80 Easter Birthday Card Messages to Wish a Happy Birthday and Easter

This article provides 80 heartfelt messages you can use to wish your child a happy birthday and happy Easter on their special day. With messages for sons, daughters and little ones alike, you are sure to find the perfect greeting to wish a hopping good Easter birthday they will always remember.

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Part 1: 20 Happy Birthday and Easter Wishes for Kids

  1. Wishing our sweet birthday bunny a happy day filled with yummy treats, cuddly friends, and lots of toys!
  2. Hope your birthday is egg-stra special and egg-citing from sunrise to sunset! You deserve a basket overflowing with happiness.
  3. For the world's most festive kid - may your day be magical, whimsical, and simply joyful!
  4. Let's celebrate in style with an epic egg hunt, bunny snuggles, and more cake than you can imagine!
  5. Happy birthday, little one! We're beaming with pride to watch you grow another year bigger and brighter.
  6. You make every day feel like a holiday, which is why today is twice as fun to celebrate! Enjoy your special day.
  7. Another year of your amazing spirit has bloomed! Wishing an egg-stra wonderful day for our little ray of sunshine.
  8. May your day be simply hoppy, from the smiles and laughter to the eggs and chocolate bunnies galore!
  9. It's your birthday party and you can eat all the Peeps you want! Wishing our sweet kiddo an egg-straordinary day.
  10. Focus less on hunting eggs and more on just being YOU - creative, curious, and full of life!
  11. Today we celebrate the greatest gift of all - you! Happy birthday to our adorable birthday kid.
  12. Hope your special day is filled with baskets of treats and extra sweet eats.
  13. Easterjoy and birthday cheer, wishes bright throughout the whole year.
  14. Sending smiles your way on this magical spring day. Happy birthday and a very happy Easter.
  15. Celebrate with fun, sun and yummy cake too, a birthday bunny wishes love toyou.
  16. May your day be bright as you delight in the sight of colored eggs and packagesof light.
  17. Count your blessings on this sweet day of play, happiest wishes come your sunny way.
  18. Happy birthday and Easter! I hope it's the best yet, with family and grins you'll never forget.
  19. You fill our days with joy each new season, happiest birthday to our special reason.
  20. Enjoy this extra fun-filled day with loved ones near and far, Easterblessings mixed with wishes from a shining star.
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Part 2: 20 Happy Birthday and Happy Easter Messages for Son

  1. My birthday champion, I hope your Easteris jam-packed with fun, love and lots of cake to chomp. Happy birthday on Easter!
  2. You're truly one of a kind and bring me so much joy, have the best spring day, my shining boy.
  3. Time for the ballsiest boy around to fill his basket to the top! Happy Easter and birthday, champ.
  4. You're one in a million, today you can ask for anything your heart may desire, my dear.
  5. My birthday dynamo, kick off your sneakers and hop to it - this day was made for you, kid.
  6. Time for the coolest kid around to put on his party bunny ears! It's your Easterand birthday all in one amazing day.
  7. Sending our most "egg-cited" Easter birthday wishes to the greatest son ever! Today is all about you and your awesome self.
  8. Our dear son, your humongous heart and infectious laughter make this springtime celebration even more joyous and meaningful.
  9. For our little Easter birthday boy who fills our lives with sunshine - may your special day be full of surprises and nonstop smiles!
  10. Time for the coolest kid around to put on his party bunny ears! It's your Easterand birthday all in one amazing day.
  11. On this hoppy day, we're reflecting on your thoughtfulness, compassion, and amazing spirit that inspires us daily. Happy birthday!
  12. Egg hunts and gifts and celebratory treats galore - it's no wonder our son has a perma-grin for his double spring fling!
  13. To our sweet little man who grows wiser by the day, we adore watching you embrace the magic of Easterand your birthday simultaneously.
  14. Our wonderful son, your enthusiasm for life is truly contagious! We hope your Easter birthday party is just as energetic and vibrant as you are.
  15. For an amazing boy becoming an amazing young man, your joint Easter/birthday is the ideal occasion to celebrate your unique spark.
  16. Seeing that bright smile and excited twinkle in your eye makes our hearts melt every time! Enjoy this special double celebration.
  17. Time to wake up and treat yourself - it's your birthday and Easterall rolled into one egg-stra spectacular day, favorite son!
  18. Whether indulging in Peeps or being showered with love, you deserve every second of your double spring festivities. We adore you!
  19. Our dearest son, you embody all the hope and renewal of Easteralongside the year-marking joy of another birthday.
  20. To our very own "Easter birthday" boy - the most thoughtful, caring young man a family could ask for. Have an amazing day!
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Part 3: 20 Happy Easter and Birthday Greetings for Daughter

  1. Warmest Easter birthday wishes to our sweet little lady! May your double celebration be egg-stra special.
  2. Oh how our hearts swell with pride and love for you, our precious daughter, on this meaningful double holiday!
  3. Today isn't just an ordinary birthday - it's an extraordinary "Easter" too! We hope it's hopping with joy for you.
  4. For our daughter who embodies the spirit of springtime renewal and youthful energy - happy Easterand birthday!
  5. To our bright and bubbly Easter birthday girl, may your day be filled with as much wonder and delight as you bring us.
  6. Get ready for double the surprises, double the hugs, and double the fun - it's your birthday and Easterrolled into one!
  7. Watching you grow another year older and celebrate Eastertoo makes us appreciate your cheerful zest for life.
  8. There are so many reasons to smile on your Easter birthday - family time, sweet treats, and cherishing our amazing daughter!
  9. Hip hip hooray, it's the birthday girl's special day! Eastermakes it even more egg-stra exciting to honor you, our little bunny.
  10. For the world's greatest daughter, no ordinary birthday would do. An "Easter" is the perfect way to truly celebrate YOU!
  11. While today combines two fantastic holidays, every day with your sunshine spirit feels like a reason to rejoice!
  12. Our dearest daughter, your kindness, compassion and caring ways make this joint Easter/birthday even more meaningful.
  13. Time to wake up and embrace the magic, birthday girl! We've egg-stra special plans to make your day bright.
  14. Between chocolate bunnies and beautifully wrapped gifts, we can't wait to shower you with love and appreciation, sweet daughter.
  15. Today's double festivities allow us to multiply the warm fuzzies, hugs and kisses we send your way! Happy Easter birthday!
  16. On your special Eastercelebration, we're in awe of the amazing young lady you're becoming. Have an egg-stra great day!
  17. Easterbaskets, jelly beans, and a year's worth of memories - our birthday daughter deserves every bit of this joyful holiday!
  18. Wishing our sweet Easter birthday princess a royally good time full of springtime whimsy, family fun, and beautiful memories!
  19. For the most thoughtful, wise-beyond-her-years daughter, we're egg-cited to celebrate your new milestone on this double holiday!
  20. Our precious daughter, your kind soul and sunny outlook brighten our world daily. We hope your Easter birthday shines just as brightly!
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Part 4: 20 Warm Easter Birthday Wishes

  1. May your Easter birthday be full of sweet surprises, cherished moments with family, and lots of bunny snuggles!
  2. Wishing you a world of happiness, laughter, and plenty of treats on your special double celebration day!
  3. Birthdays and Easter only come around once a year, so we hope you soak up every second of this joyful occasion!
  4. For the amazing you whobrighten our lives daily, today is the ultimate celebration of your vibrant spirit.
  5. Get ready for an egg-stra special day full of whimsy, wonder, and making egg-cellent memories!
  6. Between the Easter Bunny and birthday festivities, we can't wait to shower you with love, hugs and affection.
  7. May your heart feel as light, renewed and hopeful as the first bloom of spring on this meaningful double holiday.
  8. Your kindness and joyful energy are gifts to everyone around you. We hope you feel that warmth returning your way today!
  9. While every day with you is a reason to celebrate, an Easter birthday calls for taking the jubilation to whole new levels!
  10. For the amazing you who spread so much cheer, we wish you an Easter birthday overflowing with springtime bliss.
  11. Egg hunts, candy galore, and surrounding yourself with those who cherish you most - what could be better? Have an egg-stra fantastic day!
  12. Whether indulging in sweets or being showered with gifts, you deserve every bit of joy that this double holiday brings.
  13. Our birthday buddy and springtime pal, we hope your Easter birthday is egg-straordinary in every way!
  14. Today's the day to embody that youthful, playful spirit and do whatever makes your heart happiest. Enjoy your special celebration!
  15. No matter if it's your first double holiday or your tenth, an Easter birthday never loses its magic and wonder. Soak it all in!
  16. Between the candy, the cake, and all the treasures your heart desires, get ready for an egg-stremely amazing day!
  17. We hope your Easter birthday has as much vibrancy, whimsy and cheer as the colors of springtime itself.
  18. For the amazing you who fill our world with sunshine, your double celebration is the ultimate reason to spend quality family time.
  19. Wishing you a basket overflowing with love, laughter, and making beautiful memories today and always!
  20. An Easter bunny birthday calls for jumping for joy! We hope every moment of your special day is Easter eggs.

Part 5: How to Make an Easter Birthday Card with Afirstsoft PDF?

When your child has an Easter birthday, making a beautiful card for the event with the help of Afirstsoft PDF will take you no time even if you have no artistic talents. This versatile tool is open source and can be downloaded for use at no cost; however, for those seeking additional features, there is a paid-for professional edition available as well.

With Afirstsoft PDF, you can easily create a stunning Easter birthday card that conveys your warm wishes and heartfelt sentiments. The includes a variety of free cards and free templates that you can choose from, ensuring that you have the perfect starting point for your creation.

Here’s how to design an Easter birthday card with Afirstsoft PDF:

Step 1: Download Afirstsoft PDF

Firstly, one should just start by clicking the “Free Download” button to get the program for Mac or Windows. Once the file updates are downloaded, the user should now click the file twice to begin the installation.

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Step 2: Select and Download an Easter Birthday Card Template

Check our official website wherein you can get more details about different types of cards, including business cards, greeting cards, and many others.

Locate and download the template of your choice that depicts happy Easter birthday wishes. Keep a trace with the directory where the template has been stored as it will be needed in the next step.

Step 3: Launch Afirstsoft PDF

For the duration of installation, you will see an Afirstsoft PDF icon on your desktop, (or at the specified place). On the topic of how to start the application, one can start by double-clicking the icon of the application.

Step 4: Import the Easter Birthday Card Template

Then, in Afirstsoft PDF, while the program is operational, click on the ‘Open’ tab to browse for the folder that contains the template created in step 2. Now, select it and upload the card to the editor.

upload easter birthday card

Step 5: Personalize the Easter Birthday Card

As you see, you can customize your business card with the use of advanced editing tools available in Afirstsoft PDF. You can incorporate any message or birthday wishes within the card, add text boxes, or edit the existing box with different colors, content, or appearance. Make sure that you play around to find the best combination of color and elements for an appealing card.

There are six tools for customizing empowered by AI in Afirstsoft PDF: ‘Hand’ to move objects; ‘Select’ to choose between different colored frames or cocktail pictures and adjust the colors, or images of the cocktail pictures and fonts.

personalize happy birthday and happy easter card

Step 6: Export the Easter Birthday Card

Finally, click on ‘convert’, and select the format you want to convert the document into which could be an image, Word, or PowerPoint format.

export happy birthday and easter card

Congratulations! Your own Easter birthday card is now complete and you can bring it to the one you wish to celebrate.

Part 6. Conclusion

The messages provided offer thoughtful ways to acknowledge both a child's birthday and the Easter holiday falling on the same special day. Whether wishing a son or a daughter Easter birthday wishes, the hopes convey the magic of celebrating two occasions together. From heartfelt blessings to smiles and laughter with loved ones, each message aims to make their Easter birthday sparkle with moments to treasure.

No matter their age, kids anticipate Easter and their birthday with equal excitement each year. This collection of 80 messages provides just the right warm, thoughtful words to make their combined spring celebration doubly special. If you need any assistance designing an Easter birthday card to deliver these special messages, download the Afirstsoft PDF. This user-friendly software allows you to easily create customized digital Easter birthday cards, adding graphics, photos and personalized text.

With it, you can give your easter happy birthday wishes to your children and make them have a cracking Easter birthday!

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