How to Make a Christmas Card with Christmas Birthday Wishes?

Once you are done composing the Christmas birthday wishes, you need to create a card onto which you would beautifully incorporate the message. You have the option of either creating the card from scratch – but that will be a time-consuming, painstaking affair. And the card you end up if you take that route may turn out to be rather underwhelming. That is where the Afirstsoft PDF saves you from the trouble of having to start creating a card from scratch. It also enables you to create high-quality, impressive cards through which to appropriately convey Christmas birthday wishes.

Follow these steps to easily make a Christmas birthday card using the Afirstsoft PDF:

Step 1: Download the Afirstsoft PDF Christmas Birthday Cards Editor

You can initiate the download of the Afirstsoft PDF Christmas birthday card editor by simply clicking on the ‘Free Download’ button in this article. Once downloaded, ensure you then install it.

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Step 2: Select and Download the Best Template

An ideal template for this use would be one that complements the birthday message. Here, you can find a lot of templates well-suited for this use. Just select the best one for you, click on the ‘Free Download’ button for it, and then save it on your computer.


Step 3: Launch Afirstsoft PDF

Go to your computer’s search bar, type in ‘Afirstsoft PDF’, then click on it to get the application running. Alternatively, if you can see the Afirstsoft PDF’s icon somewhere on the desktop screen, just click on it to launch the application.

Step 4: Upload the Template for Christmas Card

Afirstsoft PDF makes uploading templates easy. Click on ‘Open’ and browse until you get to the location where you’d have saved the template after downloading it in step 2 above.


Step 5: Customize Your Christmas Card

This is the step where you get to edit the template, in order to get it to look exactly how you want. Afirstsoft PDF has a rich array of features for editing and customizing the card.


Play around with the colors, fonts, and other elements, until you get the best card for conveying Christmas birthday wishes. Note that you can use and insert our recommended Christmas birthday wishes using the text box feature.

Step 6: Convert the Christmas Card with Christmas Birthday Wishes

To do the conversion to image/Word or PowerPoint, click on ‘Convert’ and pick the format that works best.


Once the card is converted to image, Word, or PowerPoint, it would be ready for sending to the person you were creating it for.

Part 7. Conclusion

Wishing a happy birthday to someone during Christmas time is a great idea and a wonderful, heartfelt thing to do. However, you can go the extra mile and share these Christmas birthday wishes in the form of a card. With Afirstsoft PDF, you will have no problem creating an amazing, unique, and visually impressive Christmas card featuring all your wishes. Plus, you can grab online templates and use the app to create outstanding birthday cards for the holidays as well. Download Afirstsoft PDF today and bring joy to everyone in your life with stunning, customizable Christmas and birthday cards!

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