Exploring the 10 Top Best AI Text Summarizers to Consume

Lengthy, elaborated passages can be hard to read and consume much time, resulting in lesser retention. AI tools bring their advanced text summarization feature that saves time and increases retention for the readers. These tools increase productivity in users by sparing them from prioritizing their tasks and focusing on essential information.

AI text summarization tools are an excellent option for researchers who have to look into multiple papers to extract the information they think is necessary. Instead of reading every research in detail, they can just read the summarized version.

In addition, these tools make informative passages easily accessible to an audience that does not enjoy reading long paragraphs. This article will discuss the top-notch AI text summarizers and how you can get the best summary out of them.

Part 1. Top 10 AI Text Summarizers

In the saturated market of text summarization tools, it can be a daunting task to land on the perfect one. To help you pick the platform for your needs, we have listed the best AI text summarizers in the following discussion. Go through each of them to select the most appropriate tool for perfect summaries:

1. Afirstsoft PDF

Using this platform, users get the ability to use advanced AI features that can do much more than simply summarize the text. With this efficient AI summarizer, you can either get a simple text summarized or convert your TXT file into a PDF before summarization. The versatility is beyond file format conversion, as this tool can also proofread documents after generating the summaries.

To top it all off, this chatbot leverages AI to translate a file into multiple languages, making the content accessible to a global audience. Afirstsoft PDF also analyzes your document and polishes it by rewriting the flawed sentences in it. Moreover, its interactive AI assistant makes the writing process comfortable and smooth by giving fresh ideas and dimension to your thought process.

With the help of this platform, you can obtain a precise explanation of the uploaded document if you have trouble understanding the complex parts. Additionally, users can benefit from the OCR feature of Afirstsoft PDF text summarizer to get the text detected and summarized within their scanned document.


afirstsoft ai text summarization

2. QuillBot

With advanced functionalities and diverse applications, QuillBot is a good choice for summarizing research articles. Other than writing or pasting text, you can upload documents to get them summarized. Additionally, users can benefit from the custom summarization feature and tailor the results by specifying the instructions for your summary. You can generate a summary in paragraph or bullet form and determine the desired length of results.

After your summary has been generated, you can copy-paste or simply download the text to share it on your desired platform. After generating accurate text summarization, this versatile tool also offers paraphrasing options and presents statistics like words. sentences, and character count.

quillbot ai text summarization

3. AI Summarizer

AI Summarizer uses artificial intelligence to generate accurate summaries of lengthy paragraphs without losing critical information. By setting the summary length, you can obtain the results of your choice for meeting certain limitations. Users can get summaries in paragraph or bullet point format, making them more readable. With the help of this AI text summarization tool, you can extract summaries in 7 different languages, including English, French, and more.

Users can either type the text manually, copy-paste the passage from other platforms, or upload a document file from their device to obtain the summarized passage. In addition, you can get the one-line summary of the original passage by selecting the "Best Lines" option using this tool.


ai summarizer ai text summarization

4. ZeroGPT

To utilize this tool, you can type your text and get the summarized version, having the original context intact. Users can leverage the versatility of this tool by generating summaries in bullet points or paragraphs within seconds. Using this efficient AI summarizer, you can set the desired length of your summary in percentage, with 60% being the highest available option.

Moreover, this platform is ideal for summarizing research papers, news articles, or any random essay. Apart from simple text, users can upload files and summarize them with this tool. When discussing its limitations, it is essential to mention that you can only give an input of up to 1,500 words in the free version of ZeroGPT.


zerogpt ai text summarization

5. Adobe Acrobat

Having an interactive AI assistance feature, Adobe Acrobat offers its users the option to chat with the docs. This platform ensures maximum productivity for its users by saving time and simplifying the workflow. Users can either paste lines to get them summarized or use this platform to convert the TXT file into PDF for summarization.

With the help of its summarization feature, you can extract key points of a meeting transcript or any specific information from a passage. Moreover, this AI text summarization tool can be used for PDF editing, exporting, and organizing facilities by subscribing to the paid version. In addition to these features, you can ask questions from its AI assistant to obtain valuable insights from the original document.


adobe acrobat ai text summarization

6. PrepostSEO

Taking advantage of its multiple-language support, you can summarize your documents in English, French, Italian, and many other languages. Users can set the desired length of the summary by specifying the word count or percentage. After your summary is generated, you can copy it or simply download it on your device as a TXT file. 

Although this platform is among the best AI text summarizers, it does have its limitations that can ruin user experience. The worst thing about this tool is the annoying ads on the interface. Moreover, to utilize AI Summarizer to summarize your document, you need to subscribe to the paid version of PrepostSEO.


prepostseo ai text summarization

7. Rephrase

Users can generate top-quality summaries by typing, copy-pasting, or uploading a TXT and DOCX file to this tool. With the help of the length selection option in percentage, you can specify Rephrase on your desired summary length. Using this platform, you can cater to a global audience by generating summaries in multiple languages.

In addition, this best AI text summarizer generates summaries in bullet points to give its readers a better understanding of the content. Plus, you will have to buy a paid version of Rephrase since the interface of the free version has lots of ads. After the summary is generated, you can use this tool to detect plagiarism and AI.


rephrase ai text summarization

8. PDFelement

If you are looking for an accurate text summarization tool that lets you chat with PDF, you should consider using this platform. Users can utilize its OCR feature to summarize content of any size, whether they are text-based files or image-based. Plus, you can copy-paste the text and get the summary proofread as the results are generated.

Utilizing PDFelement, you can summarize PDFs of research papers, articles, stories, reports, and more. In addition to these features, you can also get your PDFs translated into 50+ languages and cater to a global audience. Although this tool offers a diverse utility, it only provides a 14-day trial to access the advanced utilities.


pdfelement ai text summarization

9. Scribbr

Scribbr is an efficient AI summarizer that provides a summary in paragraph form, or more digestible bullet points. You can speed up your research writing process by summarizing long articles into shorter, accessible passages. By uploading a document or pasting the text, you can convert the complex parts of your content into their simpler versions.

To give the results a personalized touch, this platform allows its users to select keywords that they wish to include in their summaries. After the summary is generated, Scribbr provides statistics on the word count and number of paragraphs. In addition, you can also utilize the rephrasing options for the precis to result in a diverse summary.


scribbr ai text summarization

10. Paraphraser

With the help of this platform, users can generate summaries in more than 8 languages, including Dutch, German, English, and more. As your summary is generated, you can look at its stats and monitor the number of words, reading level, speaking time, and reading time. By dragging the slider, you can adjust the summary percentage and obtain the length of your choice.

Upon generating a summary, this AI text summarization tool allows users to check grammar and plagiarism and paraphrase the content. However, you can face word count limitations when applying AI features using the free version of this tool.


paraphraser ai text summarization

Part 2. Comparison of Top AI Text Summarizers

Until now, we have discussed the top summarization tools that can convert lengthy articles and essays into short, understandable passages. Let's discuss the comparison of AI summarization to help you understand the standing of each platform:

AI Text Summarizer

Pricing Plans

Text Summarization

Document Summarization

Other AI Features



Afirstsoft PDF


Content Rewriting, AI Assistant, Q&A, Proofreading

Proofreads the summary

Explains complex parts of a document



Premium: $4.17/month

Plagiarism Checker, AI Detector

Lets you rephrase the summary

Provides summary stats

Custom summarization is a paid feature

AI Summarizer

Plagiarism Check: $6.99/month

AI Assistant: $6.99/month

All in One: $9.99/month

AI Story Generator, Conclusion Generator

Lets you set the summary length,

Summarizes in multiple formats

No plagiarism check in the free version


Pro: $9.99/month

Max: $26.99/month

AI Detector, Citation Generator

Summarizes in Bullets,

Allows file upload

1500 word limit

Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat Pro:


Acrobat Standard:


Create PDF, Organize PDF

Chat with PDF,

Converts files to PDF

No online version









Article Rewrite, Image to Text

Multiple Language Support,

Sets summary length by percentage

AI Summarizer is not free








Grammar Checker, AI Essay Writer

Lets you upload a DOCX file,

Detects AI after summarizing

Annoying ads


Quarterly Plan:


Yearly Plan:


Perpetual Plan:


PDF Translator, AI Content Detector

Translates the summary,

Rewrites PDF

Offers 14-day Trial Only



Plagiarism Check, PDF proofreading and editing

Provides post-summarization stats,

Allows file upload

Word count limitation of 600 words


Silver: $23/week

Gold: $40/month



AI Essay Writer, Article Rewriter

Checks grammar after summarizing, Provides post-summary stats

Limited language support

From the above table, it is clear that Afirstsoft PDF is the best option to consider when summarizing your research. This tool is easy to use because of its simple and intuitive interface and generates quick results.

The multiple language support feature helps people from every ethnicity to make the most of this tool. Therefore, it can be concluded that Afirstsoft PDF is undoubtedly the best AI text summarizer for people looking for an advanced-featured, user-friendly tool.

Part 3. How to Use Afirstsoft PDF for Text Summarization

Researchers can utilize this tool to generate accurate summary of lengthy written content without deteriorating the context. Afirstsoft PDF is not just limited to summarization, as it proofreads your summary and detects the errors in it. When discussing its functionalities, it is important to notice that the users can utilize its content rewriting feature to upgrade their content quality. In addition, researchers will be able to translate their summaries into multiple languages by leveraging the multiple-language support feature.

Moreover, the Afirstsoft PDF text summarizer offers an AI assistant that answers users' queries regarding the uploaded PDF files. Now that you have understood the significance of Afirstsoft, it is time to learn how you can access and utilize its summarization feature. Follow the steps below to learn how you can summarize your articles and essays using this platform.

Step 1. Launch Afirstsoft and Upload the Text File

To begin the process, download the latest version of Afirstsoft PDF from their website and launch it on your device. Next, press the "Open" icon on its main interface and search for the PDF from the File Explorer to import it to Afirstsoft PDF.


open pdf on afirstsoft pdf

Step 2. Explore and Summarize the PDF File Using Afirstsoft AI

As your article is imported into the interface, click the "Afirstsoft AI" button on the right side of the topbar and navigate to the panel on the right side. Next, log in to your Afirstsoft account and hit the “Start” button to get the automated summaries with this platform.


access afirstsoft ai feature

Step 3. Summarize a Specific Text of the Document

To summarize a small piece of content in your file, copy the desired portion and paste it into the textbox to prompt the system to generate a summary. This will result in the summarization of a specified part of the large PDF document.


summarize text using afirstsoft ai

Part 4. Tips for Effective Text Summarization With AI

Using an AI text summarization tool sounds simple and doable, but it takes genuine human efforts to obtain the summary of your needs. It is crucial for a user to understand the techniques to be used to generate results that perfectly summarize the text without losing its meaning. To help you get the summary of your choice, we have enlisted the top tips you can follow while using a summarization tool:

  1. Choose the Right Tool:First things first, you should get started by choosing the tool that meets your desired summary length and text type. You can compare the top-rated platforms and have an AI summarization comparison among them to select the one that best suits you. Additionally, you should utilize the trial versions of the tools before buying a paid subscription.
  2. Ensure the Text is Clean: To generate an informative summary, it is crucial to provide an input file that is full of information and well-formatted. In essence, the results that are generated depend primarily on the prompt you give to the system. Make sure to write all the key information in the input that you want to include in the summary.
  3. Utilize Advanced Features: Accuracy is a demand of every user when summarizing a document, but many tools tend to lose the key information along the process. To extract the accurate text summarization, it is essential to use advanced features offered by the tool, so that you end up having an accurate, good-quality summary.
  4. Fine-tune AI-Generated Summary: AI can generate high-quality summaries, but they can sound too robotic sometimes. The robotic results can be improved if the researchers refine the summaries before sharing them. Hence, incorporating AI with human efforts can give the summary a personalized touch.

Part 5. FAQs on Best AI Text Summarizers

  1. What are the restrictions you can face while generating summaries with AI tools?

While using an AI tool, it is very common to face word count limitations while typing the original text. In addition, it has been observed that many online platforms allow only a small document upload. Besides these limitations, the accuracy is also highly variable among each tool, which can cause distrust among the users.

  1. How can you compare AI-generated summaries with manual ones?

Writing a summary manually can be more detailed and informative, but using an AI-generated summary can save a lot of time and human effort. By opting for AI tools, you can easily make summaries in multiple languages, which is not possible for humans. Additionally, you can also benefit from the post-summarization grammar check features of AI tools to ensure perfect grammar.

  1. Which is the best AI tool for text summarization?

After analyzing the popular summarization tools, it can be concluded that Afirstsoft PDF is the best AI tool to consider when summarizing a document. Due to its instant summary generation and post-generation features, this tool is the most useful option for researchers and students.


Concluding the discussion, this article was a detailed guide on AI text summarizing platforms and how they have evolved the process of summarization. Later in this discussion, you came across the top AI summarization software, along with its key features, that can help you make an informed choice.

Although all had great features, it can be safely said that Afirstsoft PDF text summarizer is the best tool of the lot. Due to its advanced AI features and PDF editing features, it makes its way among the best content summarizers.

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