Save a Webpage as PDFs with Top Desktop and Mobile Tools

Suppose you are an intellectual who enjoys browsing articles for academic and research purposes. Then you know the frustration of not finding the particular content after closing the page. Therefore, the best way to access that information offline is to save a webpage as a PDF file. This way, you preserve data for future reference and avoid losing valuable information.

Other than that, by saving articles offline, you can easily share, edit, and annotate them according to your requirements. Now, you may ask how can I save a webpage as a PDF, the answer is simple. In this article, we will go through various tools that will help you save website pages as PDFs on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Part 1. Why Save a Webpage as a PDF?

If you are still confused about why you should save a webpage as a PDF, then consider reading the following points. These key points will elaborate on why it is essential to have a preserved record of various web pages on your computer in PDF format.

  1. Offline Accessibility: One of the key benefits of saving webpages as PDFs is having offline accessibility of your content. These offline articles are partially useful when you are traveling with no internet connection.     
  2. Preservation of Content: Saving website links, landing pages, and product details as a PDF lets you preserve them for future use. You’ll have a permanent record of all your information offline for any moment in your research.
  3. Customization of Content: When you save website pages as PDFs, you can customize them according to your needs. Using PDF editor tools, you can highlight, add comments, and add photos with editing and annotation features.
  4. Sharing Options: PDFs give your saved offline content a professional look that you can easily share with others via email or link. Furthermore, sharing files, presentations, research papers, or proposals helps in your academic and business research.
  5. Security Measures: There are times when you save website page as PDF, they may contain sensitive information. The PDF editors contains password-protection features that can protect your content from any unauthorized access from strangers.   

Part 2. How to Save a Webpage as a PDF Using Desktop Browsers Directly?

While browsing through the internet, you'll eventually come across content that you want to save for future preference. That can include different articles, websites, landing pages, website pages, and more. In this case, utilizing effective tools can guide you in other ways on how to save a webpage to a PDF. Now, we’ll go through various methods of saving a webpage in a PDF format on your desktop.

1. Save the Page as a PDF in Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular and widely used browser, with various professional and interactive features. One of the latest features of Google Chrome is its AI feature, which takes your browsing experience to another personalized level. It improves research performance and productivity while maintaining total privacy. Other than that, you can learn to save pages as PDFs in Chrome with the help of the following steps:

Step 1. Open the desired webpage on the Google Chrome tab and navigate towards the top right side. Here, click on the “Three Vertical Dots” at the corner of the toolbar. Now, press the “Print” option from the drop-down menu.

tap the print option

Step 2. When a new window appears, click to expand the “Destination” section. Now, from the drop-down menu, select the “Save as PDF” option. After that, hit the “Save” button and choose the desired folder to save your webpage on.

hit the save button

2. Save Webpage as PDF on Firefox

Firefox is another excellent browser that allows you to search faster with the help of engine options and search suggestions. Using it, you can bookmark web pages, sync different devices, and take screenshots in 4K. You don't need to worry about any threads or third-party trackers, as Firefox has a tracking protection feature. Moreover, with such features, discover how to save webpages as PDFs on Firefox with the given steps:

Step 1. On the Firefox browser, from the top right corner of the toolbar, click the “Three Horizontal Lines.” Now, hit the "Print" option from the drop-down menu to open a new window.

choose the print option

Step 2. Now, navigate towards the right-side panel and expand the "Destination" option. Choose the "Save to PDF" option from the drop-down menu and further customize the page layout and size. Afterward, click the "Save" button to download the desired web page as a PDF document on your desktop.

press the save button

3. How to Save a Webpage as a PDF in Edge

Microsoft Edge is an AI-powered browser where you can search, create, and customize with its latest and fast-processing features. With its copilot, search suggestion, and VPN features, you can accomplish more in less time. Additionally, Edge makes it easy to uncover new information, discover new skills, and more. Along with that, discover how to save a webpage as a PDF in Edge with the following guide:   

Step 1. After opening a website on Microsoft Edge, press the “Three Vertical Dots” located at the top right corner of the toolbar. Click the "Print" option from the drop-down menu or press the "Ctrl + P" keys on the keyboard.

open the print feature

Step 2. Once the new window appears on your screen, expand the “Printer” option. Now, choose to save the webpage by selecting the “Save as PDF” option. After that, hit the “Save” button and download the web page as a PDF on your desktop.

click the save button

4. Export a Webpage as a PDF in Safari

One of the best browsers for Mac users is Safari, which delivers fast search results for an engaging experience online. It also includes robust customization options, such as the profiles feature that separates your browsing sessions for different uses. These smart tools create an intuitive browsing experience for all Mac users. Now, let’s discuss how to save a webpage to a PDF with Safari in the following steps:

Step 1. Start by opening the Safari browser on your Mac and open the desired website you want to save as PDF. Now, click the “File” option on the top left-side toolbar to open the drop-down menu. From here, press the “Export as PDF…” option.

tap export as pdf option

Step 2. A new dialogue window will appear on your screen from which you can customize the name of the web page in the “Save as” text box. Also, select the desired folder in the “Where” option and press the “Save” button.

hit the save button

Part 3. How to Save a Webpage to a PDF on Mobile Devices

Whether you are a student, researcher, or professional, it is a necessity to keep offline PDF documents of your research. Moreover, the most convenient method is saving them on-the-go on your mobile devices for quick access. In the following sections, we’ll discuss the techniques to save a webpage as a PDF on your Android and iOS devices.

1. Save Webpage as a PDF on Android

There are many benefits and reasons to save website page as PDF from your Android smartphone. These include the ability to edit, annotate, share, and store your important information. This section will guide you through the downloading process of webpage as a PDF by using Google Chrome in comprehensive steps.

Step 1. Open Google Chrome on your Android smartphone and search for the website you want to save. Now, tap the “Three Vertical Dots” to open a drop-down menu. From here, press the "Share" option and press the "Print" option from the sharing menu.

tap the print button

Step 2. Here, expand the “Select printer” drop-down menu and select “Save as PDF.” Now, you can further customize the orientation, page size, and pages of your website. When finalized, tap the “PDF” button and it’ll save your web page on the Android.

press the print button

2. Save Webpage as a PDF on iOS

If you are unaware that you can also save a webpage as a PDF with your iOS device, then we've got you covered. Your iPhone comes with built-in options that let you save essential websites, home pages, and essential information. With the following steps, you'll be able to learn how to save a webpage as a PDF with your iOS device:

Step 1. Open the web page you want to save as a PDF on your iPhone’s Safari browser. Now, tap the "Share" button from the bottom bar and press the "Options" button under the title page of the website. Select the "PDF" from the following "Send As" options and press "Done."

select the pdf option

Step 2. Now, scroll down the Share menu and press the "Saves to Files" option. You can select the desired destination folder and then tap the "Save" button in the top right corner to finish downloading webpage as a PDF.

choose save to files option

Part 4. Best Tools for Editing and Viewing PDFs in 2024

Now that we understand the several methods of saving a webpage to a PDF on your desktop and mobile devices. Let’s discuss various editing tools that can help you customize your PDF document with their editing, viewing, and annotating features. We have listed the top 3 tools that will provide you with the best editing and viewing experience for your PDF files.   

1. Afirstsoft PDF

The perfect choice for editing and viewing PDF documents is the Afirstsoft PDF, which is entirely free to use. It provides you with top-notch editing and annotation features that feel like magic. Users can modify their PDF documents by adding text, changing styles, or cropping the pages. If you want your PDF to look more personalized, use the highlight, sticky notes, highlighter, and text boxes.

Moreover, Afirstsoft makes it easy to navigate the document with its reading features, like reading mode, page display, and other options. Furthermore, you can share your edited PDF with others using the cloud collaborating feature. This way, people can preview your document and leave suggestions, which you can later download in various formats. In short, download Afirstsoft today to try out its advanced features for free.

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* Moblie version is coming soon

2. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is an all-in-one PDF solution as you can access all the editing, creating, sharing, and modifying features. Users can modify their PDF text, reorganize pages, and add comments to make them more professional. Additionally, you can convert your PDF into different formats or preserve your documents by creating PDFs with Adobe. You can also safely share your documents, as Adobe can keep them safe with its password-protection feature.

adobe acrobat pdf viewer

3. iLovePDF

iLovePDF is an easy and free PDF editor for beginners, as it simplifies the editing, converting, and viewing process of your PDF. You can manipulate your files by adding, merging, splitting, compressing, and organizing content. Furthermore, you can add or remove the protection feature from your PDF file while sharing online with its Unlock and Protect PDF feature. Overall, iLovePDF fulfills all your customization PDF editing and viewing requirements.

ilovepdf desktop version


In this article, the vital key points we discussed are how beneficial it is to save a webpage as a PDF on your desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, we look at various methods on how to save a webpage as a PDF using desktop and mobile devices.

We also looked at the top tools such as Afirstsoft PDF for editing and viewing such PDF documents to enhance productivity. Therefore, converting important web pages into PDFs makes it easier to access them offline.

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