7 Free-used Daily Meal Planner Templates

Nothing happens instantly; everything requires hard work and perseverance. Experience shows us that consistency wins out; therefore, if your aim is weight loss or leading a healthier lifestyle it's crucial that your dietary habits remain under constant watch. Heath is not something you should take for granted; rather, you need to commit daily.

That is why using the daily meal planner templateis such an invaluable way of keeping track of all of your meals; this provides a record of all that has gone in before making decisions on meals that fit best with what's good for your health and body. Daily meal planner templates not only assist in meeting your diet goal but can save money, time, and energy too! In this article we'll dive deeper into these templates as a means for living a more nutritious life!

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Part 1:What is a daily meal planner template?

Daily Meal Planner Template Free Download Daily Meal Planner Template >>

A daily meal planner template is a tracking diary to keep a record of what you consume in a day. It helps you to ensure a balanced and budget-friendly diet. It proves to be a powerful tool to build up healthy eating habits. Here's how:

Portion control:

Meal planning enables you to control your portion size easily. Note down the serving size or calories in front of every meal mentioned on the template.

Planning your meals:

By pre-planning your meals, you'll know what to buy. So, you'll only invest your money and effort in the things worthy of you.


It allows you to try new dishes, make up new recipes, and see what's best for you.

Promotes balanced eating:

It helps you incorporate food across different food groups like whole grains, fruits, and veggies. It will ensure the balanced requirement of your body.

Overall, a daily meal planner template is the simplest yet effective way to take command of your diet and lead a healthier and more organized life.

Daily Meal Planner Template Free Download Daily Meal Planner Template >>

Part 2:Daily Meal Planner Template Excel

Daily Meal Planner Template Free Download Daily Meal Planner Template >>

A huge variety of free printable meal planner template is available online. You can also customize one by using free web pages or apps for yourself but you can also choose Daily Meal Planner Template Excel for balancing your day-to-day diet. It serves as a great option to keep track of your daily meals and reap all the advantages in a more accessible way. Here's why:

  • In Excel, you only Excel to deal with a single sheet that many of us are familiar with already.
  • It provides you with a proper layout where whole-day meals are broken into sections like Meal type, Columns for the meal name or recipe, or Optional columns for additional details like serving size, prep time, or links to recipes.
  • The best part is its customizations that you can highlight specific meals and calculate calories or even create a grocery list according to the day.
  • You can also integrate other Excel sheets like your favorite recipes to make it easy to remember.
  • It provides you the data in a collective that you can compare at the last of a week or month according to your target. That helps you keep up with the figures accurately.

Now, we will discuss some useful tips to effectively utilize an Excel meal planner template for planning daily meals.

Before startup planning

Consider your needs:Think about your food limitations, budget, cooking skills, and the variety you would like to have. This informs the template customization about your goal as well as the meals you are going to choose.

Gather resources: Ever fed-up printing recipes from your favorite sites? Are you tired of spilling stuff on numerous pieces of paper? Have you been looking for an efficient way to store and organize recipes? If yes, the answer for you is Excel. One of the advantages of providing such information would contribute to expediting the planning process. You can also connect other sheet links in the Meal Planner Template Excel.

Customizing your template

Make it visually appealing: Color coding, fonts, and bordered squares can differentiate meals by title, dietary needs (like gluten-free), or portions and preparation stages. It, therefore, helps the plan to be easier to read and follow.

Create drop-down menus:These can be populated with such items as the food that is often prepared, ingredients, or the recipe name. Not needing to repeatedly write the same text over and over again guarantees consistency.

Utilize conditional formatting:Appearance of high-protein meals in green, vegetarian options in blue, or quick prep meals in yellow for any of these categories.

Integrate formulas (optional):You can apply formulas to either the daily calorie calculator or to a grocery list depending on your template.

Planning your meals

Schedule prep time: Set aside some time in your schedule every week to do prep work, such as pre-cooked ingredients in advance or cooking/baking in bulk. This is how you can think of these kinds of problems in your design.

Plan leftovers:To ensure you have the most of your prepared meals, you can readily turn them into lunch the following day.  Just switch the veggies and remove some of the remaining items.

Balance and variety:Relationships between foods and dietaries from different food groups should be included in your plan to avoid any imbalances.

Be realistic:No complicated meal is worth the hassle of an overbooked schedule. Tailor your time and make it easier if you have a short time.

Part 3:Daily Meal Planner Template Free Printable

Daily Meal Planner Template Free Download Daily Meal Planner Template >>

Health is a priority, and the hustle-bustle of today makes even the healthy and budget-friendly food options a challenge to subdue. Free meal planner templates are a good tool to simplify this process and make it last longer. It helps to develop good dietary habits.

Instant Access

While the digital application takes a lot by downloading into your devices and occupying storage, the printable templates could deliver immediate access because of their printable nature. Without having to leave the comfort of your home or search far and wide as it would be before the advent of the internet, a simple web search yields an uncountable number of templates a user can choose from to suit their needs.

Cost-Effective Approach

There's no financial burden to access these templates. Thereby, the obstruction of entry is removed, and everybody who wants to plan a meal can do that, regardless of their budget.

 Portable and Adaptable

The physical format makes it possible to adjust the set-in motion and do it exactly to users's liking. The template can be as the users take it with them, hence they can adjust their plan whenever they encounter unforeseen circumstances or dietary changes.

Catering to Diverse Preferences

Various layouts and styles are available for the users to select, from which they can choose what they prefer most. Some models may come with components that are designed for certain dietary groups, grocery lists, or estimates for the time needed for preparation.Such templates give a clear example of a tool that can be personalized according to the user's specific needs.

Functioning Flawlessly

Offline Accessibility: Unlike their digital counterparts, the printable templates can work seamlessly even if there is no internet connection. Through its uninterrupted nature, regardless of connectivity areas with issues, the app helps maintain the same meal patterns as every day.

Planning Family Daily Meals

A meal is not mere food, it should make you strong and healthy. An adequate amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats is necessary to consume. We need to take control of it. It is beneficial to plan stress-free family meals for a day with the Free family meal planner template. Dividing the page into sections gives you a day outline for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack. Have fun picking out colorful or personal customized versions that can turn into a family activity as well.

Daily Meal Planner Template Free Download Daily Meal Planner Template >>

Here are various reputable websites offering you a daily meal planner template free printable with their direct links:

Microsoft Office Templates


Microsoft prepares free templates for Word, Excel, and other Office programs, among which, is the meal planner template. They are on the official Microsoft Office website.

Google Docs Templates


Google Docs ensures you access ready-made templates from Drive, which include meal planners. One easy step is opening Google Docs, following the Template Gallery, and entering the keyword "meal planner templates.



Pinterest is the most widely used platform by which people share a variety of resources, including meal planner templates. You can Pinterest search for meal hunter templates and there are many different ideas that users have uploaded.



Customizable formats for different viruses are provided in Canva and these include meal planning. You can register for a free account on Canva and search for meal planner templates in their template library.

Adobe Spark


 Spark platforms offer many layouts for everyone who owns a tablet. They also have a collection of recipes of templates which are free to access.

Go through the trustworthiness of the site you are using and make sure that you are getting templates from trusted sources to save you from any security risks.

Part 4:Daily Meal Planner Template Word

Daily Meal Planner Template Free Download Daily Meal Planner Template >>

Ditch the static printables! Use a daily meal planner template word that offers a user-friendly interface. Its flexible features allow you to insert a meal plan of your choice.

  • Effortless Customization:Unlike pre-set templates, Word allows you to edit freely. Cater the portion sizes to your macro plan, add columns for particular diets, and pick a font style for the whole document.
  • Access Anywhere:It's the distinctive anatomies of meal planner template google sheets that make it one of the most beloved games along with many others that are famous. Compatibility! Files open up without hassle across different laptops, tablets, and even phones. Make adjustments to your itinerary while on the run!

Personalize Your Planning

  • Dietary Needs:Optionally, you can show veggie, gluten-free, or protein-rich dishes using symbols or colors.  This would, however, require a standardized system that would allow customers to easily find these options.
  • Grocery List Integration:No more recipes that are half finished! Create an area on the app that is auto-loaded as you anticipate meals for the day.

Embrace Flexibility

  • Weekly or Monthly Views:Create different templates for short-term planning like trolley shopping(weekly) and long-term planning like budgeting (show-time monthly goal).
  • Recipe Integration:Do you love a particular recipe website? Add hyperlinks for simple access to any detailed instructions specifics.

You can personalize and have effective meal planning for food issues through a Word template. Drop the limitations and make a plan that suits you the best!

Part 5. Lunch and Dinner Meal Planner Template

Daily Meal Planner Template Free Download Daily Meal Planner Template >>

Lunch and dinner meal planner template is one of the ways to get prepared is to plan a possibly healthy menu that will help you eat only the right foods and will keep your body fully fueled. First of all, Make a menu (meal planner) for the day!

Sample Day

  • Breakfast: Yogurt mixed with fruits and nuts (proteins, fiber).
  • Lunch: chicken Caesar salad (a good source of protein, fiber, healthy fats)
  • Dinner: Salmon accompanied by roasted Brussels sprouts and quinoa is a dish that contains protein, good fats, and carb complexes.
  • Snacks: Apple wedges with almond butter (good fats and fibers) or colored veggies with hummus (that is, protein and fibers).

This way, you can personalize your meals, logging in your feeding info while at the same time monitoring your progress. The planning helps you as you will not look for snacks or cheap food in restaurants. On the contrary, your body will take the good that you prepare for it!

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Part 6:How to Use AfirstsoftPDF to Customize Templates?

So, we hope you understand templates well. But, how can you make it useful practically. AfirstsoftPDF provides an easy approach to boost your productivity. Here’s a simple step by step guide, how can you effectively use your intended template.

Step 1:

Begin the process of AfirstsoftPDF by downloading and installing it on your Windows or Mac computer. After it is installed, open the program and drag your template into the interface. Now, click on the file twice to open it and be prepared to start the customization.


Step 2:

When the PDF file is open, click the 'Edit' button that is located in the top part of the toolbar. This will provide the editorial frame, thus it will be possible to revise the text, alter the fonts, and add your own personal touches to make the planner entirely yours.


Step 3: 

After you finalize your design, click the 'Save' button which is on the top left corner of AfirstsoftPDF. Your unique schedule is now ready to enhance your productivity and to be in control of your life.


Part 7:Conclusion

Daily meal planning is one of the ways to stay away from overeating and choose what is healthy for your body regularly! Whether you're looking for a macro meal planner template or a meal planner template Google sheet, this guide will assist. By using a template, a plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for the day of the week. This single act will push you closer to your health and wellness objectives, in addition to making you save both time and money!

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