Best 12 PDF Summarizers with AI Capabilities in 2024

Students or researchers have to read lengthy PDF articles to extract essential points relevant to their research. The traditional method of collecting information from the articles is pretty time-consuming and tiresome. However, they can use AI PDF summarizers to make their data extraction job easier. With the help of these best PDF summarizers, students can swiftly find the information they are looking for within the document.

Nevertheless, choosing PDF summarizers can be difficult, as there are many options available in the market. Therefore, this article will familiarize you with the top AI tools to help you summarize PDF documents.


Part 1. 3 Best PDF Summarizer AI

As discussed, there are many AI PDF summarizers available, making the choice difficult for professionals. To help you make an informed decision, we will introduce some of the best PDF summarizers with AI capabilities. After going through these tools, you will be able to choose the best one for your needs.

1. Afirstsoft [Completely Free]

When discussing the best PDF summarizers, Afirstsoft comes to mind due to its advanced AI assistant. Once you import your document to this PDF management tool, it will analyze your documents using its AI capabilities. Afterward, you can prompt this AI assistant to summarize your documents in a concise manner. Moreover, this summarization tool will help you extract key points from PDF articles.

In addition, users can utilize this tool to translate their summaries in multiple languages. Using these features, you can summarize PDFs in foreign languages and then translate the summary into your native language for better understanding. Other than summarizing your documents, its AI assistant lets you ask any question related to the PDF documents to improve content comprehension.

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Using this AI summarization tool, users can generate a quick summary of books and reports that are available in PDF format. Moreover, this tool lets you go through crucial points present within the research papers and technical documents to save time.

Users can also prompt this best AI PDF summarizer to rewrite or continue writing summaries to match their needs. Surprisingly, you can also summarize data present in complex tables with the help of this tool.


wps ai pdf summarizer


UPDF AI has the capability to generate summaries of PDFs containing hundreds of pages within a few seconds. Using this tool, you can ask an AI assistant to create summaries in a particular language.

In addition, this tool can simplify complex data written in charts and graphs. You can even mention a page number in the PDF article whose summary you want to generate with this best PDF summarizer AI.


updf ai pdf summarizer

Part 2. 3 Best Free PDF Summarizers

Users who don't want to spend money to get summaries can get help from the free PDF summarizer tools listed below. All these tools let you generate summaries of the PDF content without paying anything. So, go through these AI PDF summarizers to enjoy an instant summary-making experience.

1. NoteGPT

With the help of this online free PDF summarizer, users can get quick summaries and key points in the PDF article. In addition to summaries, this tool creates a mind map to let students go through all of the PDF content at one glance.

If you don't like the output generated by this tool, you even get the option to regenerate the summary. Moreover, you will get FAQs along with a PDF summary to help you better understand the content.


notegpt pdf summarizer

2. Sharly AI 

Sharly AI is a multi-dimensional AI PDF summarizer that can help you generate concise summaries within a few seconds. With this tool, you can also prompt AI to highlight critical points present within the PDF article.

Moreover, users can optimize its advanced settings to adjust the language and answer length options before generating a summary. Once the summary is generated, this tool allows you to share or export the chat to help your friends.


sharly ai pdf summarizer

3. Smallpdf

Using this best PDF summarizer for free, users get the chance to generate instant summaries with one click. Along with summaries, this tool provides you with suggested questions to improve your concepts related to the topics discussed in the PDF.

In addition, you can ask for anything from the AI assistant to help you better understand the PDF content. After generating the answers, users can copy the text to share with others.


smallpdf ai pdf summarizer

Part 3. 3 Best PDF Summarizer for Students

As a student, you have to read multiple books and articles to clear your concepts related to any topic. However, most students fail to consume important knowledge points due to the shortage of time. To solve this problem, many document summarizers have been introduced in the market. Here, we will discuss the top 3 student-friendly PDF summarizers to help you during your studies.

1. Afirstsoft [100% Free]

Students can make use of this best AI PDF summarizer to analyze content written in lengthy PDF articles. With this free AI tool, you get the option to generate instant summaries of academic papers and course books for better content consumption. Moreover, this tool allows you to translate and summarize PDFs written in other languages to avoid limitations while studying.

Using this best PDF summarizer for students, you can also extract data from complex tables and charts while solving statistics problems. All in all, Afirstsoft proves to be a valuable asset when it comes to improving productivity while studying.

2. Scholarcy

Scholarcy is renowned for its ability to help students consume large numbers of PDF documents within a few minutes. After uploading PDF articles to this tool, you will find key concepts and significant topics discussed within the document.

Moreover, this best PDF summarizer gives an abstract and synopsis of the academic articles to help you understand the main idea. Plus, you get full PDF text with highlighted key points to help you navigate through articles quickly.


scholarcy pdf summarizer

3. Otio

With this GPT-4o-powered AI research assistant, you can get summaries of your uploaded research articles. Besides summaries, this tool can also generate key takeaways in bullet form to help you go through all the content within the article.

Compared to other best PDF summarizers AI, this free AI tool also displays the PDF pages to help you compare summaries with the original text.


otio pdf summarizer

Part 4. 3 Best Online Free PDF Summarizers

You can also summarize PDF documents without downloading third-party tools with the help of free PDF summarization tools available online. Using these AI tools, you just have to upload your PDF articles to get instant summaries without hassle. Analyze the top online PDF summarizers below to choose the best one for your needs.

1. ZeroGPT

When talking about online free PDF summarizers, ZeroGPT will come to your mind due to its simple-to-use features. Users can easily upload their documents and optimize summary length to generate output according to their needs.

Furthermore, you get the chance to generate summaries in text or bullet point style with the help of this tool. However, the free version of this PDF summarizer has a word limit of 1500, which can limit your workflow.


zerogpt pdf summarizer

2. PrePost SEO

Using this free PDF summarization tool, you can generate summaries in the form of bullets or sentences. While creating a summary, you can determine the output length based on words or percentages.

Plus, this tool has the ability to generate summaries in different languages for better content accessibility. You can even categorize sentences present in the PDF document based on ranking with the help of its AI summarization feature.


prepost seo pdf summarizer

3. PDF Summarizer

PDF Summarizer lets you generate summaries of PDF files containing up to 1500 pages or 300K words within a few seconds. After uploading the document, you can select the output language to summarize foreign documents in your native language.

Also, users can optimize the summarization style for the desired summary output. Most importantly, you can set the summary size using this best PDF summarizer for free to meet the requirements of different assignments.


online pdf summarizer

Part 5. How to Summarize a PDF File with Afirstsoft PDF?

After going through this article, you have familiarized yourself with the PDF summarization features of Afirstsoft. As discussed, this best PDF summarizer has the ability to summarize any PDF document within a few seconds to improve your understanding of the content. Now, let's go through the steps explained below to learn how to summarize a PDF article using this AI tool:

Tips for Getting the Best Results from a PDF Summarizer

After understanding the workings of the best AI PDF summarizer, it is time to analyze the top tips for PDF summarization. Using these methods, you will be able to get the most accurate and relevant PDF summaries with a single click.

  1. Prepare the Document for Summarization: Before you carry out the summarization task, you need to ensure the PDF is clean and free from scanning errors. When the document contains well-formatted text, AI tools will generate better summaries.
  2. Apply OCR to Scanned PDFs:If possible, convert scanned PDFs to searchable documents using OCR software. By doing so, you will be able to create summaries of scanned files and images with the help of the best PDF summarizers. 
  3. Limit the PDF Content-Length:When the PDF content is very long, you should consider summarizing the text in parts. Before summarizing the content, break down the document into manageable sections and summarize each section individually.
  4. Check for Accuracy: Students and researchers should always review the summaries generated by the AI tools for accuracy. As summarizers can miss context-specific information, you need to cross-check essential points with the original document.

FAQs about PDF Summarizers

Q1. How does a PDF summarizer work?

Once you upload a document, the summarizer extracts text from the PDF before generating a summary. Afterward, the best PDF summarizer AI analyzes the content to identify key points and important sentences. Finally, it generates a summary by condensing the information while retaining the core message.

Q2. Are PDF summarizers accurate?

Generally, the accuracy of a summarizer depends on the quality of the tool and the complexity of the document. Mostly, high-quality summarizers, such as Afirstsoft,  use advanced algorithms to generate more accurate summaries.

Q3. Can summarizers handle multiple languages?

Advanced summarizers support multiple languages to generate concise summaries in your native language. However, the accuracy may vary depending on the language complexity and the capabilities of the PDF AI summarizer.


Upon reading this article, you are now familiar with the best PDF summarizers available in the market. In addition, we have introduced some of the top student-friendly PDF summarizers to help you with research projects.

Among all these summarization tools, Afirstsoft stands out as the best choice with its advanced AI assistant. So, get your hands on this PDF AI tool to generate concise summaries of academic papers and articles.

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