Free Templates for Christmas List Printable for Everyone

Christmas is the time when everyone feels happy and wishes to have fun with their loved ones. Mostly, people think of a long list of wishes that they want to make on this occasion. But the problem is they may forget their wishes and activities on the day. That’s the reason you should choose a Christmas list printable for recording them.

Using a Christmas wish list printable, you can note down all the activities you want to do on this particular occasion. It will help you celebrate this event just like you have imagined. If you are unable to find such free printable Christmas wish list templates, this blog is for you. Whether you are looking for a printable wish list for kids or adults, you can find them here.

Part 1. Christmas List Printable Free for Kids

When it comes to Christmas list printable free for kids, you can’t rely on standard ones. The reason is you must keep the wish list printable appealing, attractive, and lively. For this, it is better to choose charming colors for designing a free printable Christmas wish list for kids.

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Moreover, you can also customize the wish list printable by adding a Santa Claus picture on the card. Also, you can add funny characters like cartoons on the printable wish list to make your little ones happy.

These types of actions will surely help you make your kids smile and let them be motivated to write their wish list. It is right to say that choosing a reliable and perfect Christmas list printable will help your kids to be motivated and encouraged about the overall occasion. Here, we have shared a few templates to let you download them for free.

Part 2. Christmas Shopping List Printable for Adults

Christmas wish list for adults is something different from the children. They don’t consider writing wishes like meeting Santa, eating pancakes, and others. But their main focus is writing something related to shopping and other activities for this occasion.

So, you can make a sensible Christmas list printable for them by involving a few charming and attractive colors. It is good to be sensible and appealing at the same time when designing templates for wish lists for adults.

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Some adults don’t want to have fancy wish list templates and prefer to have simple ones. For them, you can design a perfect but simple card for a Christmas wish list for adults. These cards will help them look sensible and write their wish list comfortably. As the adults have to take their wish list with them, this type of template will also help them be comfortable in public.

Part 3. Free Christmas List Printable for Family

Don’t forget your family when it comes to designing a Christmas list printable. You must be attentive while doing so because your family is of great importance on this occasion. No one wants to make their families feel bad on this special day.

Choosing a free printable Christmas wish list for a family with sensible colors and simplicity can help you a lot. Be mindful that you should be simple while designing cards for your parents. It is required to add ordinary colors instead of being fancy in this regard.

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However, you can be jolly and funny while designing these wish list templates for your siblings. You can add funny cartoon sketches to the wish list printable for your siblings. It is a good approach to make them smile and let them know how much you care about their feelings.

In turn, you will be able to design a Christmas shopping list printable for your family members according to your relationship with them and their ages. The main focus of this activity is to make them smile and have a happy and memorable time with their loved ones.

Part 4. What Should be Included in Christmas Wish List Printable?

While designing a Christmas list printable, you should keep an eye on some factors. For example, you should consider what should be added and what not. Moreover, some other factors will help you design or find a masterpiece in terms of a Christmas wish list printable from the internet.

Here, we have listed a few factors that you should consider while choosing a printable wish list for Christmas.

Color Scheme

The most important thing to consider while finding a Christmas list printable is the color scheme. Don’t ever try to choose a wish list template without looking at the colors. The reason is these templates are designed for specific audiences like kids, adults, and parents.

If you are choosing a childish color scheme and presenting the card as a Christmas wish list for adults, you will face weird outcomes. So, it is recommended to keep an eye on the color scheme and make sure that you are choosing the right one according to the age of the person as well as your relationship with them.

Listing Size

Not every person will have the same wish list for Christmas. For example, the children may have general wishes like meeting Santa for this occasion. On the other side, adults may have a long list of wishes like visiting friends, having a tour, shopping at a mall, and many others.

Therefore, it is not good to choose a Christmas list printable with the same size of listing for everyone. You must think of the person for whom you are going to take a print of that document and then evaluate the size of the listing.

With this, you will get the expected results by presenting the wish list printable to your concerned person. Moreover, it will help them write all their wishes on that free printable Christmas wish list template. In the end, they will feel comfortable carrying that wish list with them and follow it accordingly.

Overall Design

While exploring the collection of Christmas list printable templates on the internet, you will find hundreds of choices. Have you ever noticed that they are designed differently? This is because these wish list templates are available in different designs according to the requirements of the person.

You can find Christmas list printable free templates with square designing, lining page design, and others. For the right selection, you should keep the person in your mind and consider their nature. With this, it will be simple and easy for you to choose the right Christmas shopping list printable.

Moreover, you can also customize the design by choosing your preferred sketch, design, and other sections to give it an appealing look. Many people personalize their Christmas list printable templates to make the recipient happier. It will help them know that you have designed that Christmas wish list for them particularly instead of downloading and sharing from the internet.

Part 5. How to Design a Free Printable Christmas Wish List Using Afirstsoft PDF?

Designing a Christmas list printable isn’t an easy task unless you have software like Afirstsoft PDF. With the help of such software, you can design or edit a Christmas list easily to make it suitable for your usage.

Undoubtedly, you can find hundreds of Christmas list printable templates on the internet with a single search. It might be possible that you have liked the design of a template but it isn’t made as per your requirements. This is where you will find the following method beneficial for customizing that template.

Adding Christmas List Printable Template

While editing the Christmas list printable with Afirstsoft PDF, the first step is to upload or add your template to the software. You can do this using different uploading or adding options available in it. The simplest approach is to click on the “Open” option that is available in the left menu bar.


upload Christmas list printable


Make sure that you have downloaded the template in PDF format as it won’t accept other document formats. You need to convert your document to PDF first if it is available in other formats.

Edit List Using Afirstsoft PDF

After adding your Christmas list printable template to the software, your only focus should be on the editing of the list. When it comes to listing printable for this occasion, it is the main thing to be focused on in your printable.

So, you should add the list that you want to add to that template. Using this editing toolbar, you can edit the text to rename every list as per your requirements. You can also delete already written text and add new text insertion boxes in the document.


edit christmas wish list printable

Moreover, it enables you to drag the text box to place it wherever you want on the Christmas list printable. You can also apply different formatting settings to your text to make it prominent and appealing. In short, your overall editing experience will be based on the editing and insertion of the text.

Preview Document & Download

After editing the Christmas list printable with this software, it is time to preview the document. It is recommended to focus on the placement of the text, spelling, and styling before moving ahead. Once you have cross-checked your document and made sure everything is right, you can go ahead with the Download.

For this process, you have to click on the “Convert” feature for which the option is available in the menu bar. It will show different formats to which you can convert your document. By clicking on the option and confirming the process, you will be able to get that Christmas list printable downloaded.


convert free printable christmas wish list

It is suggested to take a print of that document and write your to-do list on this occasion. By doing this, you will be able to add your favorite tasks to the list.


Part 6. Conclusion

From this blog about a Christmas list printable, you must get an idea of what should be kept in mind while choosing them. We have shared the Christmas wish list printable templates in the above blog. You can choose the one according to the requirements of age and your relationship with the recipient.

To customize the printable templates, we recommend using Afirstsoft PDF. Using this advanced editor, you can easily personalize or customize the wish list to make it suitable for your concerned person. It will be pretty simple to understand and use this editing software because of its simple and user-friendly interface.

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