50 Islamic Wedding Wishes & Messages

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Part 1: Soulful Islamic Wedding Wishes for Daughter

Is your daughter going to be married soon? Get ready and write some perfect Islamic wedding wishes for her. It is considered a good gesture to share loving and caring wishes for your daughter by writing on a card in the Islamic culture. You should choose inspiring and motivational Islamic wedding messages for your daughter and write them on the card. It will help her understand your emotions for her as well as get motivated for their lives.

  1. Happy wedding to my daughter! In your life try to create your happiness. May Allah bless you. Ameen.
  2. On this beautiful day I just want to say that, may Allah fill your heart with lifelong joy and smile. Ameen.
  3. My dear daughter, happy wedding day! May this change bring a lot of happiness in your life. Ameen.
  4. These are the moments of love and happiness; may your coming days be filled with smiles and pleasure during your whole life journey. Ameen.
  5. My princess is now ready to become a queen. Happy wedding to you! May your life after your wedding be spent with a smile. Ameen.
  6. I wish you a happy wedding and pray for you may Allah give you an enjoyable life. Congratulations on your nikah my dear daughter! May Allah bless you with all the happiness of life. Ameen.
  7. Happy wedding! May the togetherness of you both bring blessings in your life. Ameen.
  8. Happy wedding to my princess May Allah gives you all the happiness of life and make you the queen of the heart of your husband. Ameen.
  9. Happy wedding to both of you! May this wedding come into your life with a smile and endless blessings of Allah. Ameen.
  10. Congratulations my dear daughter! May Allah's guidance and blessings be with you every step of the way. May Allah bless your union with endless love, joy, and tranquility. Ameen.
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Part 2: Islamic Wedding Congratulations Phrases for Friends

Making your friends happy on their wedding day is a must-have thing for you. Mostly, friends irritate their friends with their naughty actions and words. However, you can’t do this when you are looking for Islamic wedding congratulations phrases for your friends. It is because these phrases will have religious intent that needs to be addressed nicely. So, you should try picking the best Islamic wedding wishes and messages for your friends to make them smile.

  1. Congratulations on your Nikah! May this wedding come with uncountable love and a smile in your life.
  2. Happy marriage to my dear friend! Now your life will change, may Allah give you long-lasting happiness and togetherness.
  3. Masha'Allah, my friend is becoming a groom today. We can see that you two are perfect for each other and praying that your chemistry also be matched with each other.
  4. Congrats on your wedding! May Allah accept your all prayers, may Allah grant you all the happiness in this world, and give you more happiness in your life. Ameen.
  5. This marriage is the most important event of your life. May this event come to your life with lifelong togetherness and happiness.
  6. Congratulations on your final day of freedom! Now onwards you should have to be as responsible as you can. May Allah give you many moments of happiness.
  7. Congrats my dear friend to you and your suppose! May Allah give you both a respectful and joyful long life.
  8. As you embark on this beautiful journey together, may your marriage be filled with mutual respect and happiness. Congratulations my friend on your wedding!
  9. Congrats on your wedding day! May you both be blessed with happiness and mutual respect.  
  10. Alhamdulillah, today my only best friend is now getting married Allah's blessings be with you in this life and life after here.

Part 3: Heartfelt Islamic Wedding Greetings for Son

When your son is getting married, they are entering into a new phase of their life. You must share some words that give him advice to be calm and happy for the rest of his life to make everyone from his family happy. If you don’t have such words, you should choose the best Islamic wedding greetings and share your words with him. By doing this, you will encourage him to be happy in his life regardless of the hardships and complications.

  1. Today I am so happy as it is the day of the marriage of my dearest son! Wish you a happy wedding life filled with togetherness.
  2. Congrats my son! May your wedding come to your life with charming love and a bright smile. Ameen.
  3. Mabrook, my dear! May Allah fill your after-marriage life with love and long-lasting happiness Ameen.
  4. Masha'Allah! The groom of the day is looking so handsome. Many many congrats my dear son on your wedding. May Allah give you all the happiness of life. 
  5. Love, smile, togetherness, and mutual respect are the keys to marriage life. Congratulations my dear son! May Allah fill your life with a great smile.
  6. So finally, my son is now starting a new chapter of life. Congratulations on that and wish you a happy and respectful married life.
  7. The day of your wedding is coming with happiness in our family. Congratulations my son! May Allah give you his blessings in this life and life hereafter. 
  8. I am praying to Allah that may the life of my son be filled with great love and happiness. Congratulations my dear son on your wedding day!
  9. Alhamdulillah my son found a caring and sweet life partner. Congratulations to you both! May your coming day be as amazing as you are.
  10. Congrats my dear son on your wedding! May your home be a haven of peace and your hearts always be intertwined with love and understanding.
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Part 4: Funny Islamic Wedding Messages for Brother

When it comes to your brother, you can be sensible as well as funny at the same time. It is because the receiver is your brother who is well aware of your humor and nature. So, you should choose the Islamic wedding messages and include some funny words to irritate him on this day. If you are unaware of the right words that you can add to such a message, we suggest you read the following Islamic wedding wishes and find the right one that is funny and sensible at the same time.

  1. May this marriage of you be the supply of patience for each other. Congratulations bro on your wedding! May Allah bless you with his blessing in this life and the life hereafter.
  2. Congratulations my dear bro on your wedding! Let me give you one key to a successful life: she is always right and when she is wrong, then remember the first role.
  3. Congratulations bro for charming moments of life! but this charm is for just a few days. Responsibilities for diapers and other things are coming to you soon.  
  4. Congratulations bro. I am amazed how she is ready to marry you. Then I remember due to your cute smile. May Allah keep your cute smile with you for always in your life.
  5. Congratulations on your marriage! But I will suggest you do not be very happy. With your wedding, there is an addition to our gang that will irritate you more than now. So start meditation for more patience.
  6. Congratulations on your wedding! On your day I just want to say that finally, after you married, you will have someone to share your secrets and everything.
  7. May your love story be as good as you did not imagine ever and I know about your romantic imagination. Congratulations on your marriage my dear brother!  May Allah bless you both and give you all the happiness of life. Ameen.
  8. Congratulations on your marriage day! May Allah be with you all the time and give patience to your spouse to bear you. Ameen.
  9. Congrats my dear bro on your last day of freedom! May Allah bless you with all the happiness of life and please give a favor to your partner: please try to not bore her with your meaningless jokes.
  10. Happy wedding day to you my dear brother! Finally, now we have a person in our family who will have the remote control of your all plans and I am so happy about it, LOL.

Part 5: Short & Caring Islamic Wedding Quotes

At the end of this blog, we have written some short and caring quotes in addition to Islamic wedding greetings. These Islamic wedding quotes have been written nicely to make them impactful and meaningful for everyone who is reading them. Moreover, we have kept these Islamic wedding congratulations phrases short to help you quickly share your thoughts with the receiver and advise them to be happy in their lives.

  1. May Allah bless your union with love and happiness. Ameen.
  2. Wishing you a marriage filled with joy and faith.
  3. Mabrook! May your love for each other grow every day.
  4. May your marriage be blessed with peace and harmony.
  5. May Allah's blessings be with you both always.
  6. Wishing you a lifetime of love and barakah.
  7. May your hearts be united in love and faith.
  8. Congratulations! May Allah bless your journey together.
  9. May your marriage be a source of endless blessings.
  10. Congratulations on your nikah! May Allah bless you both. Ameen.
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Part 6: How to Design a Card to Write Islamic Wedding Wishes with the Help of Afirstsoft PDF?

Designing an exclusive card for the special day of your loved one, namely, the wedding, has been never easier than using Afirstsoft PDF. This tool can be used by anyone irrespective of the fact if he or she has had experience in graphic designing or not. It is a distributed system that is completely free of cost but has a paid commercial version available. While using free templates, you will be glad to achieve an eye-catching card with lovely Islamic wedding wishes.

Here are the steps to design a graduation card with Islamic wedding wishes for your loved one with Afirstsoft PDF:

Step 1: Download Afirstsoft PDF

The first step is to download the program which can be found by clicking the ‘Free Download’ tab and choosing the Mac or Windows option. Once downloading is complete, to continue with the installation, just double-click on the icon of the particular file.

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Step 2: Choose and Download a Suitable Wedding Card Template

Afirstsoft PDF offers a variety of templates related to Islamic wedding cards. Choose a simple or sophisticated, we have everything in place, wedding card design that suits the Islamic wedding wishes or feelings that you are conveying. It is better to download the template and remember the directory you have used for it in order not to lose it.

Step 3: Open Afirstsoft PDF

When the file is successfully installed, there will be an Afirstsoft PDF icon on the desktop (or the specified path). Launching of the application can also be done by double-clicking it or by searching it through the search engine.

Step 4: Upload the Wedding Card Template

In Afirstsoft PDF, go to the ‘Open’ and then browse through the folders to choose the folder you save the template in Step 2. After choosing the template go to the upload button then click on it to open the template.

upload islamic wedding card

Step 5: Customize the Wedding Card

If you want to customize the appearance of the wedding card, it is better to do this using the features built into Afirstsoft PDF. You may utilize the ‘Add Text’ feature, where you can insert your warm congratulations or Islamic wedding greetings.

Besides, you can add colors, images, fonts, and much more using the options that can be accessed from the ‘Hand,’ ‘Select,’ and ‘Edit’ tools. Notably, AI will always be there to perfect your customization process for a better output.

customize islamic wedding messages

Step 6: Convert the Wedding Card

Selecting ‘Convert’ prompts the choice of ‘Output format’ where one can opt for an image format, Word document, or PowerPoint among others.

convert islamic wedding greetings card

Congratulations! Your wedding card with Islamic wedding wishes is now ready.

Part 7. Summary

By reading this blog, you must have picked the right Islamic wedding wishes for anyone from your circle. All these wishes have been written carefully by adding some words that show your emotions as well as caring behavior.

For a prominent impact on the heart of the receiver, we suggest you pick a beautifully designed card and write the Islamic wedding messages on it. On a lighter note, we recommend you pick Afirstsoft PDF for editing a card template and making it perfect for your wishes.

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