Creating Comprehensive Cleaning Service Agreement Templates

In the case of professional cleaning services, it is essential to have an agreement. A cleaning agreement template contains the terms and conditions between the service provider and the service recipients.

This legal contract ensures that the interests of both parties are maintained, the operations related to service delivery do not result in any conflicts, and that all misunderstandings are clarified.

A cleaning service agreement legally guarantees that the service providers will work without any controversy about their services. For the clients, this offers reassurance that they will be served to expectation and receive the agreed service level.

A comprehensive cleaning service agreement is important not only because it acts as a significant requirement of professional work but also as a guarantee for the development of trust and cooperation with the client.

That’s why using a cleaning service contract agreement template to base your finalized agreement on is so important – it allows you to add in all necessary components, ensures you don’t miss out on important sections, and it’s also customizable!

In light of that, this article is going to talk about important clauses of an agreement, a cleaning service agreement template word, free sources, as well as other pertinent information.

If that’s what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to keep reading!


Part 1. Key Components of Cleaning Service Agreement Template

A cleaning service agreement template is a document format that covers all the details of a cleaning service contract. This is useful as it lays down a base plan that can be further customized based on the requirements of the cleaning service provider and the customers.

This template contains information like the nature of the work to be done, the conditions of payment, the roles of each party, and other important provisions that regulate the service contract.

Besides, a professionally written cleaning contract improves the image of the cleaning business while creating a sense of confidence between the cleaner and the client, thus leading to the building of solid business relationships.

Scope of Work

In this section, the cleaning activities that are to be performed are described in detail. This part of the cleaning company offer explains how the company will clean – dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and sanitizing.

This also provides information on how often the services will be provided: daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

It includes any special requests that are required from the client or any note that may have been provided with the intention of acting as a reference.

Payment Terms

This gives details of the prices of the services to be offered, the timeline and mode of payment to be followed, and the legal implications of delaying the payment.

It includes the amounts to be paid, how to make the payment, and if it can be through credit card, cheque, or via any other method.

This is very useful as it protects the legal terms of the two parties and reduces the likelihood of the parties going to court over the matter of the money to be paid for this service.

Duration And Termination

This outlines important features regarding the beginning and end of the agreement, as well as certain provisions on how and when either party may bring the agreement to an end.

It provides the time period in relation to that service contract, which may be a limited contract or an open-ended one.

Further, it outlines how the agreement could be brought to an early end by care of the legally recognized period of notice and any other penalties related to early termination.

This way, both individuals and businesses will be aware of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to the length of the service provision.

Responsibilities Of Parties

The repairing and replacement of any damaged or defective item section also reveals the roles and duties of both the cleaner and the client.

For the service provider, this involves the provision of all necessary cleaning materials and implements, guaranteeing that their employees have the right demeanor, and conforming to predetermined timetables.

The roles and tasks for the client are to grant the crew access to the location after ensuring that important items are secured and the workplace is safe.

This is almost important to know before you select specific agreement templates because certain ones, such as a carpet cleaning service agreement template, have different sections as compared to ones for full house cleaning or specific room cleaning.

Insurance and Liability

This provides details on coverage and the amount of exposure to risks by the insured in case of mishaps or harm that may be inflicted on the insured during the cleaning session.

This clearly explains who is liable for loss in the event that such incidents happen to occur.


Part 2. Common Clauses In Cleaning Service Agreement Templates

A few important clauses included in cleaning service contract templates are the following:

Non-Compete Clause

A non-compete clause helps the service provider by eliminating the possibility of the client directly approaching their staff.

It specifically shields the service provider’s business from invasion by clients; they cannot directly hire the cleaners provided by the service provider.

This way it also assists in preserving the service providers’ business model and their investment in training and staffing their employees.

Modification Clause

The modification clause puts the amount that has been agreed upon as subject to change through the written and signed agreement of both parties.

This makes it possible to keep proper records of the changes made to the contract to ensure that they are legally binding.

Here, it’s useful to have a good editing tool at hand so that when both parties decide on what is to be modified, you can immediately edit. We recommend the AfirstsoftPDF Editor, a PDF editing tool that is perfect for on-the-go and repeated customization.

Furthermore, this confirms that any modification of the contractual terms without agreement by both parties is not legal, thus preserving the original nature of the contract.

Governing Law

The governing law clause determines under which law the agreement shall be governed and evaluated. This is helpful in figuring out which legalities apply and will apply in cases of breaches or other contractual obligations.

It proves that all legal questions and issues shall be settled by reference to the laws of a particular state or country, and solid legal bases are established for the agreement.

Force Majeure

The force majeure clause also shields both parties from any loss in the event of occurrences that nobody would have any control over, such as hurricanes.

This clause provides that the parties may not be able to perform their obligations in the contract due to extraordinary circumstances for which they are not responsible. In these cases, their obligations become void for the time, and, more importantly, they are liable to face consequences that the forceful breaking of a contract might incur.


Part 3. Cleaning Service Agreement Template Word

Word documents especially have the advantage of being easily alterable, meaning that one changes and adapts the said template to suit other clients or even other OICs.

Some of the features of cleaning service agreement template word include the fact that they are easy to use; hence, formatted content makes it look professional.

Word also contains multiple features that let you improve the look of the document you are about to produce.

How To Customize A Cleaning Service Agreement Template In Word

To make the cleaning service contract agreement template in Word unique, follow the following procedure:

Download A Template

To begin with, download a clean service agreement template with little formwork from a reliable source. Many online platforms provide free or paid templates that can be adjusted as much as you need.

You can either convert other formats to Word (though, if you have a PDF template, a better option would be to utilize a PDF editor like AfirstsoftPDF since that will limit problems with structure) or search for a .DOCX or .DOC format template.

Open In Word

Right-click on the downloaded template and open it with Microsoft Word options as suggested. This will let you format the document according to the rest of the text by using Word editing tools.

Edit Contact Information

Some of the essential parts that should be filled in with actual data are the name of the client company, some general information about the problem, the name of the service provider, and direct contacts of the service provider.

Make sure that the information that is provided here is both accurate and timely to enhance the clarity previously mentioned.

Define The Scope Of Work

The scope of work needs to be defined in order to avoid confusion and misunderstandings regarding your responsibilities and assignments.

In essence, adjust the section of scope of work to define how the client will need the cleaning services and in what frequency the services are going to be delivered. Please provide as much detail as possible to ensure no confusion.

Set Payment Terms

Customize it to accommodate the prices and payment methods which will be used in the payment schedule. Stipulate clearly the charges which are pertaining to its services and any penalties for delayed payments so that there is an understanding on both sides.

Specify Duration And Termination Conditions

Rewrite the start date and end date of the agreement and describe the situations when the contract can be terminated. This is useful in controlling expectations and forecasting the number of months a service provider will be required.

Outline Responsibilities

Make sure that obligations are clearly assigned to the partners and are tailored to your business processes.

This involves identifying who is supposed to supply cleaning necessities, who is allowed access to the stored items, and the safety measures for the stored cleaning necessities.

Proofread And Finalize

Go over the document once again, and carefully, checking for any inaccuracies or missing information. Add or remove elements that you need to finalize before going further.

Tips For Formatting And Organizing The Agreement In Word

Use Headings And Subheadings

Employing heading styles in the Word to develop a work with clear and logical division. This makes it easy to locate different sections of the content and enables both parties to navigate it more easily, especially since Word has in-built outlines based on the headings and styles you use to structure the agreement.

Add Tables For Clarity

Tables can be applied for payment schedules or lists of do’s and don’ts. The tables can assist in providing the logical structure of the information to make the agreement more aesthetically pleasing as well as to increase readability, which is a huge problem in typical agreements.

Include Bullet Points

Lists with bullets are useful for structuring information, especially when the document contains a large amount of information that needs to be digested easily. Employ them to indicate accountabilities, duties, and other important activities in a systematically arranged manner.

Use Consistent Fonts And Styles

Make sure all your text is formatted correctly using appropriate font and size throughout the document. By maintaining a good format, the document looks neat and professional and is also easy to follow.


Part 4. Free Cleaning Agreement Template

It is important to go through the free templates available and modify them according to requirements. The cleaning business and every cleaning client are specific; therefore, the template should be adjusted to fit the specifics of your service provision.

A more customized template will better fit the needs of both the service provider and the client and allow for a clearer, more efficient agreement.

While you can always find templates on sites like Canva or Pinterest, the following are a few of the more specific sources for free cleaning agreement templates:

● Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is a platform that offers a wide range of legal documents, such as cleaning service agreements.

These are professionally written and are modified to suit your needs. Rocket Law provides a compilation of templates that can be easily edited and adjusted to fulfill all the requirements and include all essential information and provisions.

● LawDepot

LawDepot creates cleaning service agreements for your business with the help of templates available on LawDepot, which you can download.

They offer clean, detailed templates that incorporate all legal relations in connection with cleaning service agreements.

● has a large number of templates that are free to download and customize, including cleaning services templates. The templates are easily editable and available in different types to fit the needs of the users.

Part 5. The Role Of AfirstsoftPDF

The AfirstsoftPDF Editor is essential in managing and customizing your cleaning service agreement templates.

If you don’t have a PDF version, this tool offers converters, such as for Word to PDF documents. Plus, people often use PDFs for contract finalization and sharing because it is secure and compatible and offer much better results when printed for a hard copy.  

Additionally, AfirstsoftPDF provides great customization options, including annotation, highlighting, editing the text, and so on. With a user-friendly interface, this tool simplifies the process of drafting, editing, and storing agreements.

Users can easily insert relevant information, adjust terms, and update as needed. This not only reduces the reliance on paper-based records but also streamlines the entire workflow!

Part 6. Conclusion

For any cleaning business, it is essential that one has a well-developed cleaning agreement template to follow. It assists in defining the client’s expectations, safeguarding both parties, and guaranteeing adequate service provision.

The knowledge of cleaning service agreements and Microsoft Word tools helps to create proper and efficient contracts.

Furthermore, you can edit free downloadable templates using tools such as the AfirstsoftPDF Editor. This can help you finalize and utilize the agreement more efficiently and in less time.

A good agreement does not only safeguard your business and its financial aspect but also creates a long-lasting relationship with the clients. And if you do end up using one (trust us, it’s the best option), let us know how it works out!

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