55 Muslim Wedding Greetings, Messages, Wishes, & Quotes

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Part 1: Formal Muslim Wedding Greetings

It is not compulsory that you have a best friend from the Muslim community. You may have a work colleague to whom you want to send Muslim wedding greetings. In this regard, you should try to be formal instead of choosing jolly or humorous words. In this section, we have written some phrases that you can choose to send Muslim wedding congratulations to your friends formally.

  1. Happy wedding dear! Wishing you a day filled with laughter, fun, and a happy new life. May Allah bless you both with much happiness in life.
  2. Marriage is a day when two families come together and new relations build between them. Happy togetherness day! May Allah bless you both. Ameen.
  3. Happy nikah! May Allah make this event cause of lifelong happiness and togetherness and may this day come into your life with love. Ameen.
  4. Happy wedding to you! May this wedding come to your life with happiness and laughter. Ameen. Many happy returns of the day.
  5. Congrats on your marriage day! May this day come to your life with love and prosperity. Ameen.
  6. Today, I want to wish you a happy and lovely life filled with many romantic moments. Happy wedding day!
  7. Mabrook on your wedding! May His blessing cover you till the last moment of life and bless you both with a happy and long together life.
  8. Congratulations both on your day! May Allah Almighty be filled this day with his kindness and love. Ameen. Happy wedding!
  9. May this day of togetherness come to your life with unlimited happiness and joy. Happy wedding day to you both. Many congrats on this big day.
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Part 2: Blessed Muslim Wedding Congratulations

When it comes to sending greetings and messages at the wedding of someone, the best way is to celebrate the event and send blessed wishes to them. To help you choose the best words for sending Muslim wedding quotes to your loved ones, we are here with a collection of messages. Whether you want to send these Muslim wedding wishes to your friends or your relatives, you will surely get beyond-expectation results.

  1. Congrats on your nikah! She is a great person; may she fill your life with many joyful moments and love. Ameen.
  2. Nikah is not the relation of two persons, it unites two families with each other. May Allah bless you both and give you wonderful moments with each other.
  3. I was very happy about listening to the news of your wedding. Congratulations on your wedding and I will compulsory say, it is a great decision. May this event come with a smile and happiness in your life.
  4. Congratulations on your nikah. May this togetherness of you both come with many lovely moments in life.
  5. Life is the name of many joyful moments. I want to wish you peace and the mercy of Allah in the happiest moments of life.
  6. Mabrook on your wedding day! May Allah give you all life's blessings and fill your heart with the power of belief.
  7. Congratulations on the last day of your freedom! May these new responsibilities come with happiness and love in your life.
  8. Wishing you endless love and a blessed life together. Congratulations on your Nikah.
  9. Congrats on your nikah! May Allah bless your days and give you all the happiness of this life and come after the life after here.
  10. Mabrook on your marriage! May this event fill your heart with love for each other and make your coming life full of entertainment and peace. Ameen.

Part 3: Short Muslim Wedding Messages

Normally, we think the only way of sending Muslim wedding greetings is to send a card on which a long paragraph is written. It is completely wrong because you can share Muslim wedding messages with someone while congratulating them after their Nikah. The best way to share your thoughts is to share short Muslim wedding wishes with them that will last quickly while greeting them. If you don’t know such wishes, explore this list of perfect wishes and messages.

  1. May Allah bless your union. Congrats!
  2. Wishing you a blessed and joyful marriage!
  3. Mabrook! May your love grow stronger each day.
  4. May Allah grant you happiness and harmony.
  5. Congratulations on your beautiful Nikah!
  6. May your marriage be filled with endless blessings.
  7. Best wishes for a joyous and blessed union!
  8. May your hearts be forever united in faith and love.
  9. Congratulations and Mubarak on your special and big day!
  10. Wishing you a lifetime of love and peace.
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Part 4: Loving Muslim Wedding Quotes

Sometimes, it won’t be enough to explore the list of Muslim wedding wishes to your receiver and make them happy. You might need Muslim wedding quotes that are versatile, appealing, and impactful. If you are looking for such words, you must look at the following collection of Muslim wedding congratulations quotes that you can choose on this occasion.

  1. In each other's love and company, may you find peace, happiness, and the light of faith. Mabrook on your wedding!
  2. As you begin this beautiful chapter, may Allah's grace and mercy be upon you both. Wishing you a blessed marriage.
  3. Marriage is a gift from Allah. As you start this wonderful section, may Allah send you endless blessings from him. Wishing you a great marriage.
  4. May Allah's love and wisdom guide you both in this new journey. Best wishes for a happy and blessed marriage.
  5. In your union, may you find the true meaning of love and companionship. Mabrook on your beautiful wedding!
  6. May Allah bless your marriage with immense love and harmony. Congrats on beginning this brilliant excursion together!
  7. Wishing you both a long period of affection, confidence, and satisfaction. May your marriage be forever blessed by Allah.
  8. May Allah give you both with affection, delight, and unending blessing. Congrats on your big day!
  9. Happy blessing day to both of you! May Allah guide your journey together and fill your marriage with His blessings, Ameen.

Part 5: Muslim Wedding Wishes for Sister

Undoubtedly, one can choose any of the above Muslim wedding greetings when they are sending them to their friends. However, these wishes won’t be enough when it is your sister who is going to be married. In this regard, you must choose Muslim wedding wishes filled with loving, caring, and emotional words. The reason is you should try your best to make your sister’s special day memorable. Here, we have listed a few phrases that you can choose as the Muslim wedding messages and wishes for your sister. Copy them and share them with your sister to make her smile on this day.

  1. Congratulations on your Nikah, sister! May your union be a source of strength and endless love, Ameen!
  2. May Allah guide you both on this beautiful journey together. Best wishes for a blessed marriage, sister!
  3. My dear sister, congrats on your nikah! I was waiting for that day of your wedding so that I could get your room. Now I am the king of your room.
  4. Dear Sis, may your marriage be filled with blessings and love. Mabrook on your special day and wish you a happy life ahead!
  5. Wishing you and your spouse a happy day filled with many moments of togetherness. Congrats on your wedding, sister!
  6. May Allah help you in your coming life and give you great satisfaction in it. Congrats, dear sister!
  7. Mabrook, sister! May Allah gift you a great life filled with many unforgettable moments and happiness.
  8. Dearest sister, may Allah shower His gifts upon your marriage and give you a long period of joy together. Congrats!
  9. Mabrook, my favorite sister! May your marriage be filled with unending happiness and Allah's blessing.
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Part 6: Muslim Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister-in-Law

Keep in mind that sending Muslim wedding greetings is important but remembering the day and wishing the special persons on their anniversaries is more important. So, you shouldn’t forget that day and send Muslim wedding anniversary wishes to your loved ones. Undoubtedly, you can send these wishes to anyone from your circle like your colleagues, boss, and others. However, remembering the anniversary and sending wishes to your sister-in-law needs attention when it comes to sharing your beautiful words. To help you choose the best Muslim wedding messages for your sister-in-law on her wedding anniversary, we have written a few wishes here.

  1. Wao, you both have completed one more year filled with happiness and love. Many congrats on it! Wish you a healthy and safe coming life.
  2. Wish you both happy moments filled with joy and fun and a great anniversary together. May you both see many coming wedding anniversaries together. Ameen.
  3. Today, I want to show you my happiness to see you both happy in your lives. Congratulations my sister-in-law on completing another year of togetherness.
  4. Congrats on your anniversary! Mashallah, you both complete the first year's partnership with happiness and love. Many congrats on it.
  5. My dear sister-in-law, happy anniversary! Finally, you both have completed one more year together. May the coming years come with more happiness and fun. Ameen.
  6. To my dear and wonderful sister-in-law and brother, happy anniversary to you both! May Allah bring you both a great and happy life filled with love and a small baby.
  7. Mabrook on your anniversary, my sister-in-law! May Allah bless your union and make you a unique and ideal couple worldwide. Ameen.
  8. To my sister-in-law, wishing you an anniversary filled with fun and togetherness. You are a great couple, and we admire your loveable and funny relationship.

Part 7: How to Create a Card for Muslim Wedding Greetings using Afirstsoft PDF?

It is very easy and fast to design a beautiful greeting card for a Muslim wedding ceremony with no graphics designing skills as shown in the process of using Afirstsoft PDF.

The software is free to download and the user has the option of upgrading to a paid full version for greater functionality and AI features. The use of easily downloadable templates ensures that you can effortlessly come up with an engaging wedding card that has lovely messages for the couple.

If you choose to use Afirstsoft PDF to make your Muslim wedding greetings card, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the Afirstsoft PDF Software

The first step towards carrying out this operation is to download the Afirstsoft PDF software. It is possible to download a free copy by clicking the ‘Free Download’ button in the article, and one should properly select either the Mac or the Windows version.

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Once downloaded, right-click the file and select ‘Extract All’, then double-click ‘SET’ to initiate installation.

Step 2: Select an Ideal Muslim Wedding Card

There is a choice of various designs in Afirstsoft PDF, here on our official website, select a template that will suit your Muslim wedding greetings card. First, cut and paste it into a folder that can be easily referred to in the future while working with the template.

Step 3: Open Afirstsoft PDF

After the installation is over, you can fire the Afirstsoft PDF by clicking on the icon of the application on the desktop or using the search bar on your computer.

Step 4: Upload Your Selected Template Here

The main dashboard will be shown when the application has been successfully started. To upload the template, which you downloaded earlier, you can complete the following steps: On the ‘Open’ button, click and enter the path, where you stored the template.

upload muslim wedding card

Step 5: Customize the Wedding Card

If you wish to control the interface appearance of the wedding card, it is preferable to accomplish this through the benefit of the AI functions inherent to Afirstsoft PDF.

customize muslim wedding wishes

When you click on the “Edit” tab, you will have a plethora of features to work with to edit the card content and customize it as per your requirements. You can use the ‘Add Text’ feature which will allow you to include your personal messages, such as your warm congratulations or Islamic wedding invitation messages that we have recommended earlier.

Furthermore, the colors, images, font, and others can be added from the options display which is under the ‘Hand’, ‘Select’, and ‘Edit.

Step 6: Convert the Wedding Card

Click on ‘Convert’ which will open the option of format type that gives one an option to choose an image format, Word document, or PowerPoint among others.

convert muslim wedding messages card

Congratulations! Your custom Muslim wedding greetings on the wedding card are now created.

Part 8. Summary

By exploring the above collection, you must have read the best Muslim wedding greetings. We hope you have picked the right one for your receiver to make them happy and let them remember you for your kind words.

If you want to make your Muslim wedding anniversary wishes more impactful, we suggest you get a card customized with the help of Afirstsoft PDF. It will help you make your words more captivating and impactful on the thoughts of your receiver.

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