90 Merry Christmas Wishes Text for Family and Friends

However, sometimes it can be difficult to distill deeply felt sentiments into just a few words. Where does one begin to adequately convey gratitude, care, or warmth merry Christmas text alone?

We aim to take the pressure off by providing over 90 merry Christmas text messages, from heartwarming messages for family to playful jokes for friends, you're sure to find the ideal words among these Christmas greetings texts.

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Part 1: 15 Merry Christmas Wishes Text for Kids

  1. Wishing a ho-ho-whole lot of Christmasfun and laughter for one of the jolliest kids around! Merry Christmas!
  2. Santa's little helper, may your Christmasbe merry and bright with plenty of surprises under the tree!
  3. To a very awesome kid - have an epically amazing Christmasfilled with games, treats, and making fantastic memories!
  4. Christmasis even more magical when celebrating with a super cool kid like you! Warmest wishes for a wonderfully fun holiday.
  5. For the sweetest little elf, wishing you a season packed with delicious cookies, twinkling lights, and Christmascheer!
  6. A special Merry Christmasto a very special child. May your heart and home be filled with love, joy, and holiday hugs.
  7. Wishing one of the kindest kids ever a Merry Christmasoverflowing with cheerful moments, festive traditions, and cozy warmth.
  8. Let the exciting countdown begin! Hope Christmasmorning is filled with awesome gifts and even happier surprises.
  9. You've been so good all year, kiddo - now enjoy the Christmasseason however you wish! Unwrap fun and magic at every turn.
  10. For a little one with a big heart, wishing you a merry and meaningful Christmascreating lifelong memories with family.
  11. No matter how old you get, the Christmasjoy never fades when you celebrate with a young-at-heart spirit like yours!
  12. Imagine and believe in all the wonders of Christmas, dear child. May this season work its magic on you in delightful ways.
  13. Hip hip hooray, it's a kid's favorite day - Christmas! Here's to unwrapping loads of happiness and holiday excitement.
  14. May the spirit of Christmascreate a warm glow in your heart, little one. You are so loved and cherished.
  15. For a super sweet kid, wishing you a Merry Christmasseason sprinkled with chocolate, cuddles, and nonstop smiles!
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Part 2: 15 Merry Christmas Text to a Friend

  1. Merry Christmas, friend! Wishing you abundant happiness, love, and festive fun this holiday season!
  2. It's the most wonderful time of the year, and I'm feeling extra grateful to have an amazing friend like you to celebrate with!
  3. Whether you're cozied up by the fireplace or having an ugly Christmassweater party, I hope your day is merry and bright!
  4. Christmasjust isn't the same without my partner in holiday hijinks. Wishing you an unforgettable season filled with cherished memories!
  5. You're a gift to me all year round, but I'm still hoping Santa slides something special under the tree for my awesome friend.
  6. The holidays can be crazy, so I'm sending you warm wishes for peace, joy, and quality time with loved ones this Christmas.
  7. Let's keep the Christmasspirit alive by remembering all the laughs, good times, and holiday shenanigans we've shared over the years.
  8. You make every occasion more fun, so I can only imagine how awesome you'll make this Christmas! Merry everything, dear friend.
  9. Wishing my friend an absolutely fantastic Christmasoverflowing with all the trimmings - delicious food, great company, and lots of love!
  10. Whether you're spending the day at home or hitting the roads, may your Christmasbe filled with magic and merriment!
  11. Thank you for always making me laugh, even during stressful holiday chaos. You're a great friend and I'm lucky to have you!
  12. Merry Christmas, bestie! Let's make some new fun holiday memories by having an epic gift-wrapping contest or baking Battle this year.
  13. Sending you warm hugs and Christmaslove from across the miles! You may not be near, but you're always in my heart.
  14. Let's take time to cherish what Christmasis really about - our amazingly awesome friendship and the small but meaningful traditions we share.
  15. I know this Christmaswill be yours because you're one of the happiest, most festive people I know! Wishing my merrymaking friend a beautiful holiday.

Part 3: 15 Merry Xmas Text to My Love

  1. Merry Christmas, my love! Having you by my side makes this the most magical season of all. You are the greatest gift I could ever receive.
  2. No matter how many twinkling lights or colorful presents, nothing shines brighter than my love for you. Merry Christmas, sweetheart!
  3. They say Christmasis a time for giving. My heart is yours, today and always. Merry Christmas to my one and only!
  4. All I want for Christmasis you. Being with you makes every day feel like a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas, my everything!
  5. Christmashas a way of making the whole world seem more vibrant and full of life, kind of like how I feel whenever I'm with you, my love.
  6. Let's cozy up by the fireplace, sip hot cocoa, and make this a Christmaswe'll never forget. Merry Christmas to my soulmate!
  7. I've been dreaming of a white Christmas, but holding you in my arms is the warmest, coziest feeling I could ever hope for. Merry Xmas, beloved!
  8. No Santa, no reindeer, no sparkling tree could ever out-dazzle you, my love. You are the light of my life this Christmasand always.
  9. Meeting you was the greatest gift, loving you is the greatest journey. Merry Christmasto the keeper of my heart!
  10. With you is the only place I want to be this Christmas. Just you and me, my perfect present. Merry Christmas, my forever love!
  11. Cuddling by the Christmastree, stealing sweet kisses under the mistletoe... There's no better way to celebrate the season than with you.
  12. You've had my heart for quite a while, but being with you on this Christmasday makes me fall deeper in love all over again.
  13. Christmashas a way of making hearts feel extra full of joy, gratitude, and love...I have feelings for you every day, my dear.
  14. Let's get cozy under the blankets and chat face-to-face. I've got a few very merry Christmaskisses saved up just for you!
  15. Our first Christmasas a couple, and I know it will be the best one yet simply because I get to spend it with you, my true love. Merry Xmas!
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Part 4: 15 Christmas Wishes Text Business

  1. Warmest wishes for a very Merry Christmasand a prosperous New Year. May this holiday season bring you and your family peace and joy.
  2. During this festive season, we'd like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support and partnership. Merry Christmas!
  3. Wishing you a Christmasfilled with love, laughter, and great company. May the new year be a successful one for your business.
  4. In this season of giving, allow me to give my thanks for your partnership. It's a pleasure working with you. Merry Christmas!
  5. May the magic of the Christmasseason fill your home and heart with an abundance of happiness. Warmest holiday wishes!
  6. As we celebrate this joyous time of year, I wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmasand a New Year of health and prosperity.
  7. Opportunities and possibilities await in the new year. For now, relax and enjoy a wonderful Christmaswith your family.
  8. Thank you for your trust and support throughout the year. Sending warm wishes for a festive holiday season.
  9. Christmasis a time to celebrate with gratitude. We appreciate your business and wish you a very Merry Christmas.
  10. From our professional family to yours, we wish you a season of peace, joy, and an abundance of memorable moments. Merry Christmas!
  11. In warm appreciation of your valued business, we extend our heartfelt wishes for a happy holiday and a brilliant New Year.
  12. May the holiday season be filled with opportunities for quality time with family and friends. Merry Christmasand a Happy New Year!
  13. We value our relationship with you and wish you a wonderful Christmasfilled with love and cheer. Here's to a successful New Year!
  14. The gift of loyalty from clients like you is truly priceless. We wish you and yours a joyous Christmasand a prosperous New Year.
  15. Many thanks for your support this year. We couldn't have done it without you. Wishing you a Merry Christmasand all the best in 2025!

Part 5: 15 Christmas Greetings Text for Colleagues

  1. Wishing you a wonderful Christmasseason filled with warmth, laughter and precious moments with your loved ones. Merry Christmas!
  2. During this festive time of year, I'm feeling grateful to be part of such an amazing team. Merry Christmasto all of my co-workers!
  3. May the holidays bring you rest, relaxation, and an opportunity to recharge. You've worked hard this year - enjoy this Christmas!
  4. Let's raise a glass (or mug of hot cocoa!) to another year of working together as a team. Merry Christmas, colleagues!
  5. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. You've earned a joyous Christmaswith plenty of festivities and fun!
  6. Forget about work for a while and soak up all the merriment this season has to offer. Merry Christmasfrom a grateful coworker!
  7. Whether you're staying cozy indoors or visiting family, I hope your Christmasis rich with meaningful traditions and happy memories.
  8. Christmasis a reminder that the best "presents" are priceless - like working with such caring, supportive colleagues like all of you.
  9. For all the ways you've helped me and our team succeed this year, I'm truly grateful. Enjoy a well-deserved Christmas!
  10. Out of the office and into the Christmasspirit! Cheers to all of you for another year of hard work and achievements.
  11. The holidays remind me how blessed I am to work alongside such intelligent, passionate, and driven people. Merry Christmas, team!
  12. Our office may be closing, but I'm confident our collaborative spirit and good cheer will stay strong through the holidays!
  13. You deserve to wake up with a smile this Christmas...although it's hard to beat the joy of seeing your smiling faces at work each day!
  14. It's been an incredible year thanks to all your talents and team efforts. Merry Christmas- you've certainly earned some relaxation!
  15. Even when challenges come our way, having colleagues like all of you makes any obstacle surmountable. Merry Christmas, friends!
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Part 6: 15 Merry Christmas Text Messages Funny

  1. Roses are red, and violets are blue-ish, however you burn the fruitcake this year, please don't let it be too crimson-crusted! Merry Christmas!
  2. They say the holiday season is "the most wonderful time of the year"... said no retail worker ever. Just kidding, Merry Christmas!
  3. I tried to buy you the perfect gift, but the Jedi robe was too long and the cufflinks made of real hufflepuff fur were a tad expensive. Merry Chrismukkah!
  4. The bad gift-wrapping? That's my territory. The ugly sweater? You've got that one handled. Merry Christmas, partner in holiday shenanigans!
  5. Think positive - at least our families can't interrogate us about our love lives and career plans THIS year over Zoom. Merry Kwanzaa-ish!
  6. Christmasis a time for family, full bellies, togetherness...and the occasional drunk relative face-planting into the egg nog. Bless this mess!
  7. I hope Santa got my request for the deluxe anti-monster spray and camo onesie this year. A girl can dream! Merry Christmasand a Crouton New Year!
  8. Nothing says "holly jolly" like the scent of burnt gingerbread cookies and a tangle of lights that refuse to cooperate, am I right? Bah humbug!
  9. You've been jaun-ice all year, but I'll put the punishing on pause for now. Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas!
  10. They say good things come to those who wait...unless you're talking about finding a parking spot at the mall. Then you're just Grinched.
  11. Let's make a pact - we'll ignore the scales from now until Epiphany and avoid all mirrors until Lent, deal? Merry Eating Season!
  12. Did you remember to leave out the mushroom and arugula milk for Santa's reindeer this year? Asking for a fraaaaand...
  13. As my gift to you, I promise not to regale you with tales of hand-to-hand combat over sale items at the department stores. You're welcome!
  14. 'Twas the month before Christmasand I'd had enough of fa la la la-ing and tinselly fluff! Can we just fast-forward to the eggnog part?
  15. Unwrap this text with care - it may contain traces of sarcasm, snark and ugly sweaters. But it's also packed with yuletide hugs from me to you!

Part 7: How to Make a Christmas Card With Merry Christmas Wishes Text?

Afirstsoft PDF, which is available as a free download, is an amazing tool that you can utilize in making a Christmas card with merry Christmas wishes text. With Afirstsoft PDF, you only need to have a few minutes for the task, and a clear idea of how you’d want your Christmas card with merry wishes to appear. Below are the steps you would need to follow, in order to make a Christmas card with merry Christmas wishes text using Afirstsoft PDF:

Step 1: Download the Afirstsoft PDF

As indicated earlier, Afirstsoft PDF is one of those software tools that users can download for free. You thus only need to click on the ‘Free Download’ button in this article, and shortly after that, you will have Afirstsoft PDF downloaded onto your computer. Once downloaded, the Afirstsoft PDF file needs to be double-clicked, to install.

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Step 2: Download a Template

Just go through the Christmas card templates we have to offer. Select the one that is best for creating the Christmas card with the Christmas wishes message you are envisioning, then click on the ‘Download’ button for it.

Step 3: Launch the Afirstsoft PDF on Your Computer

Check on your computer’s desktop or start menu, and if you find the Afirstsoft PDF’s icon there, click on it to launch this tool. Otherwise, go to your computer’s search bar, enter the name ‘Afirstsoft PDF’ there, and once this application is found, press the ‘Enter’ key to launch it.

Step 4: Upload the Template

On the Afirstsoft PDF’s dashboard, click ‘Open’, then navigate to where the chosen template (downloaded in step 2 above) was saved and click to upload it.


Step 5: Customize Your Christmas Card

To add the Merry Christmas wishes text, pick the ‘Add Text’ feature on the Afirstsoft PDF’s dashboard. Then type in the Merry Christmas wishes text that we have recommended in the above sections.


To customize your Christmas card further, make full use of the ‘Select’, ‘Hand’, and ‘Edit’ features that Afirstsoft PDF gives you. Thus change the card’s colors, fonts, shades, images, and so on as needed.

Step 6: Convert Your Christmas Card to Image/Word/PowerPoint

To convert the Christmas card with Merry Christmas wishes to image, Word, or PowerPoint, simply click where it says ‘Convert’. Then in the dialog box that appears, check where you are required to specify the ‘Output Format’ you desire – and opt for image, Word, or PowerPoint as per your needs.


You can now dispatch the Christmas card which now has a merry Christmas wishes message on it.

Part 8: Conclusion

Let your entire circle feel the spirit of the season glowing from your xmas text even when miles divide you. Now you have plenty of festive inspiration at your fingertips to craft meaningful Christmas wishes text that are sure to brighten someone's holiday.

Spread your holiday cheer by writing beautiful merry xmas text on digital greeting cards. The Afirstsoft PDF allows you to effortlessly customize stunning e-cards in just minutes with an intuitive interface and a wide selection of templates, fonts, images and more. Download it for free today and start crafting memorable greetings to share the Christmas spirit virtually this season.

Don't forget the true joy of the season is created through our thoughts, words and deeds that uplift others. May this holiday season fill your heart with peace, love and connection as you celebrate.

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