Can ChatGPT Read PDF? How Can You Make It Doing This?

In this era of the internet, AI is rapidly gaining popularity throughout the globe. From minor professionals to proficient ones, you will find most of them using AI, especially ChatGPT for their work. However, the most common question that comes to mind of such professionals is “Can ChatGPT read PDF?”

It is because they want to know if they can directly insert the PDFs they are getting from their colleagues or fellows. For all such users, it is hectic to convert their PDF file first and then move to the ChatGPT read PDF phase.

From this blog, you will be able to understand when and how you can make Chat GPT read PDF without hurdles. The only thing you need to do is to focus on the guide and follow the given steps as they will be discussed.

Part 1. Can ChatGPT Read PDF and Summarize?

Yes, ChatGPT can read and summarize PDF files. But it is only possible when you are using GPT-4 instead of GPT-3.5. It means that you can access ChatGPT PDF reader only when you are using its premium subscription.

Being a free user, you will not be able to guide this tool to read PDF documents and do whatever you want with them. Doesn’t matter how many blogs you read to understand, “Can ChatGPT read PDF”, you will never be able to get the task done directly.


chatgpt plus pricing


However, if you are using its paid subscription, you will be able to upload PDF files to this tool and instruct it on what you want it to do with that file. The process will be similar to giving a prompt to the tool with the addition of the step to upload your PDF file to it for reading and summarizing.

The only thing you need to make sure of is to learn how to make ChatGPT read a PDF carefully and follow your instructions properly. If you don’t know how to do this and let ChatGPT read PDF, the following sections will help you a lot.

Part 2. How to Get ChatGPT to Read a PDF?

If you are using the ChatGPT-4 version, you can easily accomplish this task. Mostly, premium users know the only method to let the Chat GPT read PDF and that is to upload the file. But you can also use the other method that we will discuss in this section.

To let you seamlessly add your PDF to ChatGPT and let it read the document, we have listed two main and most proficient methods here. You can follow them easily and dictate to the tool what you want it to do with that file and give you output. Let’s read the methods for better understanding!

Method 1. Direct File Uploading

If you have got a PDF file from your colleague and someone from your circle that you want ChatGPT read PDF, you can go with this method. It is an easy approach as you don’t have to deal with various technical or complicated steps.

Being a GPT-4 version user, it will be an easy approach for you to upload a file directly to ChatGPT and let it read the file. You can also give it a prompt to respond accordingly and give you the expected results. Here are the steps that you have to follow for this approach and let Chat GPT read PDF.

Step 1. Open ChatGPT on your browser and switch to the GPT-4 version.


switching to chatgpt-4


Step 2. Tap on the “Attach File” icon given beside the prompt box.


attach file in chatgpt-4


Step 3. Choose your file from your device and upload it.

Step 4. Write your prompt to let the tool understand what you want it to do with that PDF file.

Step 5. Tap on the “Upward” arrow or hit the “Enter” key to let the tool get started.

The tool will take a few seconds or minutes according to the size of the file and your prompt complications. In turn, the ChatGPT PDF reader will show you a response as per your instructions.

Method 2. Via Direct Link/URL

Another method that GPT-4 users can read to understand can ChatGPT read a PDF file and how is via a direct link or URL to the file. This method is suitable for those who have found a PDF file on the internet and don’t want to download it.

In this regard, they may be struggling to let the tool read that document and learn how to get ChatGPT to read a PDF. By giving the tool this link, one can easily redirect the tool to that document, read it, and follow the instructions to give the output.

Here, we have listed the steps that you can follow in this regard to let the ChatGPT read PDF that is available online instead of the local storage.

Step 1. Open the ChatGPT-4 version on your system.

Step 2. Write your prompt in the box and paste the PDF link with a quick note about that.


url and prompt in chatgpt-4


Step 3. Click the “Enter” key to let the tool start processing on your prompt.

The tool will take a few minutes to read the PDF for which you have inserted the link and show the output according to your requirements and instructions. For those who are concerned about their privacy and still want ChatGPT read PDF, they can do this easily using this method.

Part 3. How to Make ChatGPT Read a PDF?

Not all users are using the premium subscription of ChatGPT and still want to know can ChatGPT read PDF from their accounts. Are you one of those free users? Don’t worry when you are reading our comprehensive blog about can ChatGPT read a PDF file.

This section is particularly reserved for those users who want to dictate their tools to read PDF files for free without any subscription. In this section, we have listed some tricks that you can pick to accomplish this task.

By Copying Text

Struggling to understand how to get ChatGPT to read a PDF as a free user? No need to worry now as you can use this trick. It is the simplest approach for free users as they don’t have to use third-party software or get assistance from some experts.

They only have to open the PDF file, copy the text, and let the ChatGPT read PDF in text format. It is right to say that the whole process will not take more than five minutes. For your quick understanding, we have listed the steps to follow for this method.

Step 1. Open the PDF file using your built-in PDF reader.

Step 2. Copy the whole text from the document.

Step 3. Go to ChatGPT and paste the text in the prompt box.

Step 4. Put inverted commas around the text and write your prompt.

Step 5. Hit the “Enter” key to accomplish the task and let the ChatGPT do its magic.

While using this approach, keep in mind to remove all complex formatting like tables, images, and equations. If your text includes tables and equations, the ChatGPT may not read PDF properly. In turn, it will show weird results on your screen that will not be as per your expectations.

It is the most important point to discuss when you are reading, “Can ChatGPT read PDF for free users?”

Converting PDF to Word

The second method to use the ChatGPT PDF reader for free is to convert your document to Word first. By doing this, you will be able to remove almost all complicated formatting from your document. It might be possible that the output document has plain text that is readable by ChatGPT.

For this method, you need a few different steps that we have mentioned below for your quick understanding.

Step 1. Browse a PDF to Word Converter and use it to complete the task.

Step 2. Open your Word document and copy the entire text.

Step 3. Paste the text in ChatGPT and write your prompt too.

The tool will take a few minutes to complete the process of understanding and following the prompt after hitting the enter key. If the conversion still shows some tables in the Word document, make sure to remove them before copying the text.

Part 4. How to Let Afirstsoft PDF ChatGPT Read PDF?

As mentioned earlier, you can only let ChatGPT read PDF directly when you are a premium user. It may not be possible for you to afford its paid subscription and might be looking for an alternative. We suggest you choose Afirstsoft PDF’s built-in ChatGPT to read PDFs and do many tasks.

This PDF Editor has an advanced GPT that can read your documents, summarize them, and do other related tasks. You can also get suggestions related to PDF editing from this AI tool. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to learn how to make ChatGPT read a PDF while using this built-in tool.

Additionally, unlike ChatGPT, it will also help you make your document’s formatting better to make it readable and get a clear preview. No need to learn can ChatGPT read a PDF when you are using this advanced software.

With current features, it will be the best tool to use as your AI assistant when it comes to PDF document reading, editing, and personalization. Undoubtedly, the method to let this ChatGPT read PDF is pretty simple. But we have still discussed the steps here for your assistance.

Step 1. Browse Afirstsoft PDF and open your document.

Step 2. Click on the “Afirstsoft AI” to open its AI assistant.


ai assistant in Afirstsoft pdf editor


Step 3. Write your question in the given text insertion box and let the tool respond.

With these simple steps, you can accomplish the task of letting ChatGPT read PDF in this advanced editor. It will be an easy approach for you to do this task and get the expected results. The only thing to consider is you can’t learn or do how to make ChatGPT read a PDF without registering with the tool.

You need at least a free account to access this feature and use it for your concerned files. For every usage, you will invest a few tokens that you will get in the beginning. You can increase or buy tokens with its VIP subscription if you feel it is compulsory.

Part 5. Best ChatGPT PDF Reader

Till now, you have got a comprehensive answer to the question, “Can ChatGPT read PDF?” You might be interested to read about the best ChatGPT PDF reader to download for quick and easy access. With a single search, you can find hundreds of tools with the facility of ChatGPT read PDF.

But not all of those are suitable to choose from as some of them will just waste your time. To keep you safe from such tools, we have compared multiple ChatGPT PDF readers and found Afirstsoft PDF the best. This newly launched editor will help you get advanced outcomes from its AI assistant.

Unlike other PDF editors, it won’t only help you get a helping hand to use ChatGPT.  Using this, you will have access to an advanced AI tool that will help you get quick answers to your questions, personalized suggestions to make your PDF files more readable, and summarize the whole document.

Moreover, all its options are kept visible to users for quick access. You may not need to learn how to get ChatGPT to read a PDF file using Afirstsoft PDF. In short, this PDF editor is perfect to use even by a layman who doesn’t have any technical knowledge of the field.

Part 6. Conclusion

We hope you don’t need to search, “Can ChatGPT read PDF” after reading this detailed guide. We have shared a comprehensive solution for both paid and free users to get their ChatGPT read PDF files. You can easily follow the above steps to accomplish this task and reduce your efforts.

If you want to get quick access to software to let AI read your PDF files and share a quick or brief answer, you must download Afirstsoft PDF. It will surely help you accomplish this task and utilize many other advanced options to make your documents readable.

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